True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


2. Chapter 2

I wake up in hospital bed. It's pure white. So is the floor. And the ceiling. And the walls. I'm not in a room I'm in a hallway with the white curtains pulled up around me. I'm startled when a short red haired women pulls the curtains back and messes with the tubes in my arm.
"Well hello there Amy! It's nice to see you've finally woken up," she tells me energetically. Amy? That's not my name although it could be because I honestly don't remember anything.
"How long have I been here?" I ask, my voice sounds rough like sandpaper.
"Oh! You've only been here overnight. You were brought here yesterday afternoon by a strange man. He just left you here and ran off," she says with a shrug of her shoulders. I don't like how optimistic she is, it's too...creepy.
"Is there anything I can get you?" She questions. I shake my head no. 
"Wait, can you leave the curtain open please," I request as she leaves the fake room. She nods and leaves the sheet open. I watch as people are rushed in and taken to other places in the hospital. I sit there all day and try to figure out what happened to me.  The doors are slammed shut and I look over to the doors. A tall man in all black walks in confidently and with purpose. His shaggy brownish blond hair looks so familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Nurses float to his side and seem to try and persuade him but he brushes them aside and searches the room. His gaze finds me and I see the hatred in his eyes. I flinch but don't turn away. His gaze softens and I now wish I'd asked to leave the curtain closed. He stops and watches me for a few heartbeats as if he's reluctant to come over or maybe he's waiting for a flicker of recognition. I'm not sure. The nurses catch up and I strain forward to listen.
"Sir, you need to let us take a look at that side injury," the same red haired woman tells him, her voice firm now. 
"Oh, I'll be fine," the man sighs as he takes a few more steps toward me with a smile on his face. I have to fight the urge to smile back. The red haired nurse grabs his arm and pulls him back to her. I see the man bristle up but one glance at me and he calms. He mutters something to the nurse and she grudgingly lets him be. She leads him to the bed one curtain away from mine. She gets him to sit on the bed but he refuses to lift his shirt for her to check the wound. The nurse, I learned her name, Dr. Firev, turns to see me staring at the other man.
"Amy, this is Nathan," she tells me. My hopes fall when I hear that name because I know I've never heard that name before. I let my gaze turn to the monitor that shows my heartbeat and let it calm me.
"Dr. Firev, what time is it?" I ask her not bothering to turn to her knowing Nathan will be staring at me.
"Sweetheart, it's 6:50pm. The most of the staff here leaves at 7," she tells me, her voice softens. I nod my head to signal I've heard her and she walks away without another word. I wait for what seems like forever before turning to Nathan. I figure he's probably sleeping right? I turn to look and find him still watching me, worry reflects in his eyes. I snap away and contemplate whether or not getting up to close the curtain would set off the alarm or not. I decide not to but his gaze burns through my back.
"Dakota," he whispers. My heart skips a beat. Literally, I mean the heart monitor actually skipped a beat. I know I've heard that voice before, it sends shivers down my back and I suddenly want whoever said it to be here, with me. The name, Dakota, sounds so familiar to me like I've heard it everyday of my life. I feel like there's something I'm missing, it's right in front of me I just can't touch it.
"Dakota I know you're awake. Look, I'm sorry for just dropping you here but you were bleeding so hard and I just couldn't stand it anymore. I wasn't sure I was going to get you here before..." He trails. His voice lures me in settles in my heart. I still don't know who this Dakota is but he speaks of her with care. With longing and worry as if he's afraid he'll hurt her. Before what?
"Before I...drank your blood," he says reluctantly as if it pains him to think of it. Blood. Oh. Oh! Images show up in my mind faster than I can process them a bus, a man in all black with handsome hazel eyes, a maniac, Zak, vampires, cars, me laying on the ground wounded. It all zooms into my brain at a dangerously fast pace. I gasp and my stomach wound opens up again. In a split second the man in black is at my side.
"Alex," I remember. He smiles but I still don't feel entirely safe. I know he's protecting me though, keeping me safe. I'm not alone. I'm Dakota and he's Alex.
"Dakota, I had to come back to make sure you were alive," he whispers as he brushes the hair from my face. His hands are cold again, ice cold. His eyes reach my stomach wound which is now bleeding profusely. He reaches for a roll of gauze and then he turns back to me. He pulls away the covers and lifts up my shirt. I look at the wound for the first time. The doctors stitched it up but blood leeks out of the wound anyway. Alex pauses but then starts wrapping the gauze around my midsection. Every once and a while his cold hands brush against my warm skin making me shiver. Once he's done he sits in a metal chair right beside the bed.
