True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


3. Chapter 3

Sunlight peeks into my room through the curtains. It lights the entire room but leaves the bed for last. As soon as the sun hits my closed eyes I cringe. The sun burns my skin, it feels as though it's on fire. I pull the covers over my head and the darkness comforts me. I'm awake though so I decide to get up. I sit up, well I thought I sat up slowly but from the spinning in my head I have a feeling I sat up too fast. I feel as if there was something I was supposed to remember, something important but I can't think of it. I quickly slip a blue short sleeve shirt on and pull on a pair of jeans. At that point I remember, there was a man, Alex, and I was in a hospital and he was there with me. I remember some things but I figure I dreamed it all since everything seemed so far-fetched . I mean vampires attacking each other and ending up in hospitals. Ridiculous. I make my way to the steps when I start noticing things. Like, a layer of dust on the carpet, gross, and each grain of wood in the door. Odd I never noticed these things before. I walk down the steps cautiously going slowly. I hear movement downstairs so I sneak down. My heart almost stops when I see a man in all black siting at the kitchen table. I recognize him but not fully because his back is turned to me.
"Hey Dakota," he says although I can hear the pain in his voice. The pain and regret. I step away from the wall.
"I'm dead," I tell him. I'm sure he knows this but I tell him anyway.
"No," he sighs and he stands facing me. I stare at him confused. I died I know that for a fact. But if he's saying I'm not then that means I'm not human which means he turned me into a...
"You turned me into a vampire!" I scream at him. I jump at him but he catches me before I can do any damage. My eyes widen at what I was going to do. I break his grip and run to the door. He reaches for me but I dodge just in time and I reach the doorknob before he does. I fling it open and sprint out into the waking world. As soon as the light hits my skin I cry out. The sun feels as though its burning my skin. I feel Alex's arms circle me and I willingly bury myself in his chest. I'm glad he's wearing a black shirt because it catches the light and the burning goes away. Alex pulls me closer to him and he wraps his arms around me. He guides me back to the house and closes the door behind him. He starts to back away but I pull him back not wanting him to leave.
"Dakota, you need to eat," he says. I'm confused I thought vampires didn't eat. Then I realize he's talking about blood. I feel my skin against his and mine feels warm. A knock at the door interrupts us and I suddenly feel a burning sensation in the back of my throat. It claws at me wanting to be fed. Another knock brings my attention to something sweet smelling outside. I know it's someone delivering a package but they're still human. I feel my mouth water. Alex's grip tightens incredibly.
"No," he growls in my ear but I can't hear him. All I hear is the human fidgeting right outside the door. I break Alex's tight grip and run for the door. This time Alex catches me by my waist and he pulls me back slamming me against the wall. He holds my arms against the wall and uses all his strength to pin me there. He takes a step closer until his body touches mine. I struggle to break away but he's too strong.
"I need to get it," I growl at him. He leans in and I smell his sweet breath. He is so close I'm sure he's going to kiss me again. 
"Your not going to open that door," he scolds. I stare him and my eyes focus in on his lips as they move. He says something else but I don't hear him I just keep staring at him. I watch his lips move rhythmically as he talks to me. I block out the world and look in his eyes with curiosity as he lectures me. He catches me  watching him and I catch a glimmer of amusement flash through his hazel eyes. A smile plays on his lips and I realize he's let my hands go. I raise them and without really thinking I put them around his neck. He leans in and kisses me. I'm so distracted I almost miss the sound of shuffling feet at the doorway. My attention turns and instantly I find myself pressed against the wall in a death grip. Again.
"Alex," I whine. He's stopped kissing me and now my hands are against the wall again.
"Are you always going to be this difficult?" He asks quietly into my ear. I almost answer but the burning in my throat stops me. It engulfs my thoughts and the only thought in my head is filled with flowing blood. Alex's lips cause a distraction and soon I'm thinking about him again. 
"What the heck is going on in here," a voice interrupts us. Alex sighs and rests his head between my arm and head. I realize the human left and in its place is a vampire.
