I woke up to the familiar room. Another failed attempt of ending this madness. Why can't I just win for once? Just once I want to not wake up in my bedroom after another failed attempt to to end this nightmare I call life.


4. Chapter four

Chapter Four


Destiny's P.O.V

I brought Beth in to the kitchen where I sat her down in her high chair, and put some of her favorite soup on the stove. She only ever ate soup, I'm not sure why but thats all she ever wants, sure she'll eat a bit of food we give her, but she wont be happy. When the soup was done I put it in one of her small bowls, and put the rest in the fridge. When I handed her her soup, I quickly snuck away to get her baby book. I went to my room and pulled out a box from under my bed and got her baby book that was buried under all the picture I've tooken of her after almost a year.

I went down to the kitchen where Beth was and sat on a bar stole and wrote in her book. 

'Date; December 12th. First word to a question: Hunggie.'

She had mumble a few things here and there, but never actually answered meI smiled at it and then closed the book. I was the only one to ever actually care about anything Beth did, and I was happy I did. She was such a smart and beautiful child. 

          I watched her as she ate, looking at her, admiring her. She was truly perfection. Her eyes where a washed out blue that always sparkled no matter how bad things where. Her hair, there was so much hair! By the time she was 5 months old I could braid her hair and it would still be down to her shoulders! I have never seen anything like it. It was just like my hair, brown, except hers was dark and gorgeous. Her lips where big, but small. They where heart shaped and a bright pink. She had a little button noes, and the cutest cheeks I've ever seen. The lighting made the shadows fall perfectly down on her face. I grabbed my phone and took a picture. 

"You are just to cute!" I say as I get up to clean up her mess. "Aren't you?" She smiled. "You know it don't you? Dont you!" I say as I pick her up and give her a big kiss on the cheek. I set her down in her chair and took away her bowl and washed it. I cleaned up her chair, then Beth. 

"Bee you wanna bath? Yea?" (I liked to call her Bee.) I carried her up to her room and I grabbed her towel and her clothes she was going to put on. I picked out a pair of pink yarn leggings, a black long sleeve, and a pair of her black boots. 

      I brought her to the bathroom where I started to fill the tube. While I was waiting for the tube to fill up I undressed Beth. While doing so I found a bruise on her shoulder. 

       "Babe. I'm sorry... You don't deserve this.." I say and giver her a hug and a kiss on the head. I was trying my best not to cry, she was so innocent, and kind, and loving, she deserves to be loved, no to be hit. 

            When the water was filled I gently picked her up and put sat her down in the bath. She starts to splash around in the water. "You are just a little monster aren't you?" I laugh at the sight of her putting bubbles on her face and head. I roll up my sleeves so they would get wet, and I start to put shampoo on her head. I brought my hands to the tub to rinse the soap off my hands when she grabbed my arm. "What is it babe?" I ask her, but she just ignores me. She takes my arm and turns it up so the bottom faces her; where my cuts are. She brings her fingers across each and every cut in awe.  

            "Sis-. si-ssy hute?" She asked barley able to pronounce it. Her eyes started to get glossy, like she was about to cry. "Yes baby, Sissy is hurt, she has been for a while.." I attempted to pull my arms away, but she wont let go, her eyes wont leave my cuts. "But you are helping me!" I say in a joy full voice. She looked up at me. "Yes! You are healing me! Thank you! You stop the hurting don't you!" I say pinching her cheek. She starts to smile, and soon starts giggling. "There you go!" I smile at her. I finish washing her hair out and put some conditioner in her hair when I got a text from Tori.

'Hey, mom's gone on a trip for work. I've got the house to my self, come over with Bee, and bring Vince if you want.' 

"Beth you wanna go see sissy Tori? Hmm? Yea?!" I ask her. "Ye ye!" She said clapping her hands. "Okay!" I say to her. 

'Okay Bee wants to come over. Just giving her a bath now, we will be there in a half hour or so.'

'Okay great see you soon, Love you!' 

