True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


14. Chapter 14

I find my way to Alex's room and let myself in.  He sits on the bed with his head in his hands. He doesn't even look up when I close the door. I step into the room and sit on the bed. His hazel eyes meet mine and I almost cry. Stupid emotions. I don't know what to say. He looks upset. Or mad I can't tell.
"Remember the day we met," I say lamely. He swallows but doesn't answer.
"On the bus and then you told me to trust you," I continue. No recognition flashes through his eyes and I'm starting to get worried. He sighs and shakes his head.
"I'm sorry, I don't remember that," he replies as he turns to face away from me. Maybe his memory isn't as good as mine. No, I need to stop fooling myself. I'm too late. They've already started to make him forget. I wish I could make him hold on longer. But I can't, within a few days he'll forget everything. He now sits on the opposite end of the bed. The silence between us isn't awkward but it feels like it should be filled. I stare at the pale yellow walls of his room and try not to cry about all the things he'll forget. With the job the people here do he probably won't even remember my name. A stray tear glides silently down my face. I wipe it away before Alex notices. Not that he'd notice it though seeings how he won't even look at me.
"You were wearing a teal shirt and jeans. And your eyes sparkled when you got annoyed with me. And the way you looked at me with such care and precaution as if you knew there was something different about me," he murmurs softly. Tears are streaming down my face freely but I now have at least some hope.
"I remember all those things but no, Dakota, I'm sorry. I don't ever remember that happening on a bus," he adds. I nod because I don't trust my voice. I hear him shift on the bed and a second later his strong arms are wrapped around me. I lay my head on his chest and let him hold me. He strokes my hair and I cry silently. We stay like that until I see someone in a white robe type thing come running down the hall and into the room.
"What are you doing here?" He demands. I wipe my tears and pull the note out of my pocket. Placing it in his hand I lean back but Alex has moved away. The guard's gaze softens and he hands back the note.
"Right then. You have one minute until I need to take him away," he announces as he leaves the room. I turn to Alex and see my pain and sorrow reflected in his eyes. I stand quietly and walk to the doorway. Alex mutters something unintelligible and lowers his head to his hands. Tears make their way down my face again. They are pink instead of red and I have to wonder if that's because I need blood. I take a deep breath and step out into the hall.
"Dakota?" Alex's voice calls me back. I look over my shoulder to see him smiling.
"Try not to kill yourself," he says in his usual mischievous self. I giggle despite the tears that threaten to pour out. That's my Alex. The mischievous, frustrating, jerk that I happen to love. I turn and run into his open arms. He hugs me intensely and I feel him slide something into my pocket. Smiling I climb off the bed and walk calmly out the door. The doctor walks in after me and I wish I could have blocked the sounds of him stabbing Alex with a needle. The only sound I hear from Alex is a sharp breath. I hurriedly rush to my next class. Somewhere somehow I lost my schedule but that's ok because vampires have flawless memory. I really don't want to go to my next class though so I find a deserted closet filled with cases of blood. I slip inside and sip blood while I try to sort through my thoughts. Tears periodically run down my face when I think back to Amber's dead body. My mind suddenly fills with blood and I find myself in the river of blood from those I have loved. Jay comes to me slowly, a smile spreads across his face and I wave. His voice penetrates the sadness that clouds my mind.
"Where there is desire there's going to be a fire, where there's a flame somebody's bound to get burned. But, Dakota, just because it burns doesn't mean your going to die. It just means you need to fight harder for what you want," he says. I just stare with my mouth hanging open because I honestly have no idea what that means.
"Could you at least speak English," I retort sarcastically. His smile grows larger. 
"I felt it was pretty self explanatory," he laughs. I frown.
"To who," I mumble under my breath. If he heard that he doesn't respond. Soon he begins to fade from my view and I am once again in the closet, drinking blood. Immediately my skin freezes and I relax. Opening the door I head to a classroom marked 'writing' and step inside. The air is warm against my newly cold skin and I welcome it. I smile at the confused looks and take a seat at the back of the class.
