True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


4. Chapter 4

Alex doesn't wait anymore than a second before his hands reach my shirt. He pulls it over my head and tosses it aside before I realize what he's doing. He starts unbuttoning my pants but I slap him.
"I can take off my own clothes," I snap with just as must panic in my voice that were in his hands. He stares at me with the deer-in-the-headlights look before he nods and pulls his own shirt over his head. I gasp as a disgustingly green bubble pops right on my now bare stomach. I wince when another pops. They sting when they break. I'm covered in green and so is Alex but I still manage to slip off my pants anyway. I turn to Alex and grab his arm pulling him into the bathroom. He slams the door open and quickly turns the water in the shower on. He guides me in and then steps in with me. The water is cold and it washes off the green vapor. I end up staring at Alex's bare chest when I see his mark. It's tattooed right under his collarbone on the right side of his body. Alex's comment comes back,"I can show it to you if you want." I realize that would mean he would have taken off his shirt. Now I'm feel glad Sam stopped him. Alex takes a washcloth and washes the poison from my back. 
"I found your mark," he murmurs in my ear. My heart jumps and suddenly I'm excited.
"Where?" I ask trying to hide my excitement. Alex puts his hand on my shoulder and starts moving it down my side. His hand stops at my lower back and I feel electricity zap through me.
"Here," he says tapping my lower back. Of course it's on my lower back. I blush. Why did Alex of all people find my mark? His hand drops and he shuts off the water. Suddenly I'd rather be anywhere but in this bathroom with Alex. I hop out and wrap a towel around myself quickly. I go to open the door but Alex stops me.
"Wait, after 3 minutes the poison will have evaporated. It's only been 2," he tells me. I sigh, one more minute standing in this bathroom, alone, with Alex. Wonderful. 
Alex wraps a towel around his waist and we stand there for the last minute.
"I'll put our clothes in the wash so you'll have to stay in a towel until they're done," he announces once I open the door. I know I'd never even think of going without a towel but I want to see Alex's reaction.
"What if I don't want to wear a towel?" I ask. Alex's mouth drops. Literally. He rubs the back of his neck uncomfortably and I can't help but smile.
"Um, I guess if you want to go without a towel then um, sure," he stutters avoiding my gaze. I almost bust up laughing.
"No," he starts. My smile leaves my face.
"No what?" I ask as he gathers our clothes.
"No you can't go without a towel," he orders turning to me. I loose it. Alex just stares at me while I laugh. His expression is priceless. I can only describe it as a mixture of shock, confusion, and something else. At this point I'm laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face.
"Oh Alex, you're such an idiot, I would never go without a towel," I laugh. Alex relaxes but he still looks cautiously at me as if he's waiting for me to drop my towel.
"Come on the others are waiting for us," Alex says returning to his normal self. He opens the door and standing right outside are Sam and Jay. Sam's eyes widen as we walk out and Jay laughs. Alex tosses our clothes in the washer and comes back to join us. Sam just stares at me questioningly waiting for me to explain. How do you explain that I released a bunch of poisonous gas, Alex and I had to take a shower together, and he found my mark without making it sound awkward. You can't. So I just stand there, in a towel, beside Alex, and wait for someone else to break the uncomfortable silence. Alex doesn't say anything and I feel like punching him for it. I mean it was his idea, the shower. He was the one who started undressing me. Ok that sounded bad.
"Don't say anything," Alex's voice comes in my head. No one else hears it though because Sam is still staring at me accusingly as if it was all, my fault and Jay just watches as if waiting for Alex to grab my hand and kiss me. Sam doesn't even know what happened although I can guess what she's thinking because its clear Jay is thinking the same thing.
"Well I guess we can't leave you two alone anymore," Jay sighs pointing an accusing finger at me and Alex. Alex and I open our mouths at the same time to explain but Jay stops us.
"No, no we don't need to know the details," Jay criticizes. I frown at him and turn to Alex. I put my hand on his chest and back him against the wall.
"You'd better sort this out," I growl at him. I walk over to Jay next and slap him.