         I locked my phone and looked at Beth. "Come on hurry up." I say to her and finish washing her hair. When she got out I wrapped her up in her spiderman towel and blew dried her hair. When that was done I put potion on her body then got her dressed. "Ready?" I ask her and she shook her head. "Okay go sit on sissys chair okay?" She shook her head and ran/stumbled to my room, and I followed. I didn't know what to bring so I called Tori. 

"What up?" She answered. 

"Hey you have me and Bees clothes there right?" I asked. 

"Mm let me check." "Yea I do, but Bees stuff is form when she was real small." She said. 

"Thats fine, she'll still fit. Okay well I just gotta grab Beth and I'm all ready."

"Okay great." 


"Bye" And the next thing I heard was the phone call click.

         I went to my room and chased Beth around for a while, until I decided we had to go. I swooped her up in my arms and spun around. "Come on you monster, we have to head out!" I say to her and start to walk out of my room. When I got down stairs I grabbed Vincent's carrying bag, and then grabbed Vince, who was on the couch. "Okay everyones set?" I asked, then opened the door and headed out with Beths hand on one hand, and the bag on my shoulder. 

            (I just wanted to clear up any confusion with Beth. She is Just about 8 months old. I said I was saving up money for three years, because I decided I needed to get out, even before Beth was born. When Beth was born, It was just a bigger reason why I needed to get out, with Beth. Tori has always asked me "what is your mom wont let you take Beth?" Well I've already asked her. Actually she told me, "When you move out, you better take the brat with you." So I'm just doing her a favor.)

         It was 5:20 by the time I was leaving my house. I really hated going out past sun set, but I really didn't want to stay home. I had seen that there was a party going on on the way that I usually take, so I decided to take the long way. I was walking past a corner store when Beth tripped and started to cry. "Awe baby come here, let me see." She had put a hole in her shirt and her elbow had been scratched. "Shhh come her let me kiss it." I crouched down to the floor and kissed her elbow. "Better?" I asked. She shook her head. "Yea didn't think so." I laughed under my breath. "Here let me carry you." I said and I picked her up and put her on my hip. I had a sharp pain which caused me to wince, thats when I remembered that I got hit. But I didn't mind, and I kept going on my way. 

I was already past the corner store when I got a text. 

'Hey babe maybe you should get Bee something to eat or something because theres nothing here.' Tori had sent to me. I really couldn't say no, so I turn around and walk back to the corner store. 

I opened the front door and a cool wind covered my body. I shiver, since it was already winter. I walk to the back freezer and got 2 pints of ice-cream; Mint chocolate chip, and strawberry. Then I walked down the isle and grabbed a box of popcorn. Beth eats a lot before she goes to bed, but I should of known not to go past the candies. "gimmi!" Beth screamed when we past the gummies. I couldn't help but give in and get her a bag off gummy worms. 

I walked to the front desk and handed her the junk food. Beth started to scramble in my arms, so I set her down and she started to walk around. 

"Bee don't go to far." I told her and waited for my stuff. "Si-ssy! gu-msies!" She shouted, jumping up and down giggling. "I know babe" I said laughing. 

"You're a good sister you know." The cashier said. "Well she's my everything." I said smiling and looking at her. "Thats sweet." She said. "And that'll be 15 £" I sighed and pulled out my wallet from the side of the carrier, and gave her the money. "Have a good night!" I say as I grab my bag. "You too." She said with a smile, and I went to go get Beth. "Beth come on we gotta go see Sissy." I said grabbing her hand. We started to walk out of the store when Beth started to cry. 

"What's wrong now?!" I ask in frustration. She started to whine. "Up" She whined. "Bee I can't hold you! Come on we're almost there!" But she just kept crying. "Beth come on!" I said getting mad now. 

"Here let me get that for you." A guy said grabbing my bags from my hand. "Thank you." I say without looking at him and bent down to pick up Beth. "Spoiled brat." I said under my breath, but she just giggled. The guy was laughing a bit, so I seemed to smile. "Um thank you, I've got it from here, I think. " I laugh. "Don't worry, I'll carrie them, it's the least I can do, I did mess with you when you where at work." He said. I looked at him and realized that it was the same guy that carried me home with the scarf across his face. "Umm thank you." I said, not knowing what else to say.


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