"Ok, well anyway write your favorite poem on the sheet in front of you," the teacher continues. I consider not doing what she asks but I know of an amazing poem that I want to share. I pick up the blue pen and write in neat
 Sleeping soundly,
Dreaming loudly,
You can't say you don't remember
You promised me forever.
Are we lost?
                I look up to see the teacher staring down at my paper. There are tears in her eyes and I begin to wonder why.
"Would you read that to the class," she suggests quietly. I swallow hard and stand up. Heads turn in my direction and I begin to get nervous. Taking a deep breath I imagine what Jay would say in this situation. "What are you waitin' for slowpoke" he would tease. Amber would smile proudly and urge me to read. Alex, well, he would be Alex. Smile mischievously, and nod toward the front of the room. I take tentative steps toward the board. Taking in the hopeful faces I breathe in and begin to speak.
" Sleeping soundly,
Dreaming loudly,
You can't say you don't remember
You promised me forever.
Are we lost?" I say, my voice projects throughout the classroom. Everyone is silent. That don't know what to say. I don't know what to say.
"Who's the author?" The teacher asks. I think about it and the more I think the more I can't remember where I've heard the poem before. Only a voice. A voice and an author. That's all I remember. I believe though, the author was the one who read it to me. She was my friend. Is my friend. That is if she's still alive.
"Hannah Danese," I respond. Hannah Danese. The misunderstood. The creative. The knowing.
"I've never heard of her," she comments. I nod slowly.
"She's never published anything," I explain to her. My teacher's impressed. I can tell. So is the class.
"She should," she replies. I nod in agreement. My mind feels as though it's covered with a gray haze. I can no longer think clearly. The bell rings loud and clear so I sprint out of the room as fast as I can. I'm not sure why. I just have the sudden urge to run. Fast. I clear the hallway in less than a second and I keep going until I reach Julia's office. I fling open the door angrily and let it slam shut. I take in the startled expression on Julia's face and smile. My head is screaming at me to stop but I can't. Then it clears. The smoke clears my mind for a second. I can think for myself again. In my moment of sanity I do what I know is right.
"Run," I whisper, horrified. Julia takes my word and leaps from her chair. In seconds she's out the door. Unfortunately not fast enough. The object in my back pocket comes out and in the next instant I have thrown it at Julia's neck. She coughs as she stumbles to the ground. Without restraint I walk to her side and crush all her ribs with one forceful kick. I slide the knife out of her windpipe and walk confidently into the room filled with TVs. Several vampires come running into the room. I am surrounded. In a clear moment once I realized I know almost all those who surround me I would have backed down. The familiar faces I have gotten to know so well now stand in front of me not sure what to do. But I am not in a clear moment. I am in the exact opposite. I am in no control of myself. Jane is the first to make a move. She throws two very sharp knives at me. I duck and watch in horror as they hit Cassandra in the shoulder. She falls to the ground and Dylan practically flies to her side. In a flash I fling the knife at Jane and watch in regret as it slams into her chest. She stumbles to the ground and I turn to see Sam staring me directly in the eye. The fog clears a second and I finally realize what's going on. Somehow someway my sister is currently using Alex to control me. I breath heavily and try to hold on to sanity long enough to tell Sam. Before I can mutter a word the fog comes back and suddenly Sam looks like a very easy target. I fight the urge to attack her.
"Alex," I gasp. She nods to say she understands then runs off. No one else tries to attack. Smart people. I see a 6 inch knife lying on the ground not to far  from me and pick it up. I get ready to throw it when a different knife, one that's almost a foot long comes flying at me. I try to duck but it pokes into my stomach and out the back. It stays in there, frozen. I open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out. Instead I sink to my knees and lower my head to the ground. Footsteps echo throughout the room and I know immediately who it is. Isabella. The fog has disappeared completely which makes the pain worse. Her heels click against the hardwood floor until they stop at my hunched over body. I don't even bother to look up.
