True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


20. Chapter 20

A smile finds my lips and a light gets turned on somewhere. The bright blond haired vampire steps closer to me and I push him away.
"Did you really get a French blond in here," I question. A smile plays on his lips and he nods.
"Course I did," he responds. His vibrant teal eyes glimmer with amusement.
"So, where've you been," he questions. I frown at him and this he finds funny. He walks behind me and I feel his fingers run through my hair.
"Well, I was doing fine until you decided to send me your stalker notes," I retort brushing away his hand. I hear him laugh as he turns around to face me.
"What? You didn't like my notes?" He says with mock innocence. I roll my eyes, why does he have to be so....ugh. 
"Where are the others?" I ask changing the subject. He shrugs his shoulders and I sigh in frustration.
"So you're saying you left without the others! I told you to-"
"You said to let the others go and that's what I did! You can't get mad at me for that! I did exactly what you told me!" He shouts. I stay silent because I realize he's right.
"I found your little love note to Alex and followed your trail from there. Alex isn't the only one who can come save you, you know," he adds quieter. I back up against the wall and slide down to the floor. Dylan comes over and sits beside me. I stare down at the floor but I feel Dylan's eyes watching me.
"You know if Alex wouldn't have gotten to you first I totally would have taken a shot at you," he murmurs. 
"Have you always been this much of a troublemaker?" I counter. He smiles and leans away.
"No, that only happened after I became a vampire," he sighs. I nod as if it all makes sense. 
"I didn't ask for you to do this," I tell him. He snorts and turns away from me.
"I ain't a soldier but I'm here to take a stand," he announces proudly. I'm taken aback by his response and I don't know why.
"Why?" I question. His eyes widen in disbelief.
"Cause I can. I've been in every major war since who knows when. I'm not about to miss out on this one," he explains. I don't believe him. He seems hesitant, like there's something he's not telling me.
"You couldn't have been in every war," I say. 
"Who do you think rode alongside Paul Revere shouting 'The Redcoats are coming! The Redcoats are coming'. That was thrilling. Or how 'bout Nazi Germany. Got in a fight with the Führer himself. Or, if that's to recent for you then what about 'Deus Vult' it is the will of God. I was a major part of the crusades. Or Julius Caesar, he had quite the accomplishments," he lists for me. Wow he's been around a lot longer than I thought. A knock at the wooden door makes me jump and Dylan's face becomes serious. In a flash he turns off the lights and grabs whatever he used to change his voice. The door opens with a small creak and someone comes in. 
"Who goes there," Dylan's voice booms in the quiet room. The person doesn't flinch, as I did.
"Cut it out Dylan," Alex's voice fills the room as he turns on the light. I smile so hard I feel like my face is going to fall off. He holds out his arms and I race to them. His warm strong arms wrap around me and I breathe in his scent. Dylan clears his throat and we pull away.
"Where are the others?" Dylan directs his question to Alex. I hold back my laughter because, that's exactly what I asked Dylan when I got here. Alex opens his mouth to explain but Dylan interrupts him.
"So you left the others at Sam's," he concludes. I can't hold it anymore. I laugh but stop myself. Both guys turn to look at me. This sounds exactly like the conversation I had with Dylan but that's only half the reason I'm laughing. Both of them, once they heard I went missing, raced away from the others to find me. I look into their confused expressions and smile.
"Dylan, once I left, you left a note for Alex saying you left to find me. Alex, once you read the note you left to find me and Dylan. But before you came to find us you told Sam where you were going. She got Cassandra and headed on their way a few hours ago. Alex you just received a call right before you came here and it was Sam. They said they'd be here soon. Am I right?" I clear up. Alex's eyes widen in shock and Dylan is on the verge of freaking out. I must have been pretty accurate. I literally guessed at most of it.
"Holy crap this girl's got more telepathic abilities then I do and I'm more than twice her age," Dylan comments aloud to no one in particular. I see a grin on Alex's face and soon enough Dylan's smiling too. The door bursts open and in walks Cassandra and Sam. 
"Thanks for leaving without us," Sam says sarcastically with a smile on her face. 
"Yeah, but Dakota, you left out the most important part of your little summary," Cassandra fills in. I frown, I thought I was right on. What could I have missed?
"Before we left we received a call from your sister saying she wanted to meet you tonight at midnight at Sunset Park," she continues. I nod but suddenly butterflies fill my stomach. Alex pulls me aside.  I know what I will have to do and it scares me. I will have to kill my only remaining sister.
