I woke up to the familiar room. Another failed attempt of ending this madness. Why can't I just win for once? Just once I want to not wake up in my bedroom after another failed attempt to to end this nightmare I call life.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three


Destiny's P.O.V

               "You there? Come on babe, people are staring." Tori said, I felt her trying to pull me off the ground, but she wasn't strong enough to pull my two ton body off the ground. "Here I got her" I heard a low husky voice say, and then I felt my body being pulled up off the ground by two large muscular hands. "Where to?" He asked Tori. "To thats coffee shop down that way." She replied. I decided it would be a good thing to just keep my eyes closed, so I wont get questioned. I could feel his body move up and down as he walked. His body was so warm, and he smelt so good. I decided to curl up close to get warm. I could hear his heart beat steady. "Thank you bye the way." Tori said, snapping me out of my day dream. "No problem, but she doesn't look to good, are you sure you don't want to take her to the hospital?" The guy asked. Great, now I look sick. "NO." Tori shouted. "I mean no, no she's fine, she just got light headed is all." Nice save Tori, nice save. I chuckled in my head.

                "Right here, I'll go get some water, you can set her down there she'll be fine. Thank you for your help, she would appreciate it." Tori said. I could feel as he set me down on one of the couches, and I heard his foot steps walk away. I heard Toris light foot steps come over and her small body sit down next to me. "Tori. You put that water on me, I swear you will never see the light  of day again." I say, with my eyes still closed. "Well then get your sorry ass up and get back to work!" She said laughing at me. "Mmm five more minutes." I wined, just like I would before school. "Johns coming with coffee." She said, and I immediately shot up and went back to work. I could hear Tori laughing still sitting on the couch. I dreaded coffee.

                 When I got back to work I had to put out the freshly made muffins, and cake/cake-pops. "So Destiny.." I heard Tori inch over to me. "That guy who carried you back here after you fainted-" "Tori I'm not going to talk to him, no matter how 'hot' he is." I said cutting her off. "Come on Destiny, he is so perfect for you! You guys looked cute together! He reminds me of someone though.." She squealed. "Tori the problem is he wont like me, no one every does." I say as I take the tray from the old muffins to the sink to wash it. "But he looked at you like he cared for you! Trust me I bet you money that he likes you." I looked just ignored her nonsense and went on with my job. "Destiny!" She laughed. "Tori I have to get on the floor, no if you don't mind, I'm going to go do my job." I said grabbing my note pad. 

                  I headed for table four to take a mans order, he had on a scarf that covered most of his face, but I could barley tell that he is around the same age as me, maybe a bit older. "Hi my name is Destiny I'll be your server today, may I take your order?" I asked in an annoyed voice. "Yeah I'll have a Chai latte, and a blue berry muffin?" He asked, his voice was wonderful. "Okay coming right up." I put in the order and went off to the other tables taking their orders. When the mans order came in I rushed it to him right away. "Okay here is your chai latte, and your blue berry muffin. Anything else just give me a shout." I said with a small smile. "Hmm maybe that fall messed something up because I could of sworn I asked for a banana muffin.." He said. "Oh I could of sworn you said blue berry, I'm sorry, I'll fix that right away.." I grabbed the plate and started to walk away. I stopped in my tracks and walked back over to him. "Wait how did you know about my fall?" I asked him. "Well I did carry you back here. And don't worry about the muffin I'm just messing with you. " He said, waving his hand. "Well I would like to thank you for your help." I said and I set the plate back down. "But I would like it if you didn't mess around, I have to work here, and it it very hard to do that when you are making me run around like a chicken without its head." I informed him, then turned around on the heels of my shoes and grabbed the orders for the rest of the costumers. 

              The my phone alarm finally went off which only meant one thing; 4:30, my shift was over! I finished the tables I was already on, then went to the front to clean up for the next people that came in. "Tori come on, quitting time" I shouted from the back. "Already ahead of you" She said from the front door. When me and Toris' shift is over, John is out, and the next shift people don't come in till later, so the coffee shop is closed for an hour or so, that means we have to lock up. "Wow someone's a bit eager" I giggle. "I've been here 18 hours with only one lunch break, and 2 fifteen minute breaks. I want to go home" She said laughing. "Alright alright I'm coming" I punch out and head out the door with Tori.