"My dear sister, what kind of accident could have possibly happened here?" She questions with mock innocence. I take a ragged breath and try not to spill more tears. I'm already losing enough blood. My hands reach the knife and I attempt to pull it out. It doesn't budge though.
"Help," I cough. Isabella looks down to me and smiles.
"Don't you want to know who threw it?" She taunts. I know who threw it.
"You," I growl. Her smile grows bigger and she leans down so her voice goes directly in my ear.
"No," she replies tilting my head up with her fingers, "him." 
Everything seems to be in slow motion as I stare into Alex's hurt eyes, shocked. He stands alone in front of the door. No one holds him back. I honestly would not have guessed. I look straight into Alex's hazel eyes and you know what I see. I see hurt, and sorriness but no regret. Above all that I see slight recognition. He remembers something about me and the more I stare into his eyes the more I see. I can see that he was tortured and that he suffered because he thought it would save me. And it didn't. I cry out in pain as blood gushes uncontrollably from my stomach. I see hatred light Alex's eyes and he starts to sprint toward Isabella. She only snaps her fingers and in an instant he's in a death grip. The guards come and hold everyone that surrounded me in death grips. I look up at Isabella and see she has a gun strapped to her belt. In one fluid motion I reach up and rip it off. She looks surprised as I stand shakily to my feet and point the gun to her head.
"I will shoot," I threaten. She throws her head back laughing. Tears are slipping down my face and my wound is still gushing.
"Your bluffing. You won't shoot," she answers. I push the trigger slightly.
"Wanna bet," I retort. She waves the guards who are holding Alex over and they shove Alex to her side. Isabella grabs him and holds him as a human shield. 
"Yeah, I do want to bet," she says as if the odds are now in her favor. She thinks I won't shoot Alex. On a good day she'd be right. But today...
"Too bad I don't I gamble," I spit out. I think about my options a second. Option 1- shoot Alex and have the bullet go through him and into Isabella. Option 2- try to shoot Isabella and have her shove Alex in the way. Or option three create a commotion so everyone will have time to escape. I favor option three but I highly doubt it'll work. I finger the knife in my stomach as I stare around the room. Everyone I care about is either dead or in danger. Except Ben. Where is Ben anyway? Not that I care. Well, maybe I do.
"The clock is ticking," my sister reminds me. The gun shakes in my hand slightly. I look into Alex's eyes. He nods ever so slightly and I know what I have to do. Aiming the gun at Alex's heart I get ready to shoot. Alex will not die. His weak spot is not his heart. But I have an odd feeling Isabella's weak spot is her heart.
"I will shoot," I repeat. Isabella tilts her head to the side and smiles.
"We've already been through this Dakota. We both know you won't shoot him," she taunts. My stomach stings as it tries to heal. I pull the trigger. Hard. It hits Alex straight in the chest and he stumbles backward into Isabella. She falls onto her back and I race to her side. Pointing the gun to her I lean over her even though it almost kills me. She's breathing raggedly.
"Looks like you really don't know me," I sigh. Her gazes hardens.
"You won't shoot me," she practically begs. I hear Alex groan in pain and I contemplate whether I should check on him.
"Give me one reason I shouldn't," I demand. She shakes.
"I'm your sister," she tries.
"That didn't stop you from killing Amber," I retort. She flinches and I hear her guards start to let go of my friends.
"Then shoot me," she smiles mischievously. My eyes widen and I lower the gun to my side. I won't shoot her. Not because she's my sister but because I am nothing like her. She killed Amber without batting an eye. I will not follow in her footsteps. 
