True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


10. Chapter 10

Jay is dead. He can't be dead. I try to run to him. To make sure. But Alex stops me. Tears run down my face like an overflowing river. I don't even try to wipe them away. Alex guides me back underground and I sit against the wall. I make a list of things that are true.
1. I am Dakota.
2. I am not dead.
3. Jay is dead.
4. My sister is lost.
5. She was supposed to be with Jay,
6. But Jay is dead.
I give up with this because it only makes me cry more. Alex sits beside me and tries to comfort me but I don't listen. It is my fault Jay is dead. If I hadn't put us into teams then Jay wouldn't have had to come find us. I am such an idiot. My friend is dead. I killed him. Indirectly. Idiot, idiot, idiot. I hear a helicopter above ground and I stare at Alex questioningly.
"Rescue team," he explains. I nod. The door opens and in step so many familiar faces. Shawn, Dylan, Eric, Cassandra, Jane, Kelsy, Hannah and finally Luke. I run into Luke's arms and he hugs me tightly.
"You ok?" He prods gently. I bury my face in his chest and breathe in his familiar scent.
"Jay's dead," I cry. Luke's arms wrap around my back to support me as I fall. 
"Ok, well, I'm goin' to kill some dragons," Kelsy says. She leaves the room along with Jane. Sam, Dylan, Cassandra, and Eric join Jane and Kelsy outside. Luke holds me up so I don't tumble to the floor. I hear Alex growl at him but I don't care. Hannah bandages Alex's chest up and gives him some sort of medicine for it. He sighs in relief and I suddenly realize how much we have lost. Between the six of us we have only killed about 10 dragons and we have suffered so many more casualties. Alex has 3rd degree burns on his chest, I'm burnt, Amber is lost and Jay is dead. Even with the rescue team how much damage can we do? How long is it going to take before there is no one left to fight? Before we're all injured or lost or dead? What happens when there are no more vampires on our side? What happens then? Luke sits me on the floor and continues to hold me. Hannah finishes wrapping a bandage around Star's arm and comes over to me. Shawn and Star leave to go fight dragons but Luke stays with me. I lay my head on his chest and listen to his heart beat. It's calming. The door bursts open and the rescue team stumbles in. Smoke pours in and it burns my eyes. Hannah rushes around treating the injured. I stand and with Luke's help I reach Sam.
"What happened?" I question. She falls to her knees and coughs up black smoke. I kneel and massage her back until she coughs up all the smoke.
"We were out numbered," she barely gets out before she starts coughing up smoke again. I see tears glittering on her face. She's been crying. I wave Hannah over and leave the medical stuff to her. Luke tries to lead me back over to where we were but I refuse.
"Dakota, you need to get out of the way," he pleads. Why does he want me out of the way unless...oh no. I rush around looking for...well I don't know what I'm looking for but I'll know it when I see it. I reach the center of the room and gasp. Alex is on his hands and knees in the center of the room. He's coughing up the black smoke. He's still alive, thankfully. I push Shawn out of the way and crouch down next to Alex. He can't stop coughing and I'm worried. I'm not sure who let him outside but they really shouldn't have.
"I'm sorry," he wheezes. I massage his back until he stops coughing. He groans in pain as he rolls onto his back. I see his burns have started swelling again. I can hear his heart beat faintly. The rest of the vampires have made a circle around us. I'm confused, what are they waiting for. I turn back to Alex and see a body next to him. Alex was stupid enough to go back out into the battlefield to bring back a body. Oh, a body. I look over the body and try to see who it is. Burns cover the face and arms but they aren't bad enough that I can't figure out who it is. My face becomes serious.
"No," I say as tears stream down my face. Luke reaches through the circle and tries to reassure me.
"No! No! No!" I scream at him. He backs away and I lean over the body. I give her CPR. She's not dead. She can't be dead. Amber is not dead. My sister is not dead. Alex must have mistaken. But he didn't.
"Dakota," Alex coughs. He's on his side now. I can tell he's in pain but he'll never say. Hannah runs over and helps Alex who has stopped refusing help now. I'm shaking and tears drip off my face in puddles. Luke pulls me away from Amber's burnt dead body. My tears are uncontrollable. They pour out rapidly. Luke hugs me fiercely and he doesn't let go for a second. All night, we wait, we cry, we heal. We hold hands hoping it'll make us stronger. I sob all night in Luke's arms and he holds me.
