True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


12. Chapter 12

Her guards shove me into a black car and they drive out of the base in two cars. I'm blindfolded but I can still hear what's going on. Finally the car stops and the blindfold is removed. We are at a small deserted restaurant that has tables outside. So much for a public place. The waiter seats me and Isabella at a table and the guards stand around us. The waiter disappears after that and never asks us if we want anything. He must work for the Lamia Roma. I slouch forward in my chair and stare Isabella directly in the eye. She returns my glare but I don't back down.
"Come on, start talking," she urges. I stare defiantly into her deep blue eyes that strongly resemble mine. Lets just say no one has to ask if we're sisters.
"Just cause I said you could get information out of me doesn't mean you will," I explain to her. Her gaze hardens and I can't help but smile. A guard punches me in the arm and I wince. I think he broke a bone. It starts to mend immediately though so I pretend it doesn't hurt.
"Very funny but do you really think it was a coincidence that the dragons showed up at your door. Who do you think sent them? I did. I also killed off that worthless piece of trash who does nothing but make stupid comments about things," she rants. Jay. Oh. My skin feels as though it's on fire and I have a hard time not launching myself at one of the vampires in the area. I lock my left foot around the leg of the table. How dare she even mention Jay let alone claim his death. I grab the chair with my handcuffed hands and act like her comments don't hurt. When, in reality, they hurt worse then being stabbed in the heart. 
"That and oh, what's her name, Amber, our dear late sister. She was nothing more than a pawn. I used her, to get you here," she continues. Normally hearing that I would burst into tears. But since my skin is so hot I'm afraid it's going to kill me and I'm already mad at her I do the exact opposite. Quickly locking my right foot to the other leg of the table I flip it. It smashes Isabella in the face and I leap to my feet. The guards seem torn on whether to help Isabella or catch me. I take that second to sprint toward the road. I duck under the chains and run toward a passing car. Mid-stride I jump over the handcuffs so my hands are in front of me. When I catch up to the car I notice the male driver is human. The burning in my throat is unbearable and I can't stop myself. In milliseconds I have the car door open even though it's locked and I'm in the driver's seat. The driver's eyes are wide and then suddenly he's in my arms. Dead in my arms. Blood pours out of his neck and my lips find it before I realize what I've done. I gulp down his blood until there's none left. Then realization strikes. I just killed a some random person so that I could satisfy my thirst. A tear slides down my face. I'm a killer. Tires squeal behind me and I slam my foot on the gas pedal. The car speeds forward and the man falls off my lap and onto the floor. I look down at my black jeans and see patches of blood on them. Whoops. I run red lights and swerve between cars in attempt to escape Isabella and her herd of creepy guards. Eventually I hear police sirens trailing me. Great. By law I pull off to the side so they can pass even though that means Isabella will probably catch up. The police car stops behind me and magically all the scary black Lamia Roma cars have disappeared. Perfect. Just perfect. The police officer comes to the window and taps. I roll it down and read his shocked expression.
"What happened here?" He questions pointing to the dead guy on the floor of the car. Yep, that's going to be hard to explain. 
"Yes, well, he passed out," I make up lamely. The officer's human eyes finally find the patches of blood on my pants. He also sees the handcuffs that I haven't bothered to take off. 
"I'm gonna have to ask you to step out of the car," he tells me cautiously. I do as he says not because I want to but because I really don't want to look more guilty then I already am. The officer's hand brushes up against my hurt arm and I wince. The burning in my throat hasn't completely gone away but I'll be able to control it now. He makes me step over my handcuffs so my hands are behind me and then he walks me to his police car. After he's sure I can't move he drives away. I don't bother to tell him that I could break through all of the handcuffs. He seems worried enough with me riding in his car. He probably saw the bite marks in the other guy's neck. I sigh, this is going to be really hard to explain. The officer pulls into the station and a few more officers run out to help him get me out. They rudely drag me out of the car by my cuffs and throw me into an interrogation room. They sit me in a chair and then I'm left alone. I look around the plain white room and shiver in disgust. I mean they could have at least some color in here. I see every speck of dust in this room. It's gross but the worst thing is the light. It's too bright and it stings my eyes that prefer darkness. The door opens and a short stocky man appears. He must think I'm a drunk teen because he walks around with his hand on his hips and one finger pointing at me scoldingly. I decide to follow his lead. A burning sensation attacks my throat as he sits in the chair across from me and I know the driver from the car wasn't enough to satisfy my thirst. It takes a lot of effort to push it away. To ignore it I stare at the handcuffs on my hands and think about how easy it would be to snap them in half. The guy taps on the table to get my attention and gazes at me sternly, like a parent.
