When Stars Shine (OneDirection/Werewolf)

I stood outside looking at the forest. Letting out a breath, noticing a smokey type substance. I stepped down onto a stair and sat down, letting the wet snow soak into my clothes.
I pulled my hair infront of my ears trying to keep warm as fresh snowflakes fell to the ground.
The world was so cruel, but brought such wonderful things. Like snowflakes, rain, and love. But why did it have to bring something nobody ever wants? Why does life have to be that way? Death. I wrapped my fingers around my arms, a horrifying word sending chills up my body. Murdur.
I felt my breath hitch, and the air in my lungs freeze. Niall. I felt my lungs release a puff of air, and the chills subsided. I closed my eyes and felt a small cold particle land on my nose. It quickly melted and soaked into my skin. I stood up then, brushing the snowflakes from my lap realizing something. This wasn't the end, this was the beginning.


4. Chapter Two: A Witches Spell

(Ela's POV)

I felt my body begin to shake slightly, like I was having a nervous break down. I quickly reached over to the side of the bed, but it was empty. I looked around confused and terrified of what was going on. Niall wasn't here, why wasn't he here. My breathes began to pick up before I felt arms wrap around me. "Sh I'm right here." He pulled my head into his chest as I gripped his T-shirt. "I thought you left me again." I said closing my eyes so tears wouldn't escape.

"I had to answer the door, you have a visitor."

"I don't want to see them, I want to stay here."

"Ela, you need to see her." His voice almost sounded angry. Then I felt my grip on his t-shirt loosen as he disappeared again. I gust of wind blew across my face, and I threw the covers to the side. My bare legs froze in place as I realized I was only wearing Niall's sweatpants. A growl slightly slipped my mouth. "Morning Ela." A voice in my head cooed. Shivers ran down my side as I made my way to Niall's dresser  "It's good to have you back." I said, not smiling. I wasn't entirely happy that I had my wolf back. I was rather terrified that she would do something stupid, or tell me something I didn't want to know. Ignoring my wolf then. I slipped on Niall's sweatpants, and put one of my old sweatshirts on, after taking Niall's shirt off.

I slowly walked downstairs then, crossing my arms across my chest. I looked towards the door to see somebody I truly never expected. "Narie?" I said confused as I walked towards the door. She wasn't smiling, in fact, she looked upset. "We need to talk." She grabbed my hand, and suddenly Niall was gone. We were in a different area, I had no idea where. But it was a small enclosed space with no doors. It almost looked like a chamber. There were two chairs, and I sat down in one. Narie sat in another.

"What did you need to talk to me about?" I said kinda confused that Niall couldn't hear the conversation. I wanted him to be near me, I wanted him to know everything I knew.

"It's about Niall." She said biting her lip. "You do know when a wolves neck is snapped, they die, right" I shivered when she said "Die", but I nodded my head. "Well, when I talked to the Dark Side of magic, they had told me Niall wasn't letting himself die. Because of the fact that you guys had mated, it gave him Pure Blood power." She paused then moving closer to me. "When your baby died, your mating bonde broke, but for some reason the Pure Blood power remained in his blood." I was confused, how did she know about all of this? How did she know my baby had died? "So I brought my soul to the Dark Side, so I could talk to Niall about letting the Pure Blood power away. Because the Dark witches wanted him dead."

She paused then, and I quickly brought up a question. "They wanted him dead?" A growl came form my throat, but my growl was cut off by a sharp pain in my throat. "Sh." Narie said. "Don't make them angry please." Narie pleaded, almost looking upset. I nodded then, the pain in my throat fading, but it was like I was almost mute. I couldn't speak.

Narie continued then. "Anyways, Niall had a thread of connection with you through the Pure Blood power he had in his blood, and he refused to let that power go. He kept saying he was going to come back to you." Narie's hands began to shake and I was completely confused. "So I gave Niall another chance at life, but only in exchange for one thing." Narie bit her lip. "He has to mate with you, and you have to give up your child to the Dark Side."

I felt air hit my mouth again as I slightly gasped, and suddenly was able to talk again. "What are they going to do then?" I felt my eyes water.

"They can do anything they please. Use your child for experiments, use it-." She paused and looked at me with concern. "Their own pleasure." She said looking away.

"So I'm just gonna let them use my kid for a sex toy?"

"Well when you say it like that." She said looking at me again. "It was Niall's choice. It was either your child, or his life." I slightly choked on something in my throat. And I covered my mouth with my sleeve.

"Can't we change the deal?"

"They requested your child." I bit my lip. "I could try making another bet if you wish."

"Please try Narie, I've lost one kid, and I honestly wish I wouldn't have lost it." I didn't know what was wrong with me honestly. Once you actually have a living object in your stomach, it kind of changes your aspect of life. I was excited to have a kid, and now I was going to give birth to another one and Have to give it away. I didn't want to lose two, one was hard enough.

And what was it with me losing everything? I lost my child, I lost Niall. Now I'm going to lose a second child if Narie doesn't figure out some other way to please the 'Dark Side'. Which I doubt she could change their mind, honestly think about this. "Dark." "Side."