"No, bad thoughts," I say as if I'm training a puppy and teaching him wrong from right. I stalk out of the room loudly hoping there is a pair of clothes somewhere I could borrow. As I walk out I feel Alex's gaze follow me out. I search all the rooms but I don't find any clothes. I listen for the washer and find it's done but that means walking back through the room I just avoided. I stand behind the wall and listen to Alex argue with the others.
"I didn't-"
"No we heard everything," I hear Sam cut Alex off.
"Sam, leave it. It wasn't what you thought. I didn't do that with her. Trust me," Alex is pleading now. I wonder why.
"Alex, you can't do this every time, if it wasn't what we think it was then you'd better have a very good explanation," I hear Jay say. His voice is rough and firm leaving no room for arguing.
"Look she set off some security measure-"
"Security measure? I thought we got rid of them all?" Sam asks shocked.
"It scared me to death, I mean, I just got her and then today. I could have lost her when that vapor started coming out. So I, we..." Alex trails. I am shocked, I thought Alex didn't care but he does.
"You what, because at that point all we heard was-" 
"I know what you heard because I was there Jay. I know what happened ok, we showered because it was life or death. I chose life and so did she," Alex argues. I honestly feel like giving him a round of applause. He walks out of the room with out another word.
"Find my room and wait for me," his voice comes in my head. I do as he says and walk into his room which isn't much different then mine. He comes in quickly and shuts the door behind us. In a flash he reaches under the bed and pulls out suitcase.
"What are you doing?" I demand as he pulls out a pair of jeans.
"Look, you and I are going to get away. There are some very powerful vampires  after me, us and if we don't get the blue amethyst crystal soon we're dead," he explains hurriedly as he pulls out outfits for both of us.
"What is so important about a blue amethyst crystal?"  I ask skeptical.
"It's a very important gem. It can destroy the entire race of vampires and other creatures alike," he says, his words slur together. He drops clothes in my arms and nods toward the bathroom.
"Go ahead and change, I'll finish packing," he says. I walk slowly to the bathroom. Something Alex said seemed so familiar. I've got it! My grandmother used to tell me stories of jewels that she used in some world war. Only now I realize something in her story seemed off. I look at the clothes Alex picked and realize they are the same ones I was wearing earlier. He must have heard my comment about the clothes Sam picked. I change and open the door ready to tell Alex. He slips his usual black short sleeve shirt on and turns to me.
"Um," I stutter. Alex made me forget what I was going to say. He blinks his beautiful hazel eyes a few times waiting for me to continue.
"Um, I know where we can get a blue amethyst crystal," I tell him slowly thinking about each word before I say it.
"We? No, me. Your not going," he clarifies. I frown at him.
"Yes I am," I say in a particularly cheery voice. Alex walks up to  me brushes the hair from my face.
"Dakota it's too dangerous. I can't let you come," he pleads. I just smile knowing he can't make me stay.
"Problem is I'm the only who knows where to get one," I smirk. Alex smiles.
"Yes? Well there 'are' other ways of getting that information," he says and his hand slides down my back resting at my mark. He pulls me closer to him and my mind goes blank.
"Well I'm going. Whether you like it or not," I say as if it's set in place. I push him away and walk to the door.
"Sam and Jay will be waiting out there. If your coming then we're going out the window," Alex stops me before I open it. I sigh and turn to the window. Alex shoves a wad of money in his back pocket and joins me at the window. He slides it open and jumps out leaving me in the house. I take a deep breath and jump. The wind blows wildly but it's over in a second. I land beside Alex.
"So where we going," he asks. I sigh, regretfully. 
"To my parents place. My grandmother lives with my parents. Mind you, I already called them to let them know I'll be there for dinner," I answer confidently. He frowns.
"Two things, one I'm coming with you and two, um, last time I checked we don't eat," he points out. I shrug my shoulders and we take off running into the trees. As we run I tell him about how my grandmother was in a war and how there seemed to be holes in her story. We reach my parent's house and I knock on the door. One of my mom's friends opens the door, which surprises me. I remember her name, Ruby.
"Oh! Dakota it's so nice to see you. You've grown so much!" Ruby says. I figure that must be true since the last time I saw her I was probably 5. She sees Alex for the first time and her eyes widen. Maybe it's because he's like 3 times her size or she just surprised that I brought a guest.