"Sabrina was my sister," he whispers to me. I look into his deep green eyes through my tear blurred eyes. Most of the others are asleep except Hannah and Alex. I bury my head deeper into his arms to hide the tears that spill out.
"Alex risked his life so he could find Amber for you," he continues. I nod because I don't trust my voice.
"Jay knew the risks of joining this group. He didn't die because of you," he tells me. I pull away from him.
"It was my fault! If I hadn't put us into teams neither of them would be dead but I did so they are," I explain angrily. Why doesn't he understand. It was all my fault. Alex groans and Cassandra snaps awake. Realizing there's no danger she snuggles back into Dylan's arms.
"He fighting for you," Luke adds softly. We're both watching Alex writhe in agony on the ground. His breathing is ragged and he's clenching his shirt tightly.
"He loves you," he murmurs in my ear. I feel like I'm frozen watching Alex fight for his life. Luke lets go of me and his arms fall to his sides. I'm not sure what he wants me to do. That's a lie. He wants me to go help Alex fight through the pain. I don't move though. Luke gives me a gentle shove so I'm on my feet and I find myself walking toward Alex. He doesn't acknowledge I'm there and keeps clenching his shirt. I turn back to Luke but he shakes his head no. I sit next to Alex and stare at my healing fingers. My new skin is pink and tender but it's strong. Reaching over I pry Alex's fingers away from his shirt and slip mine into his. He finally realizes I'm there and he tries to refrain from squeezing my hand.
"S'ok," I mutter. He takes a few calm breaths before I see his chest cramp up again and his grip on my hand becomes excruciating. I try not to wince.
"I'm sorry," he pants. I nod and fresh tears run down my face. His fingers brush my cheek wiping away the bloody tears. We hold hands until everyone wakes. I watch as Dylan tries to stand but Cassandra stops him.
"You broke like 5 ribs!" She screeches. Frowning he sits back down.
"More like 3," he mumbles frustratedly. Shawn has a cast on his left shin, Jane's holding an ice pack to her face, Sam's still coughing up smoke so I'm assuming something's up with her lungs, Kelsy's arm's in a sling, Star's right arm is burnt, Eric has a long scratch down his side and even Cassandra has multiple burns. No one got out uninjured. The dragons are probably still right outside. Hannah runs around and checks everyone's injuries. The only people who are majorly hurt are Alex, Sam and Eric. I overhear her telling Dylan his ribs will heal by noon. We need a plan. We can't hide out forever. Either Hannah's going to run out of supplies or we'll get so thirsty we'll kill each other. I let go of Alex and walk over to Hannah.
"How bad is it," I ask tentatively. My voice cracks but she doesn't seem to notice.
"Well, I have enough supplies to heal everyone, thankfully, but any injures past that will have to heal on their own," she says. I nod and turn away.
"You should get some rest your one of my more serious patients," she adds. I walk away confused. What does she mean I'm one of her more serious patients. I walk over to Luke who's sitting on the ground and tower over him. I hope he feels threatened.
"What happened to me?" I demand. Luke stands and suddenly I feel short seeings how he's like 6ft. He steps closer to me.
"Your whole upper body is burnt. Hannah gave you medicine last night to numb it. That and you cracked a few ribs, oh and your lungs are a little burnt because you were apparently drinking salt water that had fire in it," he explains with a short temper. I loose it.
"Yeah that sounds about right," I retort as I stalk away. Something inside of me snaps. Both figuratively and literally. I clutch my side and ignore the pain. No one stops me.
"I'm sorry! Dakota wait!" Luke calls. I pause for a second then rip open the metal door. Smoke pours in and the outside is a cloud of black.