"Sam," he says to acknowledge she's there.  I look over to see a black haired lady staring disapprovingly at us with a scowl on her face. She wears all black like Alex but her clothes are skin tight where as Alex's hang loosely. With one hand on her hip she looks like, well I probably shouldn't say. Alex pulls away letting go of me. I reach for his hand but he brushes it away. I realize Sam's still waiting for an answer. Alex doesn't seem to want to answer. I wonder why.
"Um, I was just leaving," I say as I walk toward the door. Bad idea. 
"Oh no you don't," Alex growls and grabs my waist throwing me against the wall. This time it hurts, I clutch my left side tightly surprised he used such force. He turns to Sam.
"Did you bring it?" He asks. She nods and pulls out a plastic container filled with a red liquid. The smell is so tantalizing I figure it must be blood. 
"I'll hold her down," Alex tells Sam. I stand there confused when I feel Alex's hands gently hold my arms to the wall and he uses his legs to hold me there. Sam stares at me, her deep gray eyes are filled with envy as she opens the container. Her cold hands pinch my neck as she tilts my head up. Her nails dig into my jaw until my mouth is locked open. She pours the liquid down my throat forcefully. It runs down my throat and soothes the burn. I sigh in delight and Alex groans. I feel ice shoot through my veins cooling off my body. It's nice. I calm down and suddenly I can think clearly. Once the container's empty Sam lets go and I wait for Alex to let go but he doesn't. He waits and I don't understand why. Then it hits me. Literally, I have a sudden urge to go find more blood. Like I need it, now. Alex tightens his grip to the point where I can't move an inch. I see the pain in his eyes and I know he never wanted this for me. But I can't stop, I wish I could. We stay like that for a while until I finally I calm down. Alex tentatively lets go and I take a few steps away from the wall. 
"Is it always going to be that bad," I say breathing heavily from my attempts at escaping.
"No, that's only a first time deal," Sam replies. I turn to her expecting to at least see some friendliness but instead I find hatred and annoyance.
"Have you told her about her mark yet?" Sam asks Alex. I stare at Alex questioningly waiting for him to explain. But he doesn't and that's when I notice a small tattoo on Sam's wrist. She catches me and holds up her arm for me to see.
"This, is the Vampire's Mark of Immortality," she says. I see a silver flame on her and the tips are blood red. I start to wonder if Alex has one too.
"Yeah, I've got one, every vampire does," he mutters to me avoiding my gaze. I search his bare arms looking for one.  A smug look crosses his face.
"I can show it to you if you want," he smiles.
"Alex," Sam hisses in a disapproving tone. I can only guess where it's at.
"Anyway Alex here was just getting a little worried because well, you blacked out for a week and your mark still hasn't shown up," her voice returns to the unnaturally cheery state. She shoots a smug look at Alex and then walks out of the room leaving me alone with Alex.
"Mind telling me what's going on?" I snap at him. If looks could kill he'd be dead. He looks up and meets my gaze with the same hatred and annoyance until I eventually back down.
"When I bit you, I started sucking your blood. I ended up sucking some of my venom out, that's what made me stop. I um, may have sucked so much venom that your not fully a vampire. You might not be immortal," he explains still not meeting my gaze. I just stare at him stupidly not knowing what to say. He stands and gestures to the steps.
"Um, I think Sam brought a change of clothes. For you," he adds. 
"What's wrong with what I have on?" I question. Anger reflects in my voice and I can tell he hears it. He shakes his head and mutters something unintelligible so I give up and head upstairs. I find an outfit lying on my bed and guess what. It's black. I hold up a black short sleeve shirt. It's a v-neck and I actually don't think it's that bad. It hangs loosely on my shoulders so I turn to the pants. They're just black jeans and I start to think maybe Sam's outfit choice might not be as bad as I thought. I slip on the sneakers and head back downstairs but before I make it to the steps two hands grab me from behind. One covers my mouth and the other holds me against something.
"Hello there beautiful, a little feisty are we," a low voice comes from behind me. He says it as though its a question even though I can't answer.
"Alex is wrong you know, you'll get your mark," I hear him. I can tell he's telling the truth. I ponder that thought happily as I think of a way to escape.
