I woke up to the familiar room. Another failed attempt of ending this madness. Why can't I just win for once? Just once I want to not wake up in my bedroom after another failed attempt to to end this nightmare I call life.


6. Chapter six

Chapter six


Destiny's P.O.V

     "I'll get Beth you go to sleep." I whisper to Tori. We just spent the last 5 hours watching Whiney The Poo on Netflix, because Beth wouldn't watch anything else. She was sweet most of the time, but she was so stubborn at times also. I pushed my five ton body off the couch and picked Beth up from the ground, where she laid asleep. 

"Tor-" I turned to see and out cold Tori sleeping. I let out a sigh and walked with Beth in my hands, to the nursery where Tori's older sisters daughter goes while their in town. I laid her down in the crib, and covered her in her blanket. I changed in to my pajamas and then knelt down next to Beth. She started to move around so I sang her a lullaby.

"Rock-a-bye baby

In the tree tops

When the wind blows

the cradle will rock

and when the bough breaks

the cradle will fall

and down will come baby

cradle and all.


       "I love you Beth" I whispered and then kissed her head. "You should really get a medal you know." I jumped up, and turned to Tori leaning on the door way. "You scared me." I said, getting up and leaving the room closing the door behind me. "I'm not really even doing anything, just taking care of her, like she was my own. Everyone's mom has done it, I don't deserve anything." I admitted. "Yea yea what ever." She said. "What time is it?" She asked, while yawning. "like half past ten." I said, plopping down on the couch. "Mmm we should watch a movie then go to bed." She suggested, and I agreed. Luckily we have similar taste in just about everything, so it wasn't long until we agreed on a movie; Keith. She got us some hot tea and then we sat down and watched the movie together. 




     I woke up to a kick in my shin. "Whatttt" I whined. "Door bell" Tori whined back. "It's your house!" I whined again. "Shhh sleeping." She argued. I let out an 'Ahhrrgg' And trudged off the couch, and to the front door. "Hello?" I asked, but there was no one there. "Hello?!" I call again, but no one answered. I was about to close the door when I noticed there was a box on the ground. I picked it up and brought it inside to the counter. 

'To the girl with good taste in music, and adorable little sister.

from, the icky boy.' 

     The note on the top of the box read in perfect, and neat cursive. I smiled, and opened the box. There was sweatshirt that read 'Teenage runaway.'  I slipped the sweatshirt on and put my hands in the front pocket to find another note. 

'Hey, you looked cold so here you go.


    It was written in the same hand writing that was on the top. I flipped the card over to see his number and 'Text me anytime.' One the back. I put the card back in the pocket and walked over to the couch and laid back down; cuddling up in the sweatshirt. It had the same cologne on it, as he did when he carried me to the coffee shop. For some reason, I couldn't stop smiling, and I don't think I want to. 

I pulled out my phone, and the card with his number on it and texted him. 

'You are such a dork. Thank you Xx The girl with good taste in music and the adorable sister.'

Moments later my phone buzzed. 

'You're to nice to be cold. I would do it any day ;) Xx The icky boy. '

'Well I have to get to bed. Its like midnight! Night Xx'

'Yea, we have a big day planned tomorrow, you should get some sleep. Be ready to leave at around lets say 9?'

'You got to be kidding me right?' 

'Nope! Remember. Dont.Forget.Beth. Got it?'

'Ugh Fine I got it.'

'good. Now, sweet dreams, sleep tight love. Xx'

          I groaned louder then expected because the next thing I know theres a pillow being thrown at my face. "Shut.up." Tori hissed. "Tori I have a problem." She let out a sigh and sat up. "What is it?" She asked. I sat up like her and laid back down on her lap. "I don't know what to do." She started to play with my hair. "Spill." I did as she ordered. I told her about how I found the box on the front porch and notes, and how we where texting, and I was finally finished. "Whats the problem!? You have a, I'm guessing, hot dude crushing on you, and doing all these adorably cute things to you, plus he loves music, and cares about Beth! And never have I once met a guy on the streets in London to give me his sweatshirt, without knowing him." She answered. "The problem is I'm fat, ugly, and a terrible fucking person! I mean who would like a girl with scars all over her fucking body!?" I cried. "The right guy Destiny. The right guy." 

I didn't reply, we just sat there in silence. Hushed me, and played with my hair. 

But is he the right guy?

