Follow Your Dreams (1D Fanfic)

2 girls Serena and Abbi are best friends just out of high school. They send Sony Records © a CD of songs they wrote and sung. None other than Simon Cowell and One Direction listen to there CD. What will happen when 2 girls and 5 boys move in together? there will be heart break, hospital trips, love, hate and much more! read to fine out what happens in Follow Your Dreams


1. How It All Began..

Abbi's P.O.V

Hi, My name is Abbi Love, I'm 18 years of age, just graduated high school and now I'm at one of the BIGGEST music labels ever.... Sony Music ©. I've been called in for a meeting because my dream is to be a singer and i sent in a CD with a couple of songs that i wrote. When I walked into a office I saw Simon Cowell and he greeted me with a very firm hand shake. Today was the day if he was going to sign me to Sony Music © or not. " Hello Abbi, you seem really nervous." Simon said grinning and laughing. " Well basically your telling me my future right now."

Well this is it the answer that will change my life forever...............

" Its a yes!" Simon said smiling at me. " oh my god thank you thank you so much!!" i said nearly in tears. " Well you said on your CD that you didnt want to do this alone right....." Simon said " uh yeah." i said trying to get the point. " I've also signed you to one of my big sucessfull bands of all time." " Simon you didnt.." i said shocked " Yes Abbi, One Direction did listen to your CD and they really liked it and i said to them i will sign her over to you, so now basically One Direction are your guardians / Manager, also your best friend Serena I also signed with you so you and Serena are basically One Direction's LITTLE BFFS. ".

As soon as i go to open the door after thanking Simon so many times i bump into Serena. " Ahh Serena did you hear what happened to us?" I said jumping up and down. " Yes i did are you ready for this incredibe journey we have infront of us?" Serena said with one raised eyebrow. " Serena I can never be more ready.. Im pumped!!" I said laughing at Serena's facial expression.

Well here it goes the journey that i thought will never ever happen.... This is it, Serena and I are Following Our Dreams...

When Simon finally let us leave we were waiting to be picked up.... i know we can both drive but Serena and i caught the bus... Simon mentioned that some people "Special" will be picking us up. Then out of no where we were stareing at a massive white limo and One Direction just stood out of it like it was a four wheeled drive...

Serena and I were astonished by who picked us up... well he said they are our guardians but we still didnt care.... IT'S FREAKING ONE DIRECTION FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! "Hi guys I'm Zayn, I'm Harry, I'm Niall and I'm Liam and we're One Direction!!! They said in order, but Louis said " You can call me Jennifer." It was so cute but anyway they opened the limo door and we went in straight away. Serena and I were talking when out of nowhere Louis said to Serena.... " Do you want a carrot?" he asked randomly pulling out a carrot from his pocket. " Sure why not.." Serena said laughing at me.

" So why don't you come and stay with us for the night??" Harry asked. " Really you will let us stay with you?" I asked getting excited.

"well we are your managers and guardians so basically you're moving in with us". Harry said with a cheeky grin. " touché" Serena said laughing along with me." what's so funny?" Louis said with one raised eyebrow...

"oh just one of our inside jokes that we have..." I said giggling.

We arrived at their "crib" as Zayn likes to call it and the boys showed us the room Serena and I will be sharing... "so your room is straight across from Louis and my room... Liam gets his own room and Zayn and Niall share a room down the hall." Harry said winking at us.

"Now lets start moving your stuff in!!" Louis said getting in the car with us and starts driving to mine and Serena's apartment.....

We arrive at the apartment and all our stuff were already in boxes because Serena and I had a feeling they would ask us to move in with them.... " I'm glad that you girls are moving in with us boys because we need some girly people around"... Harry said to me. I look over his shoulder and Serena and Louis were about to KISS?!?

" Come on Love birds lets just wait till we get home huh..." Harry said jumping inbetween them. All i did was laugh at him. " Don't you laugh missy you just wait and see what I've got installed for you." He said winking at me.... and again i just laughed. After we finished unpacking the boys gave Serena and I a house warming gift... Serena got a Massive box and i got two video game sized presents. The boys said the go together. when Serena and I sat on the floor, we looked at each other and started laughing again. When Serena opened the present it was a nintendo Wii!! When i opened the present it was Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3 and Just Dance 4.

" How did you know that we loved to dance?" We said while jumping up and down like maniacs on the street. " You mentioned it on your tape silly" Harry said laughing. Serena and i thanked the boys so many times that we insisted that they got to play first..... " Okay its going to be a boy vs girl comp.." Niall said setting up the game. " Whos going first??"

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