"Is this your boyfriend? Oh are bringing him home to meet your parents?" She squeals excitedly. She's got the entirely wrong idea but I figure it would take more time to explain.
"Um, yeah I was going to introduce him at dinner," I say. I can almost feel Alex's smile as he wraps his arm around my waist. Ruby lets us in and I immediately find myself wrapped in a hug. The smell of human blood is taxing and I find myself constantly having to remind myself not to bite. Alex's grip tightens every time I tense. I accept all the hugs until I hear a click. I look over at my father who is sitting at the table. He has a loaded gun in his hand and it's pointed at Alex's forehead. Any other guy would have flinched but Alex just stands there, accepting my father's glare. Inwardly I'm hiding, this was not exactly what I'd planned. 
"Nice to see you again Alex," my dad greets him and my jaw drops, how the heck does my dad know Alex. 
"I think we need to have a little talk," he growls and Alex swallows nervously. My mother leads Ruby and I out of the room closing the door behind us. She asks if we want anything to drink and I refuse. Quickly, I strain my hearing into the other room.
"Alex, you know as well as I do the extensive measures Ally and I went through to protect Dakota and her sisters from the vampire world. You promised you would respect those rules and wouldn't come back to ruin any of our daughters' lives. So, I will only ask once, why have you brought my daughter back a vampire," he lectures trying to keep his voice calm. I listen in shock, my parents have known about vampires this whole time? 
"Sir, I mean no disrespect but Dakota had to learn sometime. She is a part of this whether she wants to be or not. I know when she was younger her and Isabella hung out with a vampire and you allowed her to until he broke her heart. I know you don't want me to do the same thing which is why you've forbidden me from getting near her but I won't hurt her," Alex half begs. My mother takes my hand and I look into her blue eyes that resemble mine. 
"Next that boy's gonna be begging to have the moon," Ruby grumbles under her breath. I don't have to strain to hear the conversation anymore.
"Alex! You need to understand that I have rules for a reason. If you can't learn to accept them then you won't be allowed around here anymore," my dad shouts through the closed door. I frown, this conversation is taking a turn for the worse and we still don't have the blue amethyst crystal.
"I'm sorry but if your rules forbid me from being with Dakota then I won't be able to accept them," Alex says quieter. I blush slightly and try to hide it with my hair.
"Then leave," my father orders leaving no room for argument. Panic fills my chest as Alex walks out of the room and heads straight for the door. I stand and walk toward him but my mother catches my arm.
"Alex wait, please don't leave," I whimper. He turns to face me but glances in my father's direction before answering me.
"It would be impolite for me to intrude. Especially when I'm not welcome," he replies as he opens the door.
"Wait!" I shout catching the attention of everyone in the room, "at least stay for dinner." Alex turns his gaze to my father who grudgingly agrees. We sit down at the table. Alex and I beside each other and the others across from us. I pick up my fork and push around the peas on my plate. No offense to my mom but they look very unappetizing to me as a vampire. My father continues to stare Alex down and my mom's gaze flickers between me and Alex. I clear my throat.
"Um, hey is grandma coming down?" I ask drawing the attention away from Alex.
"No," my mother's face grows serious. She gestures to the food on my plate. 
"Can I go see her?" I question slowly. My mother's face hardens.
"No," she says firmly. I frown at Alex but my dad catches it. Why doesn't she want me to see Grandma?
"Now what?" I ask Alex mentally. I don't think it worked because Alex doesn't respond. Then I notice the slightest smile playing on his lips.
"Well, I've never seen your room," he replies silently. I sigh inwardly. 
"Um, I'm going to show Alex my room," I say as I get up and walk toward the steps.
"Absolutely not," my dad announces as he stands also. I frown again and he returns it.
"Dad, I'm just going to show him my room. A quick in and out," I explain, my lies are building up yet it sounds completely natural.
"Come on Rob, let the kids have some time to themselves," my mom soothes him. Frowning he sighs.
"Fine but if you try anything and I mean anything I will shoot," he threatens Alex with the gun that is still in his hands. I honestly feel like smacking my head against the wall. I ignore him and drag Alex up the steps. Once we get into the hallway he laughs. I punch him in the arm and I really hope it left a bruise. As we walk down the hall Alex becomes more and more tense. When we reach the last door he hisses and pulls me away.