"You'll be okay. Trust me, I won't let them hurt you," he reassures me. I smile slightly and he pulls away to address the others. 
"This is our chance to succeed where the Pax Pugnatores failed," he starts. Sam nods approvingly and Cassandra smiles.
"So, I'm assuming you have a plan," Dylan implies. Alex freezes a second. 
"I do," I say. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. I don't have a plan! They all turn to me waiting for my 'plan'. You know, the one I don't have. Think. Think! 
"I'm going to turn myself in," I say with realization. From the confused looks I get I have a feeling they don't understand.
"I'll go alone, see what she wants and then kill her. If I run into trouble you guys will be there for support," I explain. Dylan and Alex react at the same exact time.
"That's a great (Dylan) terrible (Alex) idea," the both shout at the same time. The both turn to each other with glares that could kill.
"Why are you letting her do this!" Alex yells. I take a step back along with Sam and Cassandra.
"Why aren't you letting her do this!" Dylan counters with equal enthusiasm.
"You wouldn't have let Bella do this!" Alex retorts. Dylan's eyes widen and an immediate sadness fills them. He swallows and keeps his gaze to the floor.
"If you'll excuse me," he mutters as he makes his way outside. I glare at Alex who returns it. I open the wooden door and find him sitting on the curb of the road. Even before I get closer to him I hear his quiet sobs. Whatever Alex said it hit Dylan with full force...and knocked him over. It hit him harder than any punch could. I sit down beside him and he tries to wipe his tears. It's scary. To see someone of this much strength cry. I don't like it at all.
"You ok?" I ask gently. More tears slide down his face and again he wipes them away.
"Do you ever wish you could go back to the life you had before being a vampire?" He questions through his tears. I find that an odd question from him. He seems like the type of person who loves to be a vampire. Instead of answering I wait for him to continue.
"I had everything. I had a wife. I had a daughter. I had friends that I could trust with my life. And I had all the adventures I would ever need. I had everything a guy could ever want. And all of it was lost when Riley changed me. I watched everyone mourn for me. But I couldn't tell them I was alive. I watched as they tried to move on. I was at my daughter's wedding even though she didn't know it. I wanted to be the one to walk her down the aisle. You don't know how much I long to have died that day. I wish I could have died and then I wouldn't be remembering all this how ever many thousands of years later. Then I would've been with Bella. But I'm stuck here, never moving, never growing old," he whispers. He seems genuinely upset. I wrap my arm around his back and pull him closer. I feel like I should be reassuring him. He pauses a second, as of taking in my emotions and then brushes my arms away.
"Well, don't go all mushy on me I need someone to stay strong or we'll all fall apart," he teases instantly becoming his old self as he wipes the rest of his tears. I smile and he stands. I follow him back inside and we walk right into the middle of an argument.
"I don't think you should put off telling her anymore!" Sam shouts at Alex. They stop as soon as they see us in the doorway and I have to wonder what they were talking about.
"We're leaving," Dylan says for me. Alex nods but as we exit he pulls me aside.
"We'll catch up," he tells the others. They leave without us and Alex suddenly looks very uncomfortable. My mind becomes fuzzy for a second and I begin to sway.
"Dakota?" Alex's voice seems so far off. A dream replays in my mind and the entire conversation makes itself known. I lean against the wall and begin to slide down.
"Dakota? Are you ok?" Alex prods. His words run through my head, 'Jay's daughter'. I groan as I hit the floor and a second later my blurred vision clears to find Alex across from me. His hands are on my shoulders and his eyes show with worry.
"Jay's daughter," I whisper softly. He looks shocked that I know but responds.
"Yeah, I should have told you sooner," he apologizes. One question burns my tongue so badly I just have to ask it.
"How?" I breathe. He swallows uncomfortably, vampires absolutely cannot have children. I know that for a fact.
"Um, the mother is human, Jay fell in love with her a few years ago but refused to make her a vampire. She died giving birth to his daughter. The child almost died too but Jay saved her using the blue amethyst crystal which made her entirely human. He asked for us to take care of her," he explains. My eyes widen in horror. That's why Riley wanted her so badly, to keep her safe. She has the power of the blue amethyst crystal, she has the power to destroy. That's why he didn't tell me the father. Because I know him. Alex's hands pick me up and stand me straight. He wraps his arm around my waist to steady me and we walk in the direction of the others. 
"She's really ours now?" I ask for clarification. He smiles and a nighttime breeze catches up with us. It swirls around our figures and smiles with us.
"She is really ours now," he replies. I sigh in amazement and Alex's grip on my waist tightens in response. We catch up with the others in no time flat. I burst.
