They don't know about us

Lilly Parker is Tom Parker's Baby's sister age loves her.
One day when Lilly was walking their the park she meets Niall an falls head over heals for her.


1. Chapter 1-Arranged marriage

"Lilly are you excited" my Mother asked me I shook my head my head 'no' in a couple of months I was going to marry my brothers best friend Nathan Sykes I sighed as I put my Nike free runs. Well hi my name is Lilly Parker and I am Tom Parker's little sister. I put my Head ojones on to best song ever by one direction I might be a sister from the Wanted but I have a secret soft spot. As I jogged down stairs I heard the boys talking.

"Nate you better take good care of my sister" I rolled my eyes at Tom and army crawld across the living room to the door when I got tho the door I slammed it I HATE the idea of arranged marriage.


we'll I hope u liked. Comment what you think because I want to know :)


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