"No Dakota, you can go in there," Alex whispers urgently. I give him a ridiculous look and open the door. Alex barges past me standing protectively in front of me. An airy laugh comes out of the room. The dim light is welcoming and I gladly step into the room.
"Hello Alex," my grandmother's voice floats out to us. My mouth dropped open. How does my grandmother know Alex? Alex puts his arm protectively around me.
"Alex, let her go," my grandmother orders. Her voice is leader like. Alex lets go grudgingly. He puts his hands up in defeat. A knife whizzes through the air and Alex jumps out of the way but not before the steak knife slices through his hand. Black blood pours out and it's smell is sickeningly sweet. I have a hard time holding myself back. I feel my skin burning and I know I need blood again. I leap at Alex without being in control of myself. He catches me with his good arm and presses me against the wall. I gasp, his blood is like torture, being so close but not being able to have it. He holds me there tightly until I calm down. I take deep breaths until his wound finally closes and the smell of blood ceases. Alex lets me go and we stumble back into the center off the room.
"I'm disappointed in you Alex. You too Dakota. All that time I spent in the war with Sam's grandparents to end the vampire race and you. I couldn't kill Sam because of her grandparents and I had no control over Jay at the time but you Alex. I could have killed you after it was all over but you promised, swore up and down that you could control your thirst. Do you think this is a joke bringing my granddaughter here a vampire?" She lectures.
"Alex, if your going to make excuses about how you just couldn't live without her don't because they'll be wasted on me," she interrupts. 
"Look the Lamia Roma have come to power again and I came here for the blue amethyst crystal," he explains.
"What? This?" She says with one eyebrow raised as she pulls out a necklace with a beautiful blue gem as the pendent. I'm drawn to it and I find myself walking toward it without realizing it. Alex wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me back toward him.
"Alex I thought I told you to let her go," my grandmother accuses. Alex sighs but lets go. At that exact instant I hear someone walk toward the steps. My eyes widen because I told my mom that I wouldn't be in here. I panic.
"Someone's coming!" I manage to get out as a hiss. My grandmother smiles and she rips the necklace from her neck.
"Go," she whispers tossing the necklace to Alex.  We race into the hallway and freeze.
"We can't get out they've reached the steps," I panic. 
"Window?" He asks. I shake my head no. 
"There aren't any on this floor," I inform him. In reality we were probably in the hallway a few seconds but it felt like hours to me. The sound of footsteps echo loudly as we just stand here. A smile slowly spread across Alex's face.
"This your room?" He questions pointing to a closed door. I nod and he opens the door. I walk in taking in the deep green walls of the room I haven't been in in at least 3 years. Alex shoves the gem in his back pocket and turns back to me. The footsteps that I've recognized as my dad's are coming down the hall. Alex steps toward me and wraps his hands in my hair. His soft lips meet mine and he kisses me lightly. I hear the footsteps stop at the door and a click lets me know what's going to happen next. I pull away from Alex and step in front of him just as my dad fires the gun. His eyes widen in shock as the bullet hits me above my belly button. My mouth opens but I end up crumpling to the ground. Alex twists around to catch me and that's when I hear the second gun shot. Alex doubles over in pain and falls to his knees. I jumped in front of him to save him but it seems that proved useless. I'm stuck lying on the floor. I didn't think he'd actually shoot. I mean, I know he's protective and all but I honestly didn't think he'd shoot Alex for kissing me. My breath's become ragged but I can tell Alex is worse. He hasn't moved since he fell. I hear my grandmother come and shoo my dad away. She goes to Alex first and turns him over. Black blood spills out at an alarming rate out of his side. My grandmother feels around for the bullet and I do the same. Once I've pulled it out I turn back to Alex. He groans but he's closed his eyes. She pulls out two syringes filled with a thick milk like substance in them. She doesn't waste a second before stabbing Alex with one. He sucks in a quick breath but doesn't move. She stabs me with the other and I black out instantly. It cools my skin and puts me in a peaceful state despite the burning in my stomach. I just drift away slowly.


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