"Your hands are cold now?" I ask knowing he'll understand my question.
"Vampires are cold, yes, but when their...hungry they heat up until they eventually overheat. Once they overheat they become wild, uncontrollable even.  Last night I came too close to overheating. Carrying you here didn't help. It was like carrying the last piece of food on earth and being told not to eat it," he explains. My eyes widen as I realize what he's been through.
"I'm sorry, I really shouldn't be saying this stuff," he apologizes. I'm sitting up now. 
"Stand up," I order. His face shows shock but he obeys. I turn to a small table on the left side of the bed. Knowing I can stitch up his wound I grab a needle and some stitches that the nurse let too conveniently there. I turn back to Alex to see him a few feet out of my reach. I frown at him and he smiles, thinking I can't reach. I reach out locking my foot to the bed and grab a handful of his shirt. I give it a tug and he steps toward me until his stomach is touching my side. I let go of his shirt and press my hand to his stomach.
"Am I distracting?" He asks with a mischievous smile on his face. I know he's listening to the heart monitor that's beating like a mile a minute.
"Very," I say with the same playful tone. He takes a step back and I lift his shirt slowly taking in the sight of his wound. I start to stitch it up and I can tell he's in pain.
"So I thought vampires have like super healing powers," I ask to distract him.
"First off, it doesn't prevent injury it just speeds up the healing process and second, every vampire's got a weak spot. As a human everyone has a weak spot. For example, if a human broke their arm 5 times and then they became a vampire their weakness would be their arm. Mine is my side," he explains as I finish his stitches. I nod my head to say I understand. Although I finish he doesn't move away. I'm glad, I don't want him to leave yet. He leans over the bed and I feel his sweet breath tickle my neck. His hands make there way to my face and I see a new feeling in his eyes. Love. I close my eyes and give in. His lips brush against mine and I willingly kiss him back. He pulls away but his lips are still dangerously close to mine. He leans down so his lips are against my neck and I feel a slight pinch. I gasp as blood gushes from my neck and runs down my shirt. My heart skips a few beats and eventually fades out. The heart monitor stops. A blackness settles in my mind. It's so calming I want to give in to it. I almost do but a voice stops me.
"Alex, you're such an idiot," I hear Alex growls scoldingly at himself. I wish I could reassure him, tell him everything's okay but my voice doesn't work. I can't move. I'm no longer aware of my surroundings. Just Alex's voice comes in and out.
"This is going to hurt," he says. His voice is shaky and I don't understand why. I feel his lips brush against the other side of my neck and then I feel him hesitate. With one hand he grips the bed rail and the other is tangled in my hair.
"Stop me," I hear him whisper the same time I feel another pinch in my neck. The pinch stings a little but the fire that runs through my veins is much greater. I feel blood being taken out of my neck in great swallows. The flame travels down my neck and breaks off down my arms. The pain swallows me and I feel as if every joint in my body fell together. The pain grows until it covers my entire body.
"I need to get you out of here, now," I hear Alex tell himself. Whatever he did he didn't intend to do it. Only I can't remember what it was he did. The tubes are yanked from my arm and an alarm goes off somewhere. I hear someone shout but I'm in Alex's arms again and he's taking me away from my safe place. The comforting blackness that sat on the brink of my mind is replaced by a blinding light. Alex's cool skin doesn't help my burning self. The rush of cool air lets me know we're outside. Alex pulls me closer to his chest and I'm glad because the coldness slightly puts a dent in the heat that attacks my body. Alex starts to run but it no longer nauseates me. The fire overtakes me and I give in to it. I let it control me, burn my flesh, rip everything away. I feel as though my soul is being ripped away from my body. I've lost control of myself. Time no longer matters, it is only a reminder. I don't feel warm anymore, a cold settles in my veins and I don't like it. The world disappears and my life is ripped away with it. I frantically try to grab some reminder some piece of my life and end up with one memory. Alex, with his perfect brownish blond hair and hazel eyes. Alex with love reflected in his eyes. Love for me, Dakota. All other feelings of Alex being creepy vanish and I hold on tightly to that one thought, that one feeling. That is the only thing that makes the pain bearable. With that I feel as though I might survive, I'll live with Alex by my side forever. But I'm dead. I mean I can't be alive right? My soul has been ripped from my body, I no longer feel. I'm dead. I'm not in control of myself. No more Alex. No more Dakota. It's over I have lost. Lost everything.

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