When Stars Shine (OneDirection/Werewolf)

I stood outside looking at the forest. Letting out a breath, noticing a smokey type substance. I stepped down onto a stair and sat down, letting the wet snow soak into my clothes.
I pulled my hair infront of my ears trying to keep warm as fresh snowflakes fell to the ground.
The world was so cruel, but brought such wonderful things. Like snowflakes, rain, and love. But why did it have to bring something nobody ever wants? Why does life have to be that way? Death. I wrapped my fingers around my arms, a horrifying word sending chills up my body. Murdur.
I felt my breath hitch, and the air in my lungs freeze. Niall. I felt my lungs release a puff of air, and the chills subsided. I closed my eyes and felt a small cold particle land on my nose. It quickly melted and soaked into my skin. I stood up then, brushing the snowflakes from my lap realizing something. This wasn't the end, this was the beginning.


1. Prologue

My lips were slightly parted as I ran my fingers down my face. The wind softly blew, throwing my hair softly around as strands of my hair stuck to my wet lips. I looked at the new layer of ground, as I stepped in a soft fluffy texture in my bare feet  I continued to walk forwards  watching as small foot prints formed on the ground leaving a trail. My breath hitched as I looked up to the dark sky. Seeing a small star in the far North side of the sky. I closed one eye and held my thumb up to the star making it disappear. I moved my thumb back over looking at how the star was the same size as my thumb.

Suddenly my thoughts took control like and show through my head like a rapid river. I closed my eyes trying to forget everything, when I heard a familiar voice.

"You can't see it when the sun is out, but when the sunsets it's visible. But it was actually there the whole time. And that's what my love is like to you."

I ran my fingers across the bark on a tree.

"Even if you can't see my love, you know it's always there."

I heard a fast movement come from my side.

"No matter what, I will not leave you in your sleep, I will always be there."

I felt my body tense, and my toes scrunch.

"I may seem far away, but I'm always here beside you."

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