"Do you know why your in jail?" He asks me interrupting my thoughts. Remembering to act innocent I let my eyes widen and try not to squint in the light.
"No," I tell him. Lie. I know why I'm here. In fact, I know the exact reasons I'm here. The only thing is, he doesn't.
"Was anyone else involved in the incident?" He interrogates. 
"No," I reply. Lie. Another lie although I'll never tell him that. I need to end this soon, I feel the burn returning.
"Are you under the influence of alcohol?" He continues.
"No," I say yawning. Truth. The only one I'm planning to tell.
"How old are you?" His eyes narrow and I grip the leg of the table with my foot.
"18," I answer. Lie. Well not exactly. Truthfully I'm 21 but I'm frozen at 18.
"What are you," he questions slowly, looking at the photos taken at the scene. I run my fingers through my chestnut brown hair.
"Human," I answer. Lie. I'm a vampire and I'm currently in jail for drunk driving although that's the least of my crimes. But I wasn't, I was simply a little more concerned with the fact that I was being chased by my sister who is trying to kill me. They don't know that. They think I killed an innocent person (which I did, accidentally), stole a car (which, I guess I did that too), and didn't obey traffic laws. Ok so maybe I'm a little more guilty then I think but I'm on the good guy team. They were trying to kill me!
"You know your a murderer," he tells me. I raise my head from the table.
"No I'm not," I respond. He looks shocked so I continue.
"A murderer is someone who kills three people I only killed one," I explain. Whoops, I guess I just admitted to killing the guy.
"So you'll admit to killing the man," he prods. Did I not just think that, idiot. If only I could tell him the truth.
"I was being chased. It was self defense," I try. He looks skeptical. I don't blame him, I would be too.
"Who was chasing you?" He demands. What to tell him...hmmm. My sister? No. The bad guys? That sounds even worse. A powerful group of vampires called the Lamia Roma? That'll never do. Dragons? That's a terrible story.
"Terrorists," I blurt out. I read his horrified expression and realize that might not have been the smartest thing to say.
"I mean, robots," I add trying to cover it up. This is not going well at all. Now the officer looks even more confused.
"Well, which one is it? Terrorists or robots?" He orders stretching over the table. I lean back because the smell of his blood is sickeningly sweet. I honestly wish it wasn't that easy to break the handcuffs. At least then I'd have some restraint.
"Neither," I reply making it sound like a question. He sighs frustratedly.
"Teens," he mumbles under his breath. A frown appears on my face and I stand. The officer looks surprised and quickly pulls out his gun. I turn my back to him and try to open the door. It's locked so I simply solve the problem by using my superhuman strength. The sound of metal screeching against metal fills the air and the officer is shaking. The door pops open and I step out to see the faces of a room full of officers. I'm sure they heard every word. The door at the end of the hall opens and in steps Isabella. Suddenly the disgusting plain white room seems so inviting. I run back inside, shaking and try to lock the door.
"Why won't it lock," I panic, my hands are shaking so bad I can't hold them straight. 
"Cause you broke it," he whispers in horror. I try to control myself as the footsteps echo down the hall. 1, 2, 3, 4. A few more steps and she'll be in here. A tear runs down my face and the officer points the gun at my forehead. I'm scared to death, but not of him. I'm terrified of my sister, who is trying to kill me. My own sister is trying to kill me. I wish Alex had made me promise him not to die. It would have given me something to hold onto. Wait! I reach into my back pocket and pull out the object Alex slipped into my pocket. It's the pocket knife. A few more tears escape my eyes and this time the officer notices.
"What are you?" He asks in a whisper. I attempt to wipe my tears but more fall in their place. The officer still has a gun pointed to my head but he's keeping a safe distance. I clench the pocket knife tightly.
"Go on, shoot me. It won't kill me," I mutter bitterly to him. His finger steadies but he still doesn't pull the trigger.
"These bullets explode once they hit the target. There's no chance you'd survive," he proudly announces. I roll my eyes at him.