"Leave," I order. I don't have to order twice. In an instant she's on her feet signaling her guards to follow her. She knows she's been beaten, but unfortunately that won't stop her from coming back. Once they leave I turn to face the damage I've done. Hannah's face is covered in tears as she tries to get Jane to move. Jane is dead. I know that. I hear no heartbeat. I also hear my heart failing to keep up with the blood I've lost. Shawn crouches over Alex and I hear him sigh in relief as he finds out he's still alive. Cassandra's shoulder has already been bandaged so she'll be fine. A stray tear slides silently down my cheek. I wipe it away quickly and jog out the front door. I run through the museum and fling open the door. Sunlight hits my skin and I begin to cry. I only make it to a willow tree before I fall to the ground. My heart skips a couple beats so I lean against the trunk of the tree and start to pull the knife out. Taking small sharp breaths I manage to eventually pull it out. I close my eyes and sigh in relief as my wound slowly begins to heal. Footsteps softly come towards me, uncertain. I hear the grass crunch quietly underneath the person's weight. I don't know who it is. And frankly, I don't care. The person stops in front of me then sits down beside me.
"You ok?" A voice calls. I open my eyes slightly and see Ben watching me worriedly.
"No," I grumble closing my eyes again. I feel his cold hands lift my blood covered shirt. I suck in a sharp breath and he pauses.
"You wanna know what I think," he says. I groan loudly.
"No," I repeat. He ignores me.
"I think they'll forgive you," he murmurs. I open my eyes and stare into his smiling gray ones.
"I doubt it," I mumble pessimistically. He laughs.
"No?" He asks. I sigh.
"I killed Julia," I admit. I feel terrible about it. She should have lived.
"Yeah, well, I never liked her anyway," he says trying to make me feel better. A smile appears on my lips despite the fact that I feel horrible. He looks relieved to see my smile. He was truly worried, wow. My smile turns into a wince as my stomach screeches in protest. Ben loses his smile and his hands are on my stomach trying to stop the bleeding immediately. I hold my breath as my blood gushes all over Ben's hands. I must say for a newborn he's got good self control. My shirt is thoroughly soaked but Ben doesn't seem to mind. I begin to feel very faint so I take that second to look at Ben. His short dark brown hair neatly curves and his gray eyes are fixed in concentration. He doesn't notice me watching him and a smile reaches my lips. So determined. So hopeful. He's got so much to learn. My skin mends quickly and Ben leans back. I watch him as he stares into the darkening sky. He sighs in contentment and I grin slowly. He pulls his knees to his chest and continues to stare, mesmerized, at the setting sun. I turn to look where he's looking and find nothing out of the ordinary. Just a setting sun. Nothing more. As soon as the sun has disappeared Ben turns to me. His focused gray eyes meet my blue ones but I don't look away. I don't look away because his eyes don't reflect my emotions like Alex's do.
"Why do you watch the setting sun?" I ask softly. He breathes in once before answering.
"On my sister's death bed she pulled me close and whispered in my ear. You know what she said? She said 'Now Ben, you listen real close. Don't you follow in my footsteps you hear. You watch every sun set and take in the beauty of it all. Never let anything that beautiful slip through your fingers. Because if do, you'll get so lost that the truth suddenly looks like a lie. So you watch and watch as that big yellow ball of fire slides over the hills because you never know when it'll come back. You never know if it'll be back. You never know if you'll be back" he tells me quietly. I don't say anything. I don't know what to say. So I just wait for him to continue.
"After my sister died I sought out Pax Pugnatores and asked to join. They accepted my offer, your grandmother personally, after I gave them my wide range of  knowledge of helicopters of course. They sent me out on mission soon after that. Actually, my mission was to bring you in. Alive, obviously. The only information on you was that you'd been causing some trouble recently and that your sister is trying to kill you," he continues. I smile. Inside joke. I'm actually surprised they didn't give him any information about Alex. Ben isn't lying about any of this. Not that'd I'd expect he would.
"Sounds about right," I mumble. He nods.
"At that time I didn't know about vampires. They said I wouldn't be able to beat you with brute force. Said I had to outsmart you. So when I found out you were headed to jail I figured, what a day to commit a crime," he adds. Maybe he doesn't have that much to learn. He had me outsmarted. He's a lot smarted then I thought. I totally underestimated him. He catches my impressed look and smiles.