"About your gift, did you know you can take energy from things and give it to vampires," he tells me. I realize he's let my mouth go.
"How," I order. Well I didn't intend to make it an order but it turned out that way. I stare at his vibrant green eyes while I wait for him to answer.
"Wow I see you've already taken control of this group. Hope you've settled that with Alex. Anyway through your mark you can channel energy into another vampires mark," he says smugly. I think about his comments and realize he's telling the truth. I open my mouth to ask him another question when I hear Alex shift uncomfortably behind us. How long has he been standing there? 
"Long enough to hear your conversation," he answers but the guy here doesn't seem to hear him. I wonder if Alex has a gift.
"Jay put her down," Alex orders. The man, Jay, smiles and stares meaningfully at Alex.
"Sorry but your not in charge anymore. I take orders from her," he says pointing to me. I smile. I think me and him are going to get along well. 
"Jay, just put her down," he sighs. Jay waits a second but then sets me on the ground. I think Alex thought I was going to run back into his arms like a little girl. But I don't, I just stand next to Jay with my arms crossed. I notice Jay is dressed in all black, like the rest of us. He wears a long sleeve thermal shirt and black pants. Alex signals for me to follow him and I listen but not before rolling my eyes. Jay gives me a wink and smile before Alex glares at him. I smile back and head down the steps. Alex follows but stops me at the bottom of the steps.
"Dakota, you need to be careful around Jay," he whispers to me. I raise my eyebrows questioningly.
"Look there's only 3 ways to kill a vampire. 1- an unrepairable wound in your weak spot, 2-  vampire blood is, very addicting you can get hooked on it quick, trust me and you can get killed if another vampire sucks out all your blood,and finally 3- there's a certain green poison gas made from venom if it touches your skin it will boil and if you don't wash it off in the next 3 minutes your dead," he tells me urgently. I nod and remember to stay away from all three.
"Jay's trained to kill with all three," Alex says. I notice he looks distracted and I wonder what bothers him. He grabs my arm and drags me through the door. I wait for the blinding light but none comes. Instead Alex shoves me into back seat of his truck and he climbs into the driver's seat. A second later Jay shows up in the passenger seat.
"Why don't you try to get some sleep," Alex suggests. My eyes widen in confusion and Jay laughs.
"Yes vampires sleep, but you only need about an hour every few days," Jay explains. I let myself relax as Alex starts off.
I wake up to an argument between Alex and Jay. I leave my eyes closed and listen to them talk.
"I could so beat a werewolf faster than you could," I hear Jay argue.
"No, I would win I've always been stronger than you," Alex retorts.
"Okay fine I'll say you would win if you admit you like Dakota," Jay bargains. I feel the truck speed up and suddenly I don't want to hear this conversation.
"Jay just shut up," Alex growls and the truck speeds up again. I seriously think about getting up and telling him to slow down but that would imply that I'm listening which I am.
"I don't like Dakota," Alex continues. Ouch. That stung.
"You can't even look at me when you say it," Jay taunts. Alex ignores him but I feel a little wounded. Not physically but emotionally. I hear Alex shift uncomfortably and the truck speeds up for the third time.
"Just drop it ok," Alex says. Jay sighs and I hear a horn honk at us. The truck reaches speeds in the hundreds I can tell. I can't stand it anymore. I shoot up in my seat and look out the front windshield. Alex is going 155 miles per hour on some side road. I jump to the front seat and sit on the console. 
"What the!" Alex says surprised. I see a turn that's right on the edge of a cliff coming up and Alex  is no longer paying any attention to the road. I slide onto his lap and press the brake just as we reach the edge. The truck comes to a screeching stop at the edge of the road. I sigh in relief that we didn't go falling off the edge.
"Dakota?" Alex questions. I relax a second then realize I'm still on Alex's lap. Blushing I reach over and open the door. I jump out and turn back to Alex.
"Out," I order pointing to the ground. Alex gives me a very confused look but he gets out of the truck. Reaching forward I pull back the seat so there's a gap between the front seat and backseat.
"Get in," I order gesturing for him to get in the back.
"What! No, I'm driving," he insists. I frown at him and point to the cliff.