Where the last thoughts in my head before falling asleep in Toris lap.



The next Day.


"Babe, wakey wakey" Tori said while pulling the blinds open. I groan at the bright light shining down on my face. "Do you not understand the concept of saturdays?" I ask in annoyance. "I did, until I decided to wake you up, since your phone has been ringing for the past hour." She said back. "Who is it now?" I ask as I sit up stretching, and rub my eyes. "I don't know, I haven't checked." She went to reach for my phone, but I snatched it away and looked at the time. "It's a quarter past eight!" I complain. Tori just laughed. When I went to check who had called, I got an incoming call. Harry. I let out a sigh and answered. 


"Hey it's Harry! I tried calling." 

"Yea, um I'm sorry I was busy"

"Well just wanted to let you know I'm going to be there in about 20 minutes? Are you ready to go?" My heart sunk. 

"Uhh, uhh yea! Yea I'm ready."

"Remember. Beth." And then he hung up the phone. 

        "Shit." I say as I run up to Tori's room. "What? Whats going on?" She asked, following behind. "Harry's coming to pick me up in twenty minutes, and I just woke up. SHIT" I started aiding through her closet. "Can you do my the biggest favor in the world and get Beth ready, he wants her to come." I ask. She agrees and runs to Beth. Looking through Tori's clothes, I started to worry. What if her didn't like me? What if he was using me? No one will ever like me.

        Finally I found and outfit good enough for today. A white long-sleeve, above a red flannel, a white scarf, pale skinny jeans, tan lace up wedge booties, and a matching red beanie. Once I got my clothes ready I went to the bathroom where I washed my where I quickly washed my hair in the sink, then my face, and brushed my teeth. When I was finished with that I did my make up; I used very little, light foundation, leaving my face without any blemishes, light pink blush, and mascara. Once I was pleased with my look I ran to Toris room, where she sat with Beth already ready.

      "What time is it?" I ask in a hurry. "Its a bit past half past eight." She answered. I let out a groan and started to get dressed. I took my pants off, showing my many cut and scars among my hips and thighs. I sigh, and continue to get dressed. When I went to put on my long sleeve, I heard a gasp form Tori's mouth. I was startled and turned around; "What?!" I ask anxiously. "You ribs." She said getting up, thats when I remembered that I never treated it. "Yea mom got mad at me." I said, getting dressed. "Its pretty bad. Almost as bad as your back was." My body shivers at the thought of the injury. 

    When I was twelve, my mom had thrown a lamp, not meaning to hit me, but it did, and hit right in the middle of my back on my spine. I had to be in a back brace for almost 8 months. It was the worst thing I have ever been through. People teased me, child services tried to take me away, but I was so scared at the thought of losing my mom. She was a devil, but it wasn't her fault. She was once a beautiful person, and I know that that person she once was, is in there, dying to come out and fix everything, like it once all way. 

"Its fine." I quickly say, and slid on Toris clothes. "Oh by the way can I borrow your clothes?" I ask smiling, she laughed. "What are you going to do with your hair?" She asked messing around with it, as I did some last minute touch-ups. "I don't know. I want it down, but its wet and It freezing out side." I said whining. "Don't worry about it, I'll fix it." She said before running out of the room to her bathroom. While she was gone I plugged in my phone, to let it charge as much as it could before I leave. 

           A few minutes later Tori comes in the room with a hand full of hair equipment; A curler, blow dryer, heat protectant, a brush, bobby pins, and hair spray. "Sit down." She ordered, and I did as she said. She said down and plugged in everything, sprayed the protectant in my hair, then blow-dried. I brushed Beths hair, as she forced me to do so, as Tori yanked and pulled my hair. Finally, she clapped her hands together, "I'm a artist." She said before getting up and cleaning the mess she had just made. I stand up, and walk to the bath room admiring the work she had done, it was loose, curls, and looked like my natural hair, except it wasn't frizzy, and it had a glow to it. I smiled and ran to the room, and grabbed my phone. "Thank you Tori you are a life saver!" I thank her, hugging her before I start to walk to the stairs. "Yea yea I know. Oh and heres the money I owe you." She said giving me it. "I seriously would be dead without you." I thanked her one last time. "you and me both." She said and we both laughed. 

I hit the last step with Beth in my hands when the door bell rang. I ran to the door, and composed my self before opening it. Don't blow this Destiny.


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