"Dakota!" I hear Alex yell. Out of the corner of my eye I see Luke running towards me. Taking a deep breath I step out into the smoke. It engulfs me and I can barely see anything. The world has turned into a big gray cloud. I hear footsteps running toward me and I take off full speed into the smoke. My lungs scream in protest each time I take a step forward. My chest feels as though its on fire but I push through the pain. Dragons roar overhead but I doubt they can see any better then I can. I slow to a jog and turn to look behind me. Luke has caught up but there's another figure running beside him. As they catch up I recognize the figure to be Alex. Stupid Alex who already has 3rd degree burns and lung damage. Stupid Alex who happens to be chasing down stupid me. I'm the one running out into the smoke with burns, lung damage and cracked ribs. I decide to turn around just as I run into something cold and hard. Stepping back I take in the scene. It's a helicopter. I brush the layer of dirt off the side and scan the words. On the door there is a red tipped silver flame. Under the picture in white block letters it reads,"RESCUE HELICOPTER 2"
"Oh my," I gasp right as Luke and Alex reach my side.
"Dakota you can't just run off like that," Luke scolds. He reads my horrified expression and turns to the helicopter. 
"That was the second rescue team," Alex realizes. I nod and wipe away my tears. I pull open the door and search inside. There have to be survivors. Bodies litter the chairs and I check for pulses on each of them. Most of them I don't know but I recognize Jasper and Owen. They're both dead.
"Here," I hear someone faintly call. I turn to a less damaged part of the helicopter and see Seth holding up the head of a very bruised Brianna. Beside her are three other breathing vampires I don't recognize. I hold out my arm for Seth and he hands me Brianna. I take her in my arms and step outside the helicopter.
"They're alive," Luke sighs. I don't tell him about the many that aren't and instead I hand him Brianna. I step back inside and see Seth guiding two vampires to the door. The helicopter groans and we freeze. It holds so I continue to help the others. I guide them out and wait for the other one. I look inside and see Seth carrying the last one. The helicopter groans again and this time I'm almost positive it's going to go. Leaning out I shout over to Alex and Luke.
"Go, run back as fast as you can," I urge them. Luke nods and takes off with Brianna in his arms. The two vampires run with him. Alex jogs over to me.
"Dakota, the helicopter's gonna give out, you can't save them all," he argues. The helicopter screeches.
"Seth is in there and maybe I can't save everyone but I can die trying," I say jumping back into the helicopter. Bad idea, my side screams in protest. I fall to my knees and I hear metal against metal. Seth reaches me and he picks me up so I'm standing.
"Then I'm staying too," Alex calls to me as he gets in the helicopter with us. It starts to slide downward and I know we only have seconds left. Seth picks up the one vampire and tosses her into Alex's waiting arms. He slowly gets out of the helicopter leaving me and Seth behind.
"There's only enough time for one of us to get out," he states. A tear slide down my already tear stained face.
"I'll die an American Hero," he nods as if the idea appeals to him. He can't be more then 17 or 18 years old. He's too young to die.
"You might as well go... Save yourself," he continues. I nod knowing there is no way I can save him. I take light steps toward the entrance. The helicopter rocks but doesn't give yet.
"Take care of Brianna for me. I love her," he says as I get ready to jump out. I turn back one last time and see Seth standing in middle of a bunch of bodies. I see his bloody tears streaming down his face. I may not know him very well but he is maybe the bravest person I know. I turn to him and stand straight. Raising my right hand to my forehead I salute him. He salutes back and smiles despite the fact that we're both crying. I jump out of the helicopter just as it crumbles under its own weight. Seth and anything else inside gets crushed. I cry out and Alex comes up behind me. He wraps his arms around me to keep me from running into the ruins. With one hand wrapped around my waist he picks up the other vampire and we walk back. Once we reach the door Alex lets go and opens the metal door. Waiting inside are expectant faces. They stare hopefully at us and wait for the news. I don't want to say anything. I want to go live under a rock and never ever come out. I have witnessed too many horrible things today. I burst into tears and the hope disappears. Alex sets down the vampire and I get a good look at her. I look closer and realize it's Naomi. Alex sits on the ground and starts breathing heavily again. He wraps his arms around his chest and I know he's in pain. I sit next to him and hold my sides. My lungs feel as though they're on fire. Alex lets go of his chest and sighs deeply before coughing up some black smoke.
"Amber was right," I say painfully. It hurts my sides to talk. 
"About what?" Alex asks between coughs. I swallow sadly before continuing.
"We only seem to injure ourselves when we're together. We make each other weak," I confess. Alex calms down and I rest my head on his shoulder.
"We make each other strong," he whispers as he kisses my head lightly. He wraps his arms around me and I close my eyes. He holds me until I finally cry myself to sleep.

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