True Heart

Dakota Grey is just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life. That is, until she meets Alex, a vampire who just can seem to let her go. She learns that she's not an ordinary girl and in fact, she had a whole life before her memory was erased. Together they find out just how small the world really is as they try to piece the puzzle back together.


21. Acknowledgments + coming soon

I'd like to thank all the people who've taken the time to read this and I know people don't usually read these things so I'll be quick. I totally have to thank my seven year old sister who actually created a lot of the ideas in this piece. She was a lot of inspiration and she's awesome. I also have to thank my family who read this and gave feedback (even if it was bad) :) 


                                                 Coming Soon!!!!!

If you totally hated the ending of this book don't worry, there's a sequel coming. Also Dylan's story is being written so look for War's what would be the back of the book...


"Now wait a second," Alex grumbles still half asleep. Dylan stops speaking so Alex can continue.
"I missed the first part. So there are all these girls and they are trying to do what exactly?" He questions. I sigh, it pays to pay attention.
"There are only 4 girls, Nala the red headed bandit, Kara the fighter, black hair comes from Kilren where there are orange dyes, Ali the sword expert who was Dylan's best friend and Bella the leader with the unique ability to order people things and they have to do it. The four of them are trying to defeat Riley and his mutants because he somehow built a mind control system," I sum up for him. He takes in the information and slowly nods.
"So the red head, the fighter, the sword expert and the leader are going up against a vampire with a wicked talent to cause trouble," Alex shortens my summary. I frown at him but he still looks like he's in deep concentration. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp! It truly is not that complicated.
"Um, so then where do you fit in Dylan?" Alex asks clearly confused. I open my mouth but close it quickly. He's right, Dylan really hasn't been a big part of this and it is his life story. Dylan smiles mischievously and tilts his head to the side.

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