I woke up to the familiar room. Another failed attempt of ending this madness. Why can't I just win for once? Just once I want to not wake up in my bedroom after another failed attempt to to end this nightmare I call life.


7. chapter seven

Chapter Seven


Destiny's P.O.V

        I opened my door and the first thing I saw was a huge bouquet of roses covering his face. "Harry they're beautiful" I said before attempting to take them away. "Wait!" He shouted. "What is it?" I asked confused. "I.. I need to tell you something.." He said hesitantly. "Anything." I say giving his encouragement. "You- you like me, don't you?" He asked, worry in his voice. "Yes, yes of course. You are very sweet." I said, replying honestly. "So you would like me.. If.. If I had a secret?" He asked. "I suppose, as long as it isn't something terrible." I reply. "Harry why are you asking me this stuff?" I asked, now confused. He let out a sigh, and started to bring the flowers down from his face. 

      "Because. I'm Harry styles." He said, and his face was completely uncovered. I stood there in shock, not knowing what to say. I guess he was talking to me, because I was snapped out oh my conscious. "Hello?" He asked, while snapping his fingers in front of me. "Yea.. Yea I'm here.. It's just a big shock, thats all." I admitted. "Yea, I know. I understand if you don't want to go out." He told me. "No, no of course I'm still coming! I don't mind, at all." I said smiling at me. "Great" He said smiling. 

             I gave the flowers to Tori, who was still in shock, to put in a vase. Then Harry took my hand, and walked me to his car, a black rang-rover. He had a baby seat in the back for Beth, that he borrowed from Lou. We buckled her in, together, laughing since neither of us had a clue how to set her in, until Beth took the belt and snapped her self in, and giggled. "Aren't you just a little show off now." Harry said, and I just laughed. "What are you laughing at, she out smarted BOTH of us you know." He shot at me. "Yea, well you kinda get use to is." I told him, then we got in the car and we pulled away. 

           We had just pulled out of Toris drive way when Beth started to whine. I sighed and turned around to see what was the matter, and as I should've known, she was hungry. "Is she alright?" Harry asked concerned. "Yea, she's just hungry." I told him. "I'll take care of it, don't worry." He said before pulling over and getting out. I rolled down the window, and tried to figure out what he was doing. Finally I gave up and just asked. "What are you doing?" "Does she like cookies, or chips more?" He shouted back. "Neither." I shouted back, times like these I wish Beth wasn't such a picky eater. "What are you doing?" I asked again. "Does she like pizza?" He asked. "Yea" I shouted back to him. "Okay. Perfect!" He said. I groan before getting out of the car to see what he was doing.

       "Did you not hear me?" I asked him. "Nope, but no time, reservations for pizza in ten minutes he said, and ran back to the front seat. I laughed at his childishness, and followed him. "Ready for pizza Beth?" He asked her, started the car, and drove off within the same moment.


Harry's P.O.V 

     "We need some music." Destiny said, and turned on the radio. She flipped through the channels before finally deciding that there was nothing good on. "You don't have a phone plug do you?" She asked, I nodded, "in the glove department." She thanked me, took out the plug, and plugged in her phone. Moments later, music started to play; Dammit by Blink 182. 

         "Do you mind if I turn it up?" She asked. "No, no of course turn it up as much as you want." I answered, and with out hesitation she turned it up as much as it could go, and started to dance with the music, and sing along to the song. I admired her as she danced, and sang, with no care in the world. When I first met Destiny, and talked to her, I thought she was a shy girl, but maybe I was wrong.. I was pulled out of my thoughts when the music was turned down. "What is it Beth?" Destiny asked her little sister, but Beth wasn't talking, she was singing along to the song.  Destiny laughed and turned the music back up, and sang along with Beth. 

          By the time we had gotten to the Pizza parlor, we had she had picked out at least 4 songs, and each one, her and Beth sang and dance. "Okay where here!" I said, turning the car off, and undoing my belt. "oh my gosh! I completely forgot you where here... I'm so embarrassed.. You must think I'm a freak..." She said, causing her cheeks to go red. "No, I thought it was cute." I told her before getting out and getting Beth from the back seat. I had pulled her out of the car when my phone started to ring. "Hey, do you mind if I take this, and you guess head in?" I asked, embarrassed that I had to take a call, when I took HER out. "Oh yea, yea go on it's fine." I thanked her, before handing her Beth. 

"Hello?" I answered the phone.

"Hey, it's Niall."

"Yea, no it's not like I have caller ID or something." I said sarcastically.

"Ah shut up. I called because there's pictures of you all over twitter." He said.

"Of what?" I asked, worried. 

"You, duh." He said.

"You are and idiot Niall. I mean, what do they say?" I asked again.

" 'Harry Styles has a child?' 'Harry seen with Mystery girl, and child. Has Harry been seeing a girl long enough to have a child with? Or is it just another hook up gone bad?' " Niall read. 

"People are so stupid." I say, now pacing back and forth. "How could that of happened so fast?" I asked. 

"I don't know man, but you're going to have to say something. The fans are going crazy." He told me. 

"I know, I know.. I'll think of something. Thanks for telling me man." I thanked him. 

"Anything." He said before I hung up the phone and walked in to the restaurant. 

How was I suppose to tell Destiny this?



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