"Although, I did have to go to pretty extensive measures to find you. Your successful at keeping a low profile," he says. I snort. The exact opposite is true.
"What? I mean Pax Pugnatores didn't have much info on you so you can't be that easy to find. You've got a pretty good heyday," he laughs. My smile vanishes almost immediately.
"My heyday ended when Alex forgot," I murmur sadly. I've lost my enthusiasm for this topic. Ben seems to understand this is a touchy subject for me.
"Are the rumors true? You know the ones where Alex isn't allowed to be near you," he asks quietly. I swallow my tears and try to lighten my expression.
"They made him forget about me because he was causing me to make rash decisions," I explain. He nods as though it all makes complete sense but he couldn't possibly have gone through anything like this. Could he? I place my hand gently in the soft pale green grass.
"I feel like if I wait on the corner of the street long enough he'll come back to me. I know he'll remember. And I want to be there, waiting for him, when he does. So I'm not moving," I tell him softly. His smooth hand reaches down and grasps mine lightly. He raises it to his lips and kisses my hand delicately.
"Then I'll make sure you have some company," he smiles. I smile back. His comment touches my heart. It truly does. I mean, I'm sitting here talking to some guy I barely know and yet I feel like I've known him forever. Talking to him about me and Alex. And he's supportive of that. Either that or he's just a really nice guy. I have a feeling it's the latter. He raises to his feet and pulls me up slowly. My stomach wound has healed and the only remnants are a few blood stains on my shirt. Ben guides me carefully back into the museum. His arm rests around my waist as he helps me walk steadily. My stomach cramps with every move so I'm assuming it's not completely healed. I have to stop every few steps but Ben is patient and he waits until the pain goes away to move on. When we finally reach the open room with the TVs I find it's still busy and full. Dead vampires are laid out all over the floor with loved ones at their sides. I jog (not the best idea I've ever had) over to Kelsy wide eyed and jaw dropped.
"What happened?" I question in horror as I distinguish Shawn's body among the dead vampires lying on the ground. My heart aches for Alex who has now lost his brother.
"We got attacked you idiot! What do you think," she retorts sarcastically. I swallow heavily and breathe out unstably. 
"By who," I choke out. Kelsy's eyes get wide and I see the fear in them.
"I...I don't know," she stutters confused. I wait for her to explain but she doesn't so I walk away. Ben follows me closely as I quickly find Luke. He's lying on his back and I immediately suspect he's dead. As I get closer though I realize he's actually breathing quite heavily. I fall to my knees at his side and attempt to find where he's bleeding but he's covered in so much blood I'm not sure what's his. He coughs up a mouthful of black blood and his deep green eyes flicker open.
"Hey," he coughs. I rip his jacket off him and see his blue shirt is soak in black blood. The only way I can tell it's blue is because a gray tag sticks out saying it's a blue shirt. I waste no time in tearing his shirt off him. His bare chest is also soaked. I breathe in sharply when a wound spurts more blood. My hands shake and I feel Ben's hand on my shoulder.
"Um," I mumble. My head spins a second and I know I'm on the verge of fainting. Ben gets to his knees on the other side of Luke.
"What do you want me to do?" He asks earnestly. I swallow. I'm not the expert on this stuff. Wait! Vampire blood heals. Alex told me so. 
"We need to give him our blood," I decide. I raise my wrist to my fangs. Luke smiles lightly.
"No amount of vampire blood could save me now Dakota," he whispers gently, slowly. He waits for the words to sink in before continuing.
