When Stars Shine (OneDirection/Werewolf)

I stood outside looking at the forest. Letting out a breath, noticing a smokey type substance. I stepped down onto a stair and sat down, letting the wet snow soak into my clothes.
I pulled my hair infront of my ears trying to keep warm as fresh snowflakes fell to the ground.
The world was so cruel, but brought such wonderful things. Like snowflakes, rain, and love. But why did it have to bring something nobody ever wants? Why does life have to be that way? Death. I wrapped my fingers around my arms, a horrifying word sending chills up my body. Murdur.
I felt my breath hitch, and the air in my lungs freeze. Niall. I felt my lungs release a puff of air, and the chills subsided. I closed my eyes and felt a small cold particle land on my nose. It quickly melted and soaked into my skin. I stood up then, brushing the snowflakes from my lap realizing something. This wasn't the end, this was the beginning.


5. Chapter Three: When Fire Catches

(Ela's POV)

He brushed past my shoulder, sending shivers down my spine. But I stood up straight. I was short, and he was obviously taller than me, but I didn't want to show him I got weaker. "You've lost weight Ela." He said smirking towards me.

"Where's Niall and Louis?" I said, turning my body in a circle keeping eye contact with his face as he circled around me.

"Long gone, the little fools believed me when I told them you ran back home when you caught my scent." He laughed. "It's a pity your by yourself now, nobody to save you."

"I don't need somebody to save me." I growled, Ulrica was so angry and furious she was causing my arms to shake uncontrollably.

"You sure about that?" He quickly disappeared  and I turned around in circles looking for him. His scent was impossible to catch. I had claws growing from my hands in defense. I stopped then running towards a tree, starting to climb it. I stood on a branch then, looking around from him but I couldn't find him. Suddenly I felt a body near me, breathing on my neck. "Your senses are horrible." He shoved me then, and I quickly stumbled off the branch. I screamed then as my body crashed onto the ground. He jumped from the branch then, getting time to prepare his fall unlike me. I had landed on my my legs, and I couldn't move them. He was standing by my head then, and my vision kept blurring. "I thought you didn't need anybody to save you?" He bent down then so his face was close to mine. "To bad you can't move." He smirked. "I think my pack will be here in a couple of seconds, seems how there is a rogue in our territory." Ulrica was trying so hard to even get a limp to move. But my whole body was numb.

"I swear when I'm able to walk-." I was cut off by a loud howling.

"You've been spotted." He said with a smile. "I guess I should be off then. He disappeared then and I screamed his name.

"DAVID!" But he didn't come back. That bastard. Hadn't he got his happiness when he took Niall away from me?

I assumed my injuries were bad, because I wasn't healing fast at all. David had left me on the ground. And I couldn't mind link because I was outside of my territory. Niall couldn't tell if I was hurt either, because I wasn't really connected to him anymore because we lost our baby.

I felt doomed, and soon enough 5 men were at my side. Including David. "Take her into town and put her into the dungeons." He instructed.

I felt arms scoop up underneath of me, leaving my legs dangling as they swayed back and forth. The pain suddenly shot through my body and my eyes turned red. I felt my body heat up quickly, and I felt like I was on fire. I began screaming at the top of my lung having no idea what was wrong with me. I looked around me and everybody was gone.

This burning feeling kept running through my body, and I continued to scream uncontrollably. Alls I could feel was pain. My body stung to the point that I was shaking. Ulrica had somehow disappeared inside of me, and I had no communication with her. Soon the pain traveled to my neck and continued upwards till I felt like my eyes and face was on fire. I couldn't cry either, oddly, but I could scream. The pain eventually became unbearable and my body suddenly felt ice cold. Everything was calm. I looked upwards towards the sky, noticing birds swarming around in a circle above me. I felt a single tear drop fall from my eye, before everything went black.


(Niall's POV)

"I miss this place." She said.

"I missed you more." I said rubbing my nose into her hair. "Especially your hair shampoo." I said laughing a little. She hip bumped me then, slightly surprising me. I hip bumped her back then. We continued doing this till Louis came up between us and hip bumped Ela knocking her off her feet. She looked up at us and we burst out into laughter.

She crossed her arms then angry. "Stop acting like boys and help a girl off the ground like grown men." She looked at us angrily and we both held out a hand to help her up. We both stopped laughing then, she looked really pissed. We continued walking forwards then when suddenly Ela took off. "Beat you to the river." She had a giant head start, but Louis and I took off running after her.

She was going really fast, and I had no idea she could run so fast for a girl. She picked up speed then, and Louis suddenly disappeared before landing infront of Ela, jumping down from a tree. She looked angry that she wasn't winning then, but then Ela shifted into her wolf Ulrica. And she was just as beautiful as she was in human form. Her fur so soft, and long.

