Follow Your Dreams (1D Fanfic)

2 girls Serena and Abbi are best friends just out of high school. They send Sony Records © a CD of songs they wrote and sung. None other than Simon Cowell and One Direction listen to there CD. What will happen when 2 girls and 5 boys move in together? there will be heart break, hospital trips, love, hate and much more! read to fine out what happens in Follow Your Dreams


2. Just Dance and Injuries!?!

Serena's P.O.V

We decided that it was a boys vs girls competition for the just dance games, but since the teams are uneven, Abbi and I will have to play extra rounds. " So.. who's going first?" Niall asked as he was setting up the remotes. " I'll start off." Abbi said grabbing the player 1 remote. " who's ready to be dominated?" Abbi grinned evily. " I am". Harry said laughing at Abbi's ridiculous actions. " ok let's do this." Niall said with his thick irish accent. ay it with me, and after I'm tired of playing it she will continue and skip dinner and play all night, once it got so bad that she nearly bit me when I went to turn it off." I said nearly on the edge of laughter. 

"What song Serena?" Abbi asked laughing. "Umm maybe you and Harry should do Time Of Your Life from Dirty Dancing." I said smirking. " I look forward to dancing with you Miss Abbi" Harry said bowing down to Abbi with his cheeky smirk. " we'll Mr Styles I look forward to kicking your ass!" Abbi said as the game started. Abbi and Harry were halfway through the dance when Harry just screams out " this is so hard how do you two play this game all the time?!?" " Well Harry if you must know we usually have a lot of free time after work so I usually go to abbi's bedroom and drag her and beg her to play it with me, and after I'm tired of playing it she will continue and skip dinner and play all night, once it got so bad that she nearly bit me when I went to turn it off." I said nearly on the edge of laughter.

" thanks for telling One Direction my life story." Abbi said giggling at Harry's score. " well I think 2 stars are pretty good for me." Harry said explaining to Abbi. " in your dreams Styles, every round Serena and I would draw into nearly over 5 stars!" Abbi said sitting down next to me. " well who is versing Serena?  " I WILL!!" Louis screamed mocking a teenage girl. Serena couldn’t keep it together and fell into a fit of laughter on the ground, soon to be joined by Abbi. " Look I haven't even started yet and your already on the ground... this shall be easy." Louis said laughing. All you hear is the boys and Abbi go ooooooooo in the background. " You’re going down Tomlinson." Serena said staring into Louis beautiful eyes. " It's on like Donkey Kong" Liam said as Serena started picking a song to dance to. " Oh this is a great dance, LETS DO THIIIISSSS!!" Serena said pointing to what was on the flat screen. " Ohh good choice Serena we love this song.." " Yes Abbi i agree." Niall agreed with Abbi. " Rock 'N' Roll By Skrillex." Serena said mocking Anthony from Smash on Youtube. "Omg Serena you just sounded like Anthony hahhahahaha" Abbi said in a high pitched voice. 

the song started and Serena was already beating Louis by a star and a half..." Jeez I never knew this game was such a workout..." Louis said getting tired. Serena pauses the game. " Abbi stand up for a second." OK Serena, whatever you say." Abbi says winking to Serena she knew what she was implying." That's why we have these.." Serena and Abbi said in sync as they lifted up their singlets to show perfectly flat stomachs. By this points all the boys were drooling.. Even Harry and Louis! " Harry close your mouth, you will catch a fly." Abbi said laughing at Harry's face. Harry looked away embarrassed by his actions. " Same goes for you Louis.." Serena said to Louis and we put our singlets down and continued the game. " OK we are nearly finished.." Serena said getting excited knowing that she will win. Then suddenly.. SMACK!!!! Louis hits Serena in the face with the Wii Remote. " Nice Going Dickhead.." Harry said taking off his shirt and laying it underneath Serena's head. Abbi stared at Harry's abs and then started drooling." Careful babe, you might catch a fly." harry said winking at her. " ABBI IS NNOW THE EMBARRASSED ONE!!" Zayn shouted so basically the world freaking universe could hear. We all just looked at Zayn like a complete Idiot. " Oh shit Serena, Babe.. Are you alright?" Louis said shaking Serena. " w-what happened?" Serena asked me confused. " Well basically..." Louis goes to answer but then gets cut off by Abbi " LOUIS HIT YOU IN THE HEAD WITH THE REMOTE WHEN YOU GUYS WERE PLAYING THE GAME!!" Abbi shouted. We helped Serena stand up and sat her on the couch. " Oh and um babe?" Louis said to Serena. " Yes carrot king?" Serena said giggling.... "It looks like the sass master just kung fu-d your dancing arse." 

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