"Let me die. I have lived too long," he sighs as he rests his head on the hard floor of the room. Everything seems to happen in slow motion. A tear streams down my face silently and Ben jumps to his feet. I see him sprinting for Hannah at the same time Luke takes a ragged breath. Sobs choke me as I reach down and slip my shaky, cool hand into Luke's just like I did the day we met. He closes his hand around mine and a small grin appears on his face as he lets go of the breath. I don't hear him breathe in again. His grip loosens on my hand and his body goes limp. The tears I held back before now spill soundlessly down my cheeks. The life that had once filled Luke's handsome green eyes now slides away sadly. It tries to linger around but death tugs at it harder. His skin pales incredibly and his wounds quit trying to heal. His heart beats no longer. Hannah is at my side in an instant along with Ben. Hannah takes my hand in hers and doesn't say a word. She slips an envelope out of Luke's pocket and slides it into my hand. I don't open it. I don't want to. Hannah says something but I don't hear her. Ben tries to get me to move but I don't. Hannah drags Ben away and leaves me to mourn. My face is wet with bloody tears. Luke still has a slight smile on his face which makes me cry harder. I reach over and gently close his once lively eyes. He looks peaceful. Happy even. Clutching the envelope I stand unsteadily to my feet. Taking one last look at Luke I turn away to go find the closet I hid in earlier. Tears drip off my face leaving a trail behind me. Opening the door I curl up in a ball in the corner of the closet. There, I cry. Hard. I have lost too many people in my life. Too many people I love. I sit there for the longest time. I know it's at least midnight. Fingering the envelope I finally have the courage to open it. I guess I was expecting a death letter, a will or something like that. Instead, as I read the letter, I find it's not.
Dear Dakota,
I know how you can get Alex's memories back. A while back I owned the one and only Sifer. It's a small circle about the size a watch head. It's in a protective case the shape of a playing card a couple inches thick. It has the ability to make a person remember. I lost it during a poker game to a dangerous man named Robert Culte. He's not a vampire although he's got the strength of one. After I heard Alex lost his memories I decided to seek out this man. If your reading this letter though, that means I'm dead and Hannah gave this to you. That also means I haven't given you Culte's current compound. The address, if your at Castle, is 15 miles south of the museum left of the highway. I hope this helps, honestly. But Dakota, if your still reading this letter which, knowing you your probably skimming through this, Culte is a very dangerous man. He is cunning so don't, by any means, underestimate him. You've always been my friend and done everything to support me especially after Sabrina died. Once you get the Sifer I have instructed Hannah on how to use it. She'll be able to help you...                   Good luck, Luke 
My tears stain the page but Luke has filled me with new hope. He's right though, I was kind of skimming the letter. I shoot to my feet and run out of the closet leaving my sadness behind. I need to get the Sifer. It is Isabella's fault all this happened but I will get Alex back. I will do whatever it takes. I run into the open room and almost make it to the door but Dylan stops me.
"Hey, I uh, just wanted to let you know we have 12 infantry troopers, 6 snippers, 4 heavy gunners, 2 demolition experts and enough ammunition to cover the ocean on our team surrounding the compound. Not all of them are vampires though but that's on top of all the rest of us," he announces. I give him a thumbs up.
"That's great, I need to go though," I tell him. He nods and runs off but not before handing me a cell phone. I stuff it in my pocket and quickly turn the other way. I run into Alex. He grasps my hand hard.
"Where are you going? Hannah's ordered all hands to meet her in the hospitals. There are too many wounded," he questions roughly. I stare into his handsome hazel eyes and loose my train of thought. There's no recognition at all. Focus Dakota. Focus.
"I'm sure Hannah won't mind," I say turning away. I try to break Alex's grip but it doesn't falter.
"I'm going too," he whispers, smiling. I smile back and we head out the door. I follow Alex as he expertly finds us a black van. Opening the driver's door I almost have a heart attack when I see Ben sitting in the driver's seat with his feet on the steering wheel twirling the keys around his finger.
"Ben," I gasp trying to catch my breath, "you scared me to death."
"Hmmm, going somewhere?" He taunts holding the keys just out of my reach.
"Hand over the keys," I demand. He frowns.
