I woke up to the familiar room. Another failed attempt of ending this madness. Why can't I just win for once? Just once I want to not wake up in my bedroom after another failed attempt to to end this nightmare I call life.


2. Chapter two

Chapter two 


Destiny's P.O.V

             I walked down the street, the rain has stopped just long enough for it to start snowing. I watched as the snow fell on to the already wet cement below my feet. The cold wind whipped at my face, making my shiver; I pulled out my head phones and plugged them in to my phone. Going through my playlist  I stopped on the song that changed everything, 'One thing' By One Direction. Yeah, childish, but really, they are my everything. When I was literally at my end, sitting on my bed, rope in hand, Tori had texted me asking if I wanted to go to a concert, the UAN concert by One Direction. I decided that I had to have one last good memory with my best friend before I take my life away, so I agreed, and started to do my research on them. First their names, and then their background, I had seen a few of their additions, of course I knew they where going to make it, but never did I start to fangirl over them. After knowing enough about them I started to listen to their songs. When I heard them sing, I didn't listen to the words, I just listened to them, I forgot what they looked like, I for got everything about them. I forgot everything, the hate, and abuse, I get at home, I forgot all my insecurities, I stopped cutting for a year. whenever I was alone, lost or broken, they where they to take away the pain. 

           I went to the concert and that kept me alive long enough to see the birth my my beautiful little sister. They kept me alive to see the day that I realized that I needed to stay alive, not for my mom, or family, but for my baby sister, I needed to get her out of that life style; And three years later I have enough saved up to get an apartment. Soon, just one more month until I turn eighteen and I can pack up, and take Beth away from there. I'm going to do it, even if I die trying. She is to special to lose. 

    I was in my thoughts when a my phone alarm went off. I pulled out my phone and saw it was a text from Tori. 

'Hey babe, where are you?'  I looked at the time and saw that it was half past noon, my shift at the coffee shop started fifteen minutes ago. 

'Hey, I'm on the corner of 17 ave. I wont make it there before John gets there, without a cabbie, and I can't afford losing the money.' I texted back, picking up my pace. My phone went off again, it was Tori. 

'Take a cab I'll pay you back, if you don't get here before John does, you're going to get fired!' Tori was a blessing in my life. 

    'Thank you babe, I swear I'll find a way to pay you back.' I texted back before I locked my phone and called for a cab. After a few tries I finally got one. "Where to miss?" The man asked in a low voice. "The coffee shop on the corner of Backer street. Please make it quick." He does as I say and flies down the road. 

              When he finally pulled up to the coffee shop, it was 12:40, John gets here in five minutes. I ask him how much it was, gave him the money with a 5 dollar tip, then quickly ran in side to punch in. "Babe, punched in for you twenty minutes ago." I turned to see Tori starting a new brew of coffee. "ah I owe you my life." I said in relief, and put on my name tag. "Did Savannah start the cake pops yet?" I asked, hoping not. "No, she quit last night, I've been here since ten" She said, I was happy Savannah was gone, but I felt bad she had to work over time. "Awe babe, I'll take your shift tonight for you, I promise." I said giving her a hug and a rub on the back. "No, just need some tea is all." She said with a sigh. "Babe, your bags have bags, you need some sleep." I said with a chuckle. Then went to the back and started to make the cake, and muffins.

           I had just put the muffins in the oven when I heard the front door open. "John.." I said under my breath. John was our lousy boss, always picking on me and Tori for every little thing, god I hated him. He came to the back kitchen and started poking his nose every where. "Need help with something." I ask sarcastically, and a little annoyed, due to the fact I was in the middle of baking. "No, no just looking. Oh, you need to cover for Savannah till I find a replacement." He said and started to walk away. 

         "But that means I'm on the floor, I told you in the beginning, I can't do the floor." I say worried, I hated the thought of going out on the floor taking orders, what if I mess up? What if they judge me? They are already judging you Destiny... I reminded my self. "Well it's either you take her shift, or you're fired." He said with a cold voice. After a while of pondering it, I decided that Beths' life is more important, so I agreed. "Good, once you put those in the oven, get out there." He said sternly before walking away. I quickly finished and put everything in the oven. I walked over to the cashier, where Tori was, and grabbed a note pad. "John put me on the floor" I whisper to her, and walked off on to the floor to start what I've always dreaded, socialism. 

                 A few hours later Tori and I had our break. "Tori come on I can't feel my feet." I said as I clock out. "You're telling me." She said with a huff. I just laughed at her. We walked out of the shop a few moments later, and started to walk down the road. "Where do you want to go?" I asked, since I knew she didn't want to get food.  "There's nothing but a road ahead of us, with nothing but opportunities" She said, quoting our favorite movie, Keith. "Very nice Tori." I laughed. "So, hows home?" She asked, getting more serious. "Mom's still the same old psychopath. Beth had a bruise on her check this morning though. I feel responsible." I said, shivering as the cold wind bit at my finger tips. "Destiny I'm so sorry. And it's not your fault, it never is." She said rubbing my back. "Thank's" I tried not to show emotion, but Tori knew I wanted to just cry, and just want to end my miserable life, but I can't until I know Beth is safe. 

              After a few moments of silence, I decided to speak up. "I tried it again last night." She stopped in her tracks. "I thought you weren't going to until Beth's safe. Destiny, I can't afford to lose you, Beth can't afford to lose you. I have no idea what we would do without you Destiny." She said, I could see her eyes getting glossy. I could feel tears forming, but I tried my hardest to blink them away. "I know... I knew what I took wouldn't of done anything.. I just.. I was hoping someone would find me, and see I have problems.. I just want someone to listen to me."  I felt a lump in my throat form. "Just once." I heard Tori's foot steps slowly coming up towards me. "I know.. Shh.. I know" She grabbed me and let me cry on her shoulder. "Its just not fare." I cried on to her. "Why does she have to be a monster? Why do I have to care so much about my self?! I'm such a horrible person." I cried even harder, while Tori calmed me down by rubbing my back slowly. I felt my knees getting weak, and everything around my getting dizzy. A short time after I blacked out.

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