The Legend of Zelda Theories

These are just some Legend of Zelda Theories!!! Read theories from the creepy Mask sales Man to The Forest temple!!! Enjoy and if you if u like it be sure to give it a thumbs up!!!


2. Ocarina of Time - Forest Temple

Thank you for reading so far!! I am so happy that i have 150 reads!!!!!!!!!!! This chapter will be about the Forest temple. Enjoy my fellow Hyilians.

Everyone knows that the Temples in Ocarina of time are mainly based off of other types of building structures: Shadow Temple is a mausoleum, Fire Temple a jail, Spirit Temple a shrine of worship. So what is the Forest Temple? And what can we extrapolate about the Forest Temple?

Immediately entering the area of the Sacred Meadow directly outside the Forest Temple, we see high stone walls. Walking into the actual FT, we are inside the walls, but still outside a large building. In the centre of the building, the main room, are branches to all other rooms in the building. In the back, there are two courtyards where you can even see the sky and more high walls away from the building. Deep inside the FT, the boss lair looks like a parlour. Judging from the building’s defence structure, courtyards, a sewage system, and hidden location in the woods, this Temple was most likely a castle.

However, now it is an abandoned castle, a haunted, abandoned castle. Why might this be so?

Considering Hyrule’s bloody history, written all over the torture chambers in the Shadow Temple, it makes me believe that a great atrocity happened at the Forest Temple. The Forest Temple is situated in the far back of the forest, hidden deep away. It was most likely a final stronghold against invaders. After invaders got through the Lost Woods, they had to go through a small maze in the Sacred Meadow, most likely some sort of defensive measure. Indeed, a portcullis can even bar off the maze, trapping invaders within, forcing them to reach the Temple. Guards of the This Temple, from the higher ground gained by the ladder could snipe off victims in the maze.

If invaders somehow broke through, they’d have to enter a narrow passage. More archers at the top could snipe away enemies and only a few guards could tackle on huge armies and still successfully defend (think 300). When all else failed, the actual FT is on yet even higher ground, with stairs (crumbled now) to reach it. Higher ground is always more advantage, especially for defence.

However, the Forest Temple is now destroyed mostly; perhaps the invaders made it into the Forest Temple. That would explain some of the crumbling architecture. If invaders actually made it into the Forest Temple, everyone inside was most likely to be slaughtered. This probably explains the ghosts and ghouls and inhabits the Forest Temple now, remnants of people’s souls, lingering in the FT, wanting revenge. Eventually, they even obtained magic as they aged; creating twisting corridors, falling ceilings, and a rotatable superstructure, without even destroyed the upper buildings.

Perhaps that rotatable superstructure was designed before. There are many rooms below, hidden behind the thick walls, shut off by bars. Perhaps this superstructure was always there, and that basement was a jail. Perhaps then, the parlor was actually a high class torture chamber, where the nobles would entertain themselves with the screams of victims. 

Now, the Stalfos are most likely age old guards, long dead, who still protect this castle. And who are the four female ghosts? Their portraits are on the walls, with the exception of Meg, although the images burned off, charred black. It makes me believe they were four ladies of the nobility. Why do they persist to haunt the FT? Something traumatic must have happened for them to want to kill Link. Considering the invaders were most likely male, as soldiers were mostly male, these four women might have been raped, tortured, and murdered. Thus, they continue to live, waiting to exact their revenge (which happens to be on poor old Link).

The invaders gone, the people residing in the castle all dead, the ghosts beginning to rise from the dead, the Forest Temple is finally abandoned. Overgrowth starts forming on the walls, perhaps ivy. The staircase to the actual Forest Temple is destroyed, either through weather or the invaders attempting to close off the castle forevermore. Many years later, the ghosts eventually disappear as Saria appeases them (although how a little girl entered is still beyond me). After Ganondorf comes into power, he releases the spirits once again, who immediately turn on Saria, and even keep her in the boss lair, the nobleman’s torture room.

And then we have Link enter, not aware to all the horrors behind the Forest Temple…..




A rich hylian family wanted to build a huge manor in secrecy for fear of being attacked for their money, they decided to destroy a large chunk of the lost woods to do so.. Not knowing the mystical powers of the forest. They were urged by the deku tree to leave but continued to destroy the forest, after building their manor the workers left, but were cursed by the forest, turning into the huge creatures that stalk the maze


The servants of the manor were simple men, and turned into stalfos, the owner of the manor grew so scared that his beautiful manor was becoming un naturally overgrown and creatures were appearing, he locked himself away, eventually becoming a ghost that would end up being used by ganondorf, the lords daughters would just roam the manor, playing with toys such as the fairy bow etc, the fairy bow accidentally killed one of the sisters, the sister that used it hid in the basement out of guilt, the sister that was shot died and her soul haunted the main hallway, the other 2 couldnt face each other, and hid in seperate ends of the manor.

What should i do next??


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