"Yeah, no. You almost ran us over a cliff Alex," I let that sink in as I shove him in the backseat. Jay laughs.
"Looks like you got outranked," he taunts. I climb into the front seat.
"You too," I snap. Jay falls silent and points to himself questioningly.
"Yeah you," I retort. Right now I am not in the mood to take their crap. Jay jumps into the backseat and Alex busts up laughing. 
"Looks like we were both outranked," Alex laughs. I glare at him as I start the truck. To be honest I've never driven a truck but it can't be that hard right? I turn the truck around and stay on the road Alex was on. That's when I realize I don't know where I'm going but I've decided to stay away from Alex since he's being a jerk so I don't ask him. I drive on in silence and the side road turns into a dirt road that turns into a driveway. I end up pulling up to a house half hidden by willow trees. It's really an elegant house with a beautiful deck in the back that looks out onto a bay. The all white mansion is stunning and I end up almost running into a tree.
"Yeah, and you said my driving was bad," Alex comments as he jumps out. I glare at him again but he just ignores me. I frown at him. Jay shrugs his shoulders as he walks by and guides me into the house.
"This is Sam's grandparents house. Sam inherited it when they passed away," Jay explains as we walk through the door. Sam and Alex are talking to each other in a hushed whisper. 
"So, are we going to introduce ourselves or am I just going to have to guess?" I interrupt rather rudely. And that's from my opinion. Sam glares at me but she responds.
"Samantha Ash, talent none," she announces with a smug look on her face.
"Jay Laon, talent able to pick up on other vampires weaknesses and talents," he says throwing a smile at me. That makes sense. I see Alex throw Jay a threatening glance. I suddenly realize its my turn to go.
"Oh! Um, Dakota Grey, talent to know if someone's telling the truth and to transfer energy from something into a vampire," I say. From the look Alex gives me I know some of the information is new to him. I can't help but smile.
"Alex Trennat, talent none," Alex says. Lie. I feel it right away. He has a talent. From the look Jay's giving me I know we both know he's lying.
"Well Alex you should probably give Dakota the grand tour," Jay suggests giving me a meaningful look. He shoos us out of the room and I'm left with Alex alone. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid. Alex looks just about as comfortable as I do but he leads me into the first room on the left anyway. 
"Um this is the kitchen," he mutters. Duh. Does he think I'm stupid. I think I know it's a kitchen if I see a fridge and oven and whatnot.
"So, what's your talent," I ask as he leads me into the next room.
"This is the living room," he continues. I reach out and grab his arm tightly. Pulling it behind his back I shove him against the wall hard. His face touches the wall.
"You didn't answer my question," I growl through my teeth.
"Which one?" He asks innocently. I shove him against the wall again.
"You know which one," I hiss. He spins around twisting my arm around until my back is against the wall. Wow I totally underestimated his strength. His face is right in front of mine and I have the sudden urge to kiss him. Weird.
"My talent is that I can talk to you through my mind and you can talk to me through yours," he growls back. I am at a loss for words. I just stare at him and he lets me go but not before shoving me against the wall roughly. I follow him up the stairs slowly. He stops at a closed door and opens it.
"This is your room," Alex tells me softly. I stare at the white walls blankly. It's a very simple room with only a queen bed and a dresser in it. I walk over to the dresser still aware of Alex watching me. I see an open door that must lead to the bathroom. I turn to Alex who is leaning against the wall right inside the door. I signal for him to leave but he ignores me so I just stand there fiddling with a gold ring on the centerpiece of the dresser. My finger slips through the ring and I pull it out but not before I hear a small click. In an instant Alex is by my side and we watch as a thick lime green vapor comes billowing out of the vase that was once the centerpiece. Alex's words float back into my mind," there's only 3 way to kill a vampire...3- there's a certain green poisonous gas made from venom. If it touches your skin it will boil and if you don't wash it off in the next 5 minutes your dead." My eyes widen as the vapor touches my skin. It bubbles wildly and I flinch when it pops leaving a bigger area of green on my arm. I look up at Alex and see the same fear reflected in his hazel eyes. One look and we both realize what it is.

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