"We're taking care of Jay's daughter!" I announce happily. Dylan smiles at Alex which makes me believe he already knew. Sam smiles at me proudly.
"What's her name?" He asks me. I look to Alex because I'd totally forgotten about a name. He smiles gently and brushes the hair from my face.
"Sadie," he says aloud. Lightning cracks in the pitch black sky and thunder roars in the distance giving us a response. I breathe in loudly. Party time's over.
"Time to kick some vampire butt," Dylan mumbles as we make our way into the park. Darkness surrounds us and one by one we separate until only me and Alex are left. Thunder fills the night with its loudness and lightning is the only source of light. Alex turns to me and places his hands on my shoulders. 
"You'll be okay," he reassures when he sees my expression. I'm nervous. Very nervous. To the point where I'm shaking in Alex's arms. His fingers run up and down my arm but I still don't calm down. Finally Alex gives up and pulls my into a hug. I feel his lips on my neck and only then do I begin to forget about the world. I tilt my neck instinctively and he stops. The world comes rushing back as a brick wall and my head spins. Alex holds me tighter against him.
"Let me come with you," he suggests in my ear. I sigh which he seems to take as a yes.
"Please," he whispers as his hands slide down my arms and rest at my mark. I take a deep breath in and hold it. He backs away slightly and I exhale. I back up a few steps and hold my hand up signaling him to stay. He frowns but watches as I walk deeper into the trees. I turn and practically run into Isabella. I control my shock and swallow it along with my fear.
"You're alone," I state out of nervousness. She reaches for an hidden object, a gun. Crap. I don't have anything to use against her.
"Yes, I am alone," she replies. I gaze around into the trees hoping to see something reassuring but no. No one.
"Where are your friends?" She asks without the usual mocking in her voice. I'm cautious, Isabella never says anything to me without mocking in her tone. It's just not like her.
"I'm alone too," I lie to her. She sighs and lightning cracks, lighting the black sky.
"You lie," she says and with one fluid motion she pulls out a gun. It's immediately pointed to my head and I put my hands up in defeat. I see the beginnings of a smile appear on Isabella's lips.
"You underestimate me way too often," she smiles like this is all a game. Out of the corner of my eye I see a flash of blond hair and another I don't recognize following. Darn, she lied too. I watch as Dylan turns on the other vampire and snaps his neck. I cringe.
"Why have you come back to ruin my life?" I spit but Isabella only smiles. I hear a click from behind me and I freeze.
"Give up Dakota. You can't win this one," a voice I recognize announces. If it's possible for a vampire's heart to stop beating, mine does. My mind flashes back to the day we found a bomb under Dylan's bed. 'There's a traitor among us' I had whispered but then we could find the exact person who's here now. The one person Alex went back for. I begin to shake uncontrollably. I thought he was dead. How is he here?
"Ben, I'm so glad you could come," Isabella smirks. I slowly turn around and find the vampire that Isabella had shot in the head. He's the traitor. 
"Nice to see you Dakota. Miss me?" He says in a particularly irritating way. Anger fills my throat and I clench my fists. I can't believe I ever trusted him. I see Dylan out of the corner of my eye and he nods slightly. I signal him with a flick of my wrist and he sneaks up behind Ben. Dylan hesitates a second and I watch him pull something out of his pocket. Soon I see Alex come through the trees and to my side. Confused, I glance at Dylan and find him smiling.
"Alex, so nice of you to join us," Isabella welcomes with mock happiness.
"Now," Alex whispers and Dylan throws the object toward me. I catch it and watch as he, in a flash, turns Ben's hand so his gun is pointed at himself. I flinch as Dylan makes Ben pull the trigger. He crumples into a heap and I turn to Isabella. Confidently I look at what's in my hand. A pocket knife. My pocket knife. I flick it open and take a step toward Isabella. Her hand falters slightly and I take that second to kick the gun out of her hand. Realizing there's no escape she smiles and pulls out a spare gun. I watch as she points it to her own forehead.
"It's too bad I'm not the person you should be going after. You let that person get away with your new daughter," she states. I freeze, the end of Dylan's story fills my brain. 'The police took no notice though because they thought the calm, sweet elephant everyone loved could not be the killer. So they set that elephant free and sent the other off to be killed. Right as they heard the shot, they realized something very important. They had killed the wrong elephant and the real killer, they had set free.' Oh my! No, no, no. This cannot be happening. Riley is the elephant that got away. Riley is the one I should have been watching out for.
"Wait!" I scream just as her finger pulls the trigger. 


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