"Fine but I'm coming with," he replies decisively. I sigh, oh well. He slides over to the passenger seat and I jump in. Alex gets in the back and in a minute I have us on the highway. Once we reach the compound and as I hop out I begin to give orders.
"Alex you check the roof, Ben you take ground level and I'll cover in between. This guy is dangerous, our ultimate goal is to get the Sifer. I doubt Mr. Culte has enough men to take out three vampires," I tell them as I hand them each a hand gun I found in the back of the van. Alex smiles softly and jogs into the building. Ben follows him and I end up walking, alone, into the building. My stomach no longer hurts, thankfully. I pull open the doors with ease and make my way up the steps to the 4th floor. The door is a pale blue but paint is chipping off so it isn't really blue anymore. I kick in the door and immediately find a gun pointed to my head. My gun is ripped from my hand and I'm starting to realize maybe I should have listened to Luke's advice. The black man is very large and his muscles ripple when he shoves me forward. The entire floor is empty. It's large with only one window. A passageway  that leads into another room is the only way to go other than the way I came. A lone table sits by the window. On the table I recognize the Sifer from the description Luke wrote. Culte' s team surround me and they have guns. Culte lets me go and I walk to the window. It's barren outside, there's nothing but dumpsters there.
"You walked into a trap Dakota," Culte says in a deep voice. How does he know my name? Oh. I know, I've definitely seen this guy before. He was one of the "officers" at the jail. I wonder how many other people are stalking me. How on earth am I going to get out of this one. I stare out the window as if it would give me the answer. I've got it!
"My name is Dakota Grey. I am an undercover agent working for a special organization and this is my trap. I don't think you understand just how deep into this mess you've gotten. A friend of mine has been tracking you and he traced you back to here. You see, your compound is currently surrounded by 12 infantry troopers, 6 snippers, 4 heavy gunners, 2 demolition experts and enough ammunition to blow this entire building off the earth. Your outmatched and outgunned," I retort. Culte nods to his men and they race to the window in search of everything I just listed. I just hope Alex or Ben hears this and calls them.
"Nothin' there boss. Looks clear," one man reports. I glance worriedly at Culte as he laughs heartily.
"Good try Dakota," he laughs. I swallow hard as the men point their guns, once again, at my head. If I were sure I could get out without being shot I'd just run for it. They wouldn't be fast enough to catch me. Unfortunately there are 12 of them and one of me. The odds of escaping are not in my favor.
"Of course you don't see anyone. Who do you think we are? The FBI? The only thing your going to see is a muzzle flash followed by 12 dead men lying on this concrete floor. So, make the smart choice and why don't you hand over the Sifer," I retort. He growls.
"Such an attitude," he comments as he cracks his neck. He takes a step toward me and my eyes widen.
"Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Let me, uh," I stutter as I fumble around trying to get the phone out of my pocket. I tap on the screen a few times and sigh when it doesn't ask me for a password. I hit contacts and frantically scroll down the list of people. Culte stays put but who knows how long. Finally I find Dylan's name and tap call. 
"I think that you may want to hear this," I add after putting it on speaker. The phone rings a few seconds before Dylan picks up.
"Hey, Dakota," Dylan says into the phone. He sounds surprised I called him so soon. Culte seems to hear this too.
"Hi Dylan," I try to make my voice sound light. Culte begins tapping his foot on the ground impatiently.
"Yeah, what do you need?" He asks cautiously. I breathe in and try not to think about the fact that Culte is still waiting to kill me.
"Hey Dylan, I would like you to tell me the exact specs for the team surrounding the compound," I tell him confidently. I can't help but smile. I cannot wait to see the look on Culte's face. 
"The whole thing?" He questions. 
"The whole thing," I reply determinedly. Culte tips his head to the side and I hear one of the gunners take a step closer to me. I eyeball the Sifer. My fingers are itching to grab it and run.
