I woke up to the familiar room. Another failed attempt of ending this madness. Why can't I just win for once? Just once I want to not wake up in my bedroom after another failed attempt to to end this nightmare I call life.


5. Chapter five

Chapter five


Destiny's P.O.V

                 "So, I never really did learn your name." He said as we walk down the street. "Destiny." I say, kinda coldish. "I'm sorry, about at the coffee shop that is. I was just having a bad day." I said. "Don't worry about it, I was being a jerk to you." He said. "It's fine." I said, and then there was an awkward silence. The boy cleared his throat. "So.. Tell me about your self. Hobbies, age, music you like, if you have a relationship?" I laughed at him. "Just trying to make conversation!" I laughed even harder. "Um I like to read and write and take care of my sister.. I'm 17, well 18 in 3 months, I like really any band and old music you know, and if its a band I like it most likely. Like Blink 182, uh The 1975, 5SOS, coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran. And I uhh I Like One Direction-" "No way! You?" He asked, cutting me off. "Yea yea I know, 'there just some pop boyband that suck and blah blah blah' but they mean a lot to me..." "How so?" He asked.

          I took a breath. "I dont know why I'm about to tell you this but whatever. I haven't always had an easy life, it was tough at home, and it wasn't like we won the lottery when my dad left. But anyways, music has always been the one thing to just take me away. I know a lot of people say that, but its true. When I heard of One Direction, and I listened to their music, I hadn't even seen their faces, or knew anything about them. But for some reason, I felt the best I had ever felt. It was breath taking, I smiled a real genuine smile, and when I got to know their stories, I fell more and more in love I guess." I babbled on to him.

                  "Oh.." He said. "Yea I know." There was another awkward silence. "So you would you ever date one of the One Direction Boys?" I thought. "Of course! None of them are ugly, and plus I don't really go by looks." I tell him. "And your boyfriend? How does he feel about that?" He asked. I looked at him and just laughed. "No I don't have a boyfriend. I never really found someone who understood that no matter what, my sister and my best friend comes first in everything, no matter what, and if they ever make me choose, I just dump 'em. I mean its the only family I have. And plus boys are icky aren't they Beth!" I put my forehead on hers. "Icky icky boys huh Bee." "Icky!" She giggles. "Me sissy." She said hugging me. "Awe I love you too." I kissed her head. 

         "Well, that kinda hurt." He said jokingly. "Haha except you, you are okay." I said smiling. "Thanks" He smiled. "So you aren't those crazy people who stalk them where ever they go? Or send them mean and gross shit on twitter are you?" He asked. "Of course not! I mean I support them and yea I tweet them once and a while, but I know they aren't really going to notice me, so I just really vote for them when I can, and stand by them. That's all I can do really. And plus, I'll never meet them so why stalk them?" I say. "The house is right up here" I said pointing at it. 

                  "Right. I'm sorry for ignoring you, Beth is it?" He said, putting his finger under her chin and bringing her face up to face him. "And you? Do you like One Direction?" He was so caring when he talked to her, it was sweet. She wasn't scared, like she usually is when someone talks to her, she giggled and smiled at him. "Yea she's a big fan of them. When ever I put one of their songs on, she starts to dance around, it's the cutest thing." I tell him. "Hmm you'll have to show me some time." He said smirking at me. "Maybe" "How about I come to your place tomorrow, around lets say, noon? Me, you, and Beth can all hang out. And you Beth can show me how to dance!" He laughed, causing Beth to laugh, which caused me to laugh. "Um I don't know...Its up to Beth..." I said. "Well Beth, would you like to go to the park tomorrow? Maybe get some Coco?" He asked in a baby-ish voice. Beth knew what he was asking, and started to get mad. "NO!" She shouted, and clung on to me even harder. "Well thats tha-" He cut me off.  "I got this." He whispered. "Okay.. How about we just stay at home, and watch some movies? Yea? Maybe we can go to the Carnival! You can go on all the rides! Yea?" Beth's eyes widen and she starts to smile and clap her hands, in her way saying yes. "Nailed it." I sighed. "Hmm I guess I'll think about it.." We walked up the drive way to Tori's place. 

              When we got close enough to the front door I set Beth down and she ran up to the front door. Now we where just walking, in a silence. Not an awkward silence, a nice, silence. When we finally got to the front door I opened it and handed the bags to Tori, then closed the door. "Thanks for helpi-" I started "Harry." He blurted out. "Excuse you?" I question him. "My name is Harry." I smiled, and blushed, because I never once thought to ask him some questions. "Oh I'm so sorry, I can be so self centered at time, and just go off babbling about me self." I apologized. "It's fine, I had a nice time." He smiled. "Well thank you for helping me." I held up his hand. "Don't mention it." I smiled. "Well it's getting kinda cold out here, I should get in." I proclaimed. "Well it was nice meeting you." "You too." And then he started to walk away. I sighed and walked in the door. My face was heating up and I started to sweat, even though it was below fifty degrees out side.

             "Somebody has a cruu-uush" Tori taunted. "Awe shut up." I said throwing my shoes at her, and laughed. "No but really.." Tori began. "Tell me about him." She instructed. I sighed and plopped down on her couch. "He's the guy from the coffee shop-" "I TOLD YOU!" She shouted. "If I'm going to tell you about him, then you better shut up." I snarled. She "Zipped-her-lips" And let me continue. "Okay so Bee fell down while we were at the conner store and she wanted me to carry her, but I had a lot of stuff and I couldnt carry her, so she started crying, and I got mad, and then he grabbed my bags and helped me. We walked here, and I told him what kind of music I like and how old I am and stuff about relationships blah blah, but anyways he was so sweet to Beth and didn't act like she wasn't there, he even invited BOTH of us to go out with him tomorrow." I jabbered. "AND?!" She said in excitement. "I said yes-" She started to squeal and jump up and down before I could even finish. "TORI!" I snapped her out of her day dream. "Wha" She said, I laughed. "I never got him number.." I said. She sat down next to me and frowned. "I'm sorry." She said giving me a hug. "It's fine, I don't think I really liked him that much anyways." I lied. I've never felt like this before. And it hurts. I just want it to go away.  


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