                  " I talked to the guy who carried me back.." I said, as we walk down the street towards my house. "And?!" She said excitedly. "He's a dick. He told me he wanted a blue berry muffin, but when I got there he said that he asked for banana, and then when I took it back he said he was just messing with me." I stared out at the street. "Awe come on Destiny, it was just a joke, it means he likes you!" She said trying to convince me. "No, he just wanted to see me make a fool of my self. Trust me, he doesn't like me." It was only the truth. Tori let out a sigh and I just laughed. My phone buzzed, and I quickly pulled it out of my back pocket, worried it was my mom. But luckily it wasn't it was just a text from John. 'Hey Jade said she will cover Savannahs' shift tonight, so you nor Tori have to work tonight have a nice night.'  I replied with just a 'thank you' then locked my phone. "Jades covering tonight." I inform her. "Ah finally sleep!" She said and did a fist pump in the air. "Hey why doesn't John have you're number!?" I asked her. "Because he's a perv, I don't want him to know my number." She said like it was obvious. "Well then why does he have my number?" I asked confused. "Because then how will I find out when I work?" She laughed. "Oh whatever you bitch." I laugh with her. "Oh I love you." She said wrapping her arm around my neck. "I love you too." I say, doing the same. 

               We came to the fork in the road where Tori and I take our separate ways. "mm come over later, grandma's gone, got the house to my self with Beth!" I say walking down my street. "Same, why don't you come by my place, I got the theater!" She pointed out. "True I'll just text you!" I say. I wait for her to respond, then as soon as she does I run for home. I get to my front yard and see my mom's home. I walk up the walkway and open the door quietly, trying not to be not noticed; but failed doing so. 

              "Destiny! Come here!" I heard my mom call from her room. I do as she says and walks in to her room. "Yes." She was getting ready for a date, I felt a little better, that means she wont be home for a few days. "Well grandma is moving out." She said, like I care where she goes. "Oh really" I say, trying to seem sad. "yes, well I also have to go out for a couple days... maybe a week I don't know but you are grounded, you're bother is going to be gone while I'm gone. If I get home and he has one little complaint about you, I swear to God you are going to get it." She got up and rushed to her jewelry box. "Okay." I said, more like a whisper. "And take care of the brat." She said, putting on her gold hoop earrings. "She's not a brat.." I said not loud enough for her to hear. "And if you don't take care of her, I will seriously beat the shit out of you." I turned away and started to walk out of the room. "Well we all know if I don't no one will." I said under my breath. 

              "What was that?" I heard her stomping in to the hall way. "Nothing. Nothing just something caught in my throat." Liar. "You're just a little fucking liar aren't you? I HAVE GIVEN EVERYTHING TO THE BABY IN THERE DONT YOU EVER SAY THAT I DONT CARE OF HER!" She screamed in my face, her spit flew in my face, it was disgusting. "You're delusional." I rarely ever feed in to her nonsense but when I do, I always feel proud afterwards. "You little bitch." Again, I could see her hand raising in to the air, only this time it was in the form of a fist. I prepared for the beating I was about to get, and trust me it was going to be a nasty one, but I stood strong and took what I deserved. 

                 Her punches where strong and painful, each and everyone of them. She kept aiming for behind my left shoulder, around my ribcage, and every punch I got I let out a little whimper, holding back the tears if it was the last thing I would do. "You're worthless!" She said and hit me. "And pathetic!" She hit again. "And a spoiled brat!" Her hits started to become harder. "And just a big fat, mistake!" She hit me with all her might, and it caused me to fly to the floor. I could feel the sharp, aching pain in my ribcage. I figured it would be best if I just sat here until she left, luckily it was soon, all she did was fix her hair, grab her purse and then she headed out the front door. I heard the front door slam and thats when I knew it was safe to get up. I was walking to the bath room to check out the bruise when I heard Beth crying. I ignored my self and checked on Beth.

              " Awe whats wrong baby?" I said, in my softest voice. "Shh" I said bouncing her on my hip, no matter how bad it hurt. "Hmm whats wrong?" I ask her, knowing she wouldn't answer but just wanting to calm her down. "Hunggie" She said in a soft broken voice. I was shocked, her first words! She said her first word! "Oh my gosh! Beth! You said your first words!" I said putting her up in the air. She started to laugh and clapped her hands and chanted 'Hunggie Hunggie!'  "That's right Beth! You are Hunggie! You want soup? Yeah!" She clapped her hands and laughed like she did. 

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