"Uh, yeah, we have uh, 12 infantry troopers, 6 snippers, 4 heavy gunners, 2 demolition experts and enough ammunition to blow anything off the face of the earth," he responds reciting what he told me earlier. I actually liked the fact he used my wording. It makes it seem like we're in the same situation. Culte frowns taking in my smiling expression seriously. He looks worried. I can tell.
"One more time...give up," I suggest. His frown grows larger. We stare at each other for about a minute before his anxiety takes over. He stalks over to the window along with his men.
"She's either lying or she's crazy. Check everywhere. Don't let anything get passed you," he orders. All his men crowd around the window trying to get a glimpse of the troops that in reality aren't there. I take that exact second to run. As I pass the table I reach out and grab the Sifer without breaking a stride. Running down the passageway I begin to smile. I got away. Cleverly, I might add. Rounding the corner I screech to a stop.
"Don't move," I command. He scared me to death. Culte stands in my way, blocking any escape.
"Please don't move?" I try. Culte grabs me by the neck and shoves me out the window. Glass shatters around me, cutting into my skin. Although it starts to heal immediately I still scream. Out of the corner of my eye I see Alex race toward me. Before Culte has the chance to take back the Sifer I roll onto my hands and knees.
"Catch," I shout as I fling the Sifer into Alex's waiting hands. Culte chases Alex down until he's got him hanging over the edge of the building by his neck. What is up with this guy and holding people by their necks?
"Hand it over," Culte growls loudly. I see the blood rushing from Alex's head as he holds the Sifer put of Culte's reach. I fall to my side in pain.
"What will you do if I hand it over?" Alex questions. There's a gun lying in the glass in my reach. Stretching I grasp it and try to stand.
"To be honest I'm gonna drop you over the edge," Culte says. I fearfully know he's telling the truth.
"Freeze!" I yell as loud as I can. I point the gun at Culte.
"It ain't worth it," he mutters as he lets go of Alex's neck. I watch in horror as Alex plummets off the building.
"No!" I scream. Culte lunges toward me and I barely manage to duck as he starts to throw punches at me. I thought being a vampire would give me some advantage in this battle but Luke seems to be right. This guy is like the bad guy version of superman. He knocks the gun from my hand and I watch as it flies off the edge of the building. Well, so much for that idea. I punch him hard in the stomach and he doubles over in pain. I used all my strength and yet he still didn't fall. He grabs my leg and pulls it out from under me. I crumple to the ground in a heap and watch as he stands tall. Footsteps behind Culte alert me along with the click of a gun. Ben comes into view with his gun pointed at Culte.
"Enough of this," he spits out. Culte smiles slowly as his men appear. They surround all three of us and I begin to think we may not make it out alive.
"You know you gotta put you're gun down cause you're out numbered," Culte laughs. Ben places the gun gently on the ground. We both know we're beat. The door to the roof swings open and to my delight Alex walks out onto the roof. Troops fill in surrounding Culte's men and I smile. We really do have everything I told him.
"Excuse me, excuse me, hi, sorry to interrupt whatever was going on here but Mr. Culte I just wanted you, to meet my team," Alex announces cockily. He smiles when he sees the smile on my face. Once the entire team surrounds everyone he continues.
"Maybe you could go ahead and put your weapons down," he suggests. Culte's men slowly place their guns on the concrete.
"There you go and then the hands up to imply that they're empty," he continues. Ben pulls out a pair of handcuffs and snaps them onto Culte's wrists. 
"You're boss," he says to Ben as he leads him away, "she's good." Culte's certainly impressed by me. I'm surprised. I crack a smile as I walk to Alex's side painfully.
"Are you ok?" I ask referring to him falling off a building. Or thrown off a building I should say.
"Yeah," he smiles. My face grows serious.
"The Sifer, please tell me you have it," I respond worriedly.
"Course I have it," he laughs, "It's me we're talking about here."
I sigh in relief.
"Hey Dakota!" Ben calls out. Alex turns around, confused.
"Whose Dakota?" 

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