The Legend of Zelda Theories

These are just some Legend of Zelda Theories!!! Read theories from the creepy Mask sales Man to The Forest temple!!! Enjoy and if you if u like it be sure to give it a thumbs up!!!


3. More Happy Mask Salesmen!

The Happy Mask Salesman in Majora's Mask has always come across as somewhat creepy to most people who have played the game, and for good reason. The guy  smiles endlessly! No one should ever do that. Despite his creepiness, however, next to nothing is known about him, save the facts that he sells masks and the children in the moon look strikingly similar to him. Why?

Because he is one of them. Or, rather, he was. See, according to Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time, the land of hyrule is protected by four deities: the three creation goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore, and the less powerful, highly protective deity, Hylia, who is believed to have been appointed by the original three goddesses. These goddesses are worshipped across the land by the Hylian race, and though she is not directly mentioned in OoT, Hylia, having given herself into mortality through her transformation into Zelda, is still a very prominent figure, as Princess Zelda is the only political figure mentioned by the Hylians in OoT (at least, the only one pertaining to the Kingdom of Hyrule specifically).

At the end of SS, It is revealed that Demise will reappear throughout time, in a seemingly endless loop, as Ganon (or Ganondorf), and Link and Princess Zelda must be reincarnated as well, in the hopes of defeating the evil Demise has unleashed upon the timeline of Hyrule. At the end of Majora's Mask, when link enters the moon, he finds five children inside; four are running and playing around a large tree, while the fifth sits under the tree, looking bored (or even saddened) by the fact that the other four children ignore him. This fifth child wears Majora's Mask. One of the children running around the tree asks Link if he, too, will be "a mask salesman." This implies that the children not only know of the Happy Mask Salesman, but that they were somewhat familiar to him prior to his "transformation" into said salesman.

Now, the Happy Mask Salesman is quite obviously after Majora's Mask. He states that he has been following Link, and believes Link is the one that will help him on his own journey to destroy evil, but why? What made the Mask Salesman choose Link? Because he is Link. The five moon children, along with Majora, are Termina's "alternate" versions of the goddesses and their hero. When Majora's Mask escaped it's "prison" at the hands of one of the children, he was sent to the mortal realm to retrieve it and bring it back safely. He was given a physical form at the time of greatest need, just as Link is reborn when a new incarnation of Ganon comes to power.

Majora, like Ganon, is kept within a sealed realm. This realm could very well be the moon, as it is supernatural, to say the least, when observed by mortals such as Link. At some point, Majora escaped this "sacred realm", much like Ganon escaped his, and in his stead, a hero arises in the form of the Mask Salesman. The salesman searches everywhere for Majora, and at some point manages to wander his way into Hyrule, where he encounters Link. Link is the only person the salesman has experienced thus far that he believes holds enough power to defeat Majora. The salesman follows Link, and soon after Skull Kid takes all of Link's things in the midst of the Lost Woods/Portal to Termina, the Salesman approaches him. He tells Link that Skull Kid has stolen the evil he has long sought out, and that Link is the one who must help him.

Skipping ahead to the end of the game, Majora's Mask, in control of the Skull Kid, flees into the moon when Link defeats Skull Kid atop the clocktower. Assuming the shape of the missing moon child, Majora is accepted back into the "Sacred Realm" as though the Salesman had arrived victorious. Because he is impersonating the salesman, who, by all reasoning up to this point, is Termina's version of Link, and, therefore, the protagonist, or "good guy", he tells Link, "you're the bad guy. And when you're bad, you just run", alluding to the fact that Majora fled the moon "realm" in the first place.

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