I woke up to the familiar room. Another failed attempt of ending this madness. Why can't I just win for once? Just once I want to not wake up in my bedroom after another failed attempt to to end this nightmare I call life.


8. chapter eight

Chapter eight


Destiny's P.O.V

             I walked in to the pizza shop with Beth on my hip. "Reservations?" The preppy girl asked, not much younger then me. "Yea uhh Harry?" I asked unsure of what he had the reservations under. "Styles?" She checked. I nodded my head and lead my to our table. It was a small booth in the middle of the restaurant with a small dim lit chandelier over the table. "Hi my name is Anna and ill be your server today, anything to drink?" She asked. "Uh can I have a water, and do you have any juice?" "Yes we have orange, apple, and lemonade." She answered "Okay she will have a lemonade." The server wrote down the orders quickly. "And would you like a high chair for her?" Anna asked. "Yes if you can thank you." She nodded, left the table, and Beth and I started to look over the menu. 

         "So you want pineapple with ham babe?" I asked, she nodded. "Are you sure?" Unsure if Harry would like it. "yes!' She shouted. "How about pepperoni?" I asked. She pouted and finally agreed, and as she did Harry found his way to the table and sat next to me. "So Beth what do you want to have?" He asked her. "THES!" She shouted and pointed to the pineapple and ham pizza. "Beth no, let Harry pick, he's the one taking us out." I told her. "No, its fine, she can pick." Harry said. "No, no its okay, she'll eat any pizza." I told him. We debated it for a bit then Harry finally gave up and agreed to choose what he wanted. 

         "Have you decided on what you wanted yet?" Anna asked. "Yes we want a medium pepperoni pizza." I ordered. "Is that it?" She asked, Harry and I both nodded and she left the table. "Oh dang it, I forgot to order a drink, I'll be right back." Harry said before getting up and leaving. "Okay, hurry back." I told him as he walked away, and he shot me a smirk. It wasn't until Harry had left I realized what was happening; I was about to eat. I didn't know what to do, do I not eat? What if Harry questions me? What if he thinks I'm a freak? What if I do eat? I will feel sick and terrible. What if my body rejects the food and I throw up? He'll think I'm disgusting. 

All these thoughts where running through me head, my anxiety started to sky-rocket. I took a sip of my water to try to calm down; but it only made me cough. "Are you okay?" I heard Harry say as he sits down next to me, rubbing my back. Great now he thinks I'm stupid, choking on water.. "Yea.. Yea I'm fine, just drank to fast thats all." He chuckled. I had to figure out something to do, and fast. "Uh what are we doing after this?" I asked him. "Well its up to you, bowling, carnival, or movies at my house?" He offered. I thought about it for a while, until I decided. "How about bowling? That sounds fun huh Beth?" But she was just babbling on and on to her self. "Right." I giggled. "Okay great!" He said excited. 

Harry's P.O.V

         I quickly texted Louis to reserve a lane at the bowling alley. "Alright heres your food, let me know if you need anything else." The server said, having me look up from my phone. "Um we had ordered pepperoni" Destiny said. "No I changed it, and I also got fries if you don't mind" I said with a grin at her. She gave me a confused look on to why I would change the order. "you wouldn't let Beth what she wanted, so I got what I wanted, which was what she wanted." She smiled happily and gave Beth a piece. I watched her, carefully, she was so sweet and gentle; every move she made, she made with care. She was beautiful, not the supermodel beautiful, but she was beautiful, her green eyes glistened, and lips were so kiss able, but it was more then just her looks. They way she laughed, and how her smile has curved with a kiss ending each end, her personality was so bright, and helpful, I knew I wanted to be with her.

              "So we have reservations at the bowling alley at noon." I said grabbing a slice of pizza, and bitting in to it. "Uh-huh, so then why was I forced to be ready by nine this morning?" She said in a joking manner, I set down my slice, sat up straight and cleared my throat. "Because, all three of us have plans before bowling." She sat up straight her self, and asked "And what might that be?" I turned my body towards the table and answered, "That, my darling, is a surprise." She let out a sigh and laughed, before grabbing her water.

Moments of an awkward silence has passed, and every second I am thinking about how I was going to tell Destiny about the news. "It's amazing." She said, snapping me out of my self-couscous. "What is?" I asked. She looked around the restaurant, "That no one is here." I looked at her confused. She saw my confusion and explained, "I mean you are in the number one boy band in the world, you sell out arenas, and have fans following your every move, you get mobbed just going to the store! But yet, there is no one here, and no paparazzi, no one has even asked you if you really are YOU." I said smiling, amazed. Thinking about what she said, I can honestly say I haven't even noticed. I can honestly saw that I forgot that I was even a celebrity, I just felt like I was normal. Realizing that she was the only one that has treated me like I wasn't just some member in a boy-band. 

"I haven't noticed." I said looking around. "I mean I'm kinda glad I guess." She said with a sigh in relief. "Why's that?" I ask, looking back at her. "Because, it's just going to cause drama if anyone starts any kind of rumor of us being together. I mean imagine how many times we would have to actually deny it before they actually even think we are telling the truth." This wave of stress and worry overflowed my body. What if she doesn't even want to talk to me after she hears the rumors that have already gone around? I just can't lose her like that.. I won't, but I have to tell her the truth..

"Destiny.." I say, interrupting what she was saying. "Yea?" She replied cautiously. "hold on.." I said, and I quickly pull out my phone, typing in my name in on twitter. "I think you should read this.." I handed her my phone. I waited as she read, scrolling through my phone. "I'm really sorry this had to happen.." I said, but she didn't reply she kept reading. "I can try to take them down? We can forget all of this, I'm sorry I never meant for this to happen.." I say again, but she kept reading. Finally after a few more seconds she locked my phone and put it down. "Well that makes sense." She sighed. In confusion I looked at her. "Huh?" I asked. "I mean why there are not anyone mobbing us. It's because of Bee, you can't mob someone with a child, especially if there is no consent from a legal guardian, if they did I could sue." She said while picking up her water. I looked at her shocked, at how well she's taking it. 

"So do you want me to try to get them down and we can just forget about it or?" I asked still not understanding. She took a moment before replying. "What like not talk about it? Why would you do that, its a bit unfair to the fans, having to hear about this and not being able to understand what really happened." She said. "So what do you mean?" I asked. "Just tell them what happened, just make sure they understand that Bee is not in any way you're child, and she's my little sister. Just tell them the truth." A moment passed. "So what is the truth?"

"We met, you took me for lunch, I brought my little sister, and maybe we'll see each other again, maybe we won't. It's just lunch. Thats all, just lunch." She told me. I looked a bit unsure to her, not understanding exactly what to write. "Do you want me to write it? From a fans perspective?" She asked, and I shrugged "I guess, give it a shot." She took my phone are started typing away. Finally she handed me the phone, 

-The rumors going around are nothing but rumors. @Destinyrain is not my girlfriend, and not my 'baby momma' she's a friend, who I invited her to lunch, and she brought her little sister, thats all. I would never have such a secret from you guys. Please realize that, I love you all.-

"Twitlong it, maybe follow a few of them, bam, problem solved."


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