Narie grabbed my hand then, and suddenly we were back at Niall's house. Niall was sitting down on the couch, his skin looking pale as he looked at me. "Ela I really am sorry." I walked up to him and hugged him.

"At least I have you back, right?" Niall ran his fingers through my hair, but I didn't cry. I had no sadness left in me it seemed like. I pulled away from the hug then, and Narie was gone. I felt a brush of air blow past my face again, and I felt a spark of hope light up in my stomach. I made my way over to the window of the building, seeing a little girl and a little boy play soccer. The little boy looked so familiar, but I felt Niall push his front side against my back. And the boy disappeared. Then the little girl stood there alone with the soccer ball laying by her feet.

She almost looked confused, but then she kicked the ball and ran after it, and then she disappeared as well. Niall softly kissed my ear then, intertwining my finger with his. "I think the pack has come back." I could feel his hot breath on my skin. And it sent shivers down my back, and they hair on my arms stand up straight.

"How do you know?" I said, letting my body mold into his.

"I don't know, I can just feel it." He pulled me along then, taking me outside. Once my eyes hit the light, I quickly took my hand from Niall's and covered my eyes. Ulrica let out a deep growl. It was like I was half vampire or something it was so bright. Niall snickered, and I kept my eyes shaded by my hand as I looked up at him. "Ever seen the sunlight?" He laughed at me. I looked at him unhappily. And he realized it wasn't the right time. He backed up then, putting his hands up trying to say he was innocent. "I'm sorry." He said still slightly laughing. I walked up to him and punched him straight in the chest. "Ow." He said rubbing his chest.

"If you weren't such a douche sometimes." I said rolling my eyes, but I couldn't help but laugh a little. I blushed then embarrassed by my laugh. I hadn't heard it in so long, and now it sounded so... weird.

"You don't punch like a girl." He said continuing to rub his chest. He then pulled up his shirt looking at the spot where I had punched him. A purple bruise suddenly appeared, then disappeared  "All healed." He said smirking at me.

"Would you like another?"

"No." Niall responded quickly. Before walking up to be and putting his arm around me. We then walked outside and walked through the small village of where our pack lived. The smoke on the bakery could be smelled from Niall's house. And the lights in a clothing shop were brighter than ever. A lot of women were dusting and sweeping, while buff men would be repairing different buildings.

"I miss this place." I said, taking in a familiar scent of the ground that I use to love so much.

"I missed you more." He said rubbing his nose in my hair. "Especially your hair shampoo." He said laughing. I slightly hip bumped him, and he hip bumped me back. Then we started fighting. I hip bumped him and he'd hip bump me back. When suddenly Louis came up to be surprising me, he hip bumped me and I fell onto the ground landing on my butt. I looked up at Louis and Niall while they laughed at me.

I crossed my arms then looking at them. "Stop acting like boys and help a girl off the ground like grown men." I said looking at them angrily. They both held out their hand then and I gladly took it as they pulled me up. They weren't laughing then, because I looked angry. So I continued walking forwards, walking in between them. Before quickly sprinting off. "Beat you to the river!" I said getting a giant head start.

I had never felt like I was going so fast in my life. I kept putting one foot infront of the other, going faster and faster. Picking up my speed, with a big smirk on my face knowing I was going to win. Until I heard Louis land infront of me with a thud, as he jumped down from a giant tree. Ulrica growled then, shifting without my permission. She took complete control.

She raced forward, having more strength than Louis at this point, I easily passed him. I was in first then, tell Niall came rushing past me, being smart like me, and shifting as well. His black wolf rushing past, Ulrica growled jealous. She had always been a very competitive wolf, and she wasn't going down without a fight. She raced towards Niall then. Jumping on top of him and bringing him down to the ground.

Both of our wolves shifted then, and Niall was laying on his back, and I was laying on top of him. Our faces were so close, and our lips were so close to touching. But before we could kiss Louis rushed past. I smirked looking at Niall then, he couldn't move because I was on top of him. Not that I weighed that much. But I kissed his nose, before sprinting off again. And before I knew it I was right besides Louis, until he disappeared  "Not fair Louis you can't use your teleporting powers!" I said, Ulrica adding in a growl as we came close to the river. Once we were finally to the river. I was the only one there.

"Niall, Louis?" I said, trying to catch their scent but there was nothing. I figured they were going to pull some stupid prank, knowing the typical childish boys they always have been. But they weren't, instead. I had a visitor. And this time, he was asking for a fight.

And this time, I would lead it.


A/N: Sorry guys it's homecoming weekend and I've been shopping and going to sports games all week. Plus I've had practice and a couple of games myself. Anyways. Here's the 2nd chapter :) Hope you guys like it. I need more people to volunteer for Co-Author too before I decide, because I want a variety of people to pick from. Anyways it's like 11:00 almost so I'm off to bed. I'll try to update ASAP<3 Thanks for waiting :)

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