"And, I can't shoot you until you're proven guilty or until you make a threat," he adds softly. I unclench my fist and hold out the pocket knife. Flicking it open I point it at him threateningly. He takes a step back and trips on the chair. His finger pulls the trigger and the explosive bullet comes flying at my arm. I could have moved because I pretty much saw everything in slow motion but I don't. The bullet slams into my arm and immediately I feel the fire in my veins greet it. I see the officer's horrified look just as the bullet goes off. Lightning electrifies my arm and I scream out in pain. It fills my veins and energizes my blood to the point where I'm no longer in control of myself. My whole body feels as though it's on fire. The world has turned into a bright light. The light is blinding and soon I can't see a thing. It feels as though the entire world has turned into nothing. Maybe the officer was right maybe the bullet will kill me. I highly doubt that seeings how I can already feel my body reacting to the explosion. The lightning lingers in my veins until it hits my heart. I moan in pain as energy fills my heart, exciting it until eventually it bursts. My mouth opens in a scream but nothing comes out. Instead the brightness enlarges and turns into a room. The only sound is my staggered breathing. I am alone. The brightness stays so I close my eyes in attempt to escape it. A single bloody tear makes its way down my face until it falls off. I watch as it hits the floor and suddenly the room has disappeared. I'm now in a river of blood. Earsplitting screams echo as I flail around in the thick blood. So many blood smells enter my nose and I recognize so many. Bodies swim beside me and I open my mouth to scream but my mouth fills with blood. I spit it out when I realize it's Jay's blood. I struggle to keep my head above the blood and eventually I give in. As I sink lower and lower I see people through the blood. Gavin and some girl walk swim past me and I hear her giggle. Seth comes past and salutes before disappearing. Jay speeds past but stops when he sees me. A mischievous grin spreads across his face and he waves in greeting. I wave back and his voice floats toward me.
"You just couldn't stay out trouble could you," he teases. I smile and more tears fall from my face into the river of blood.
"I let you die," I cry spitting out blood after each word. This river is filled with the blood of those I have killed. Of those I love. 
"I let you live. It was my time," he whispers as his familiar figure fades away. I try to follow him but another figure takes his place. His blood touches my lips and I instantly know who it is. The driver from the car.
"Wait! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kill you, honestly," I call out. He stays just out of my reach but his blood taunts me until I instinctively open my mouth to have it. Blood pours in and my eyes widen as I taste my sister's blood.
"Amber?" I question spitting her blood out. My heart aches in love and sadness.
"We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by," Amber's voice fills my head. I'm confused.
"What do you mean?" I ask trying not to swallow her blood.
"The moment when your trapped in the corner of the shower because the cold water is running," she responds. That didn't help at all. In fact now I'm even more confused.
"You're a leader, not a follower unless we're in a dark place. Then, someone else will go first," she ends. Her voice leaves and I'm left terribly clueless. The river of blood slowly turns to darkness and I'm totally alone again. I open my closed eyes to see the officer staring at me jaw dropped and wide eyed. I realize my own jaw is open and I close it before he sees my fangs. 
"You, you didn't die," he stutters. I swallow hard before answering.
"Guess not," I reply. Footsteps echo down the hall and the door creaks open. I expect my sister to burst through and shoot us both but instead another officer comes in. His tan skin reflects off the light and his muscles ripple.
"What's going on?" He demands. I was wrong. But I saw Isabella come through the door. I'm so confused at this point that I don't question it when the officer drags me by my handcuffs into a jail cell. My skin stills burns but I'm alone in the cell so at least I can't hurt anyone. Well, at least I can't hurt anyone until I'm so out of control that I brake the bars. I think back to what Amber said. "The moment when your trapped in the corner of the shower because the cold water is running." I have no idea what that's supposed to mean but I have a feeling it doesn't literally mean I'm trapped in the shower. Wait, trapped. Trapped in a corner. We, the Pax Pugnatores are trapped in the corner of the shower because the cold water-Lamia Roma has a stronger military. That makes perfect sense. We are trapped because my sister won't let us fight. But that's known news. So what is it telling me? She's saying that to defeat the Lamia Roma we only have to shut of their water? That makes no sense. Oh well, I'll just come back to that later. She also said, "We can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by." So, what, she's saying I have to go sit on a curb and clap? Or maybe she's saying I can't always lead the attacks. Ok so then what does, "You're a leader, not a follower unless we're in a dark place, then someone else will go first," mean. Oh! Wait, that probably means someone else will lead with me.
"Exactly," Amber's voice floats into my head. Huh, I didn't know dead people could talk. Two officers come to the bars and I stand.
"We're taking you to the judge," the one announces with a southern accent. I freeze, what if the find me guilty. Then what? I stumble backward as they step into the cell. Each one grabs an arm and I realize my arm has healed. I also realize that nothing is keeping me from breaking out. I shake off their arms and they look puzzled.
"Why?" I demand. If I can stall long enough the one might move over and I can escape.
"Well, we wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun now would we?" The same one answers mischievously dropping the accent. 

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