Her beauty began to become a distraction for me so I shook my head and noticed that Ela was back ahead of Louis now. Smirking then, I ran forward passing Louis, then passing Ela as well, then shifting so I could keep up with her. I heard her growl and I snickered.

I looked at Ela, and she jumped on top of me knocking me to the ground. We both shifted back to human form, and I laid on my back with her on top of me. Her hair dangled above my forehead. Our lips were so close. I leaned upwards to kiss her, the moment perfect, until Louis rushed past us. I tried to push Ela off of me, but she made sure I couldn't get up. She smirked at me, and kissed my nose before sprinting off catching up with Louis. I ran after them, and suddenly Louis disappeared  "Not fair Louis you can't use your teleporting powers!" She said, growling. I laughed again.

I suddenly slammed into somebody else's body, and we both fell to the ground. I looked up to see David. I quickly bared my teeth and growled at him. I wrapped my hands around his neck. Louis quickly appeared infront of me standing on David's feet. "Your little girlfriends a wimp." David laughed, and I closed my grip tighter on his neck. "She caught my scent and ran."

I looked at him wondering if I should believe him. "Did you touch her!?" I said smacking him.

"No the fool ran back to your house, your lucky she was smart enough too, because I would have killed her." He snickered. I punched him again. Letting him up then.

"I'd kill you if I was in a bad mood." He stood up then and I shoved him. "Get off my territory before I end your life!" I growled, Louis grabbed my arm and David disappeared.

"Come on let's go make sure Ela's okay." With that Louis and I ran off towards the house. Once we got back to the house. I kept hearing continuous screams coming from David's territory. I ignored them walking inside looking for Ela. "Ela!?" I said walking around the house looking for her. Eventually noticing she wasn't here I began to panic. The fucking bastard tricked us right infront of our own faces. I quickly mind linked with my close gang Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam. "David has Ela."

They all quickly met out in my front porch and there was suddenly a high pitch screaming. I felt horrible then, knowing it was Ela's scream. "I should have went and looked for her the first time I heard her scream." I began running towards the forest. The boys following close behind. "She's not in our territory." Liam said.

"DAIVD!" I heard her scream. Hearing her voice sent a shot of pain through my body.

"Spread out and look for her." I said to the boys and we all split in different directions.

(Harry's POV)

I hid behind a tree. Watching as two men lifted Ela up. She looked like complete shit. And I knew if Niall saw her like this he would go insane. "There's another person in our territory." David said. "You two go look." I quickly covered my scent in leaves. Once it was only David and two other guys I took my chance and lunged forward  Knocking David off his feet. The two guys dropped Ela on the ground and ran towards me. David ran off and I quickly snapped both of their necks. I looked at Ela and her eyes were red. She suddenly began to scream at the top of her lungs. "Ela!" I shook her body but she continued to scream.

Her screams hurt, only because she was my Luna. But I knew Niall could hear her screams too. And it probably hurt him worse.

Her body began to shake, and I quickly covered her both and plugged her nose. She stopped screaming then. But it was like she was in a different body. She was acting so weird. She eventually passed out from not being able to breath. So I lifted her up and carried her back to the village. I took her straight to the pack doctor.

I wasn't allowed to go into the same room because I wasn't her mate, so I linked minds with Liam, Zayn, and Loui to tell them I had found her. "Found Ela, but I think it's best if we don't tell Niall that she's hurt."

"I'll take him back to his house." Liam said.

"That would break him if he found out he lost Ela right after he just got her back." Zayn said.

Loui met me at the Doc's house later on as we waited to see what happened to Ela. When the doc came outside, he was wearing surgical stuff and I knew it wouldn't be good. He looked at his clipboard then looked at both of us. "You boys are really lucky." He said laughing. "I'm not sure what happened, but her injuries are as bad as a person that would jump off a sky scraper." He shook his head. "She broke both of her legs, and her immediate healing powers are working slower because the injuries are so bad." He flipped a page on the clipboard. "But at the speed she is healing at, it's hurting her."

"So she's hurting herself by healing herself?" Loui said shaking his head as the Doc nodded.

"That's crazy shit." I said running my hands through my hair.

"She can't talk right now, because she's still asleep, but she should be completely healed in a day or so." He said smiling. Loui and I stood up then and shook hands with the Doc.

This was what was so good about being a wolf, you healed so fast that you never really had to worry about one's injury. "So what are we telling Niall?" Loui asked.

"We should just tell him, that the Doc is taking her in for inspections."

"Okay." Loui and I rushed off to Niall's house then. I hope he'll believe us.


A/N: Sorry this is a really weird chapter. Lol. Still need more Co-Author requests :) Keep asking please!

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