When Stars Shine (OneDirection/Werewolf)

I stood outside looking at the forest. Letting out a breath, noticing a smokey type substance. I stepped down onto a stair and sat down, letting the wet snow soak into my clothes.
I pulled my hair infront of my ears trying to keep warm as fresh snowflakes fell to the ground.
The world was so cruel, but brought such wonderful things. Like snowflakes, rain, and love. But why did it have to bring something nobody ever wants? Why does life have to be that way? Death. I wrapped my fingers around my arms, a horrifying word sending chills up my body. Murdur.
I felt my breath hitch, and the air in my lungs freeze. Niall. I felt my lungs release a puff of air, and the chills subsided. I closed my eyes and felt a small cold particle land on my nose. It quickly melted and soaked into my skin. I stood up then, brushing the snowflakes from my lap realizing something. This wasn't the end, this was the beginning.


3. Chapter One: Let the Dust Fall

(Ela's POV)

I looked down at the water that lay in a small puddle next to me. I bent down, running my fingers through the water, looking as the rippled water made my tall figure look strange. I stood up looking at the long gravel road ahead of me, continuing to walk as the rain splashed down on Niall's jacket that was to big for me. I let out a fast breath, and inhaled a big breath, trying to catch Niall's scent. But it almost seemed like it was gone. Like he never existed.

The word existed sent shivers down my body, making me uncomfortable to walk forward. I brushed my hand across my face, realizing how cold I really was. My body began to shake as I walked forward, so I pulled the hood up on the sweat shirt. Covering the sides of my face. I pulled the sleeves down over my hands and put my hands in my pocket. I looked down at the ground realizing I hadn't put on shoes.

I looked back up, not wanting to think about the freezing numbness in my toes. I looked up seeing fragile snowflakes fall from the sky, as I kept walking along the long gravel road. A huge gust of wind blew against my face, tossing my hair around, pushing it infront of my face. I went to move my hair but I wasn't going to risk the chance of my fingers freezing.

As I slowly kept moving along, I could feel a warm liquid on the bottom of my feet, and I turned around to see a slight trail of blood I had left behind. I bit my lip, not trying to think about how gross that really was.

Ever since the thing with Niall, my senses have become stronger, and I'm more aware of my surroundings. And I could smell somebody's scent. And it smelled so familiar, but I wasn't even for sure. I didn't turn around though, I kept walking, I sped up my pace as I heard footsteps behind me.

But then I felt a ball of energy strike me in the chest, surprising me and knocking me off my feet. My butt landing in the wet snow. My pants instantly soaking up the snow, causing the temperature of the snow to freeze my legs. I felt my body go weak, and felt my whole body go weak on the ground. I looked up to see a figure, but the image was blurry. I tried blinking my eyes, but every blink made me want to close my eyes even more.

I tried my best to keep my eyes open, but I struggled, I felt so numb and weak. But I could feel the blood pumping through me. I wasn't passing out though, which was odd. I felt my body be lifted from the freezing ground. And a warm chest comforted me, heat bouncing off his body onto mine. I took a deep breath, trying to see if it's scent was familiar. And it was. It was so familiar it changed me. My eyes filled with tears, as they escaped from the corners of my eyes and rolled down my face.

I tried to speak, but my lips were dry, and my jaw was frozen in place. I felt like my body was going into shock. I suddenly felt air hit my lungs, and suddenly I could take in more air than I use to be able too. I felt somebody elses presence around me too. Only instead, it felt more closer to me, like that presence was inside of me. I was confused and desperately wanted to be able to open my eyes, but I couldn't.

I felt a low growl slip from my throat. It was a growl I had missed from so long. Her name echoing through my head. And her name slipped my mouth, and a smile spread across my face. "Ulrica." I said.

I heard a low laugh, but it wasn't Ulrica's. I frowned in response, before realizing who's laugh it was. "Oh baby, she's not the only person that came back for you."


(? POV) [You'll figure out who's POV This is, in this section]

A breeze blew across my face, carrying a scent that was to familiar. It caught my attention immediately and I began running in the direction the scent had came from. I ran faster and faster, wanting to know if this was real. And it was. I saw her small figure bent down next to a puddle, as she took her small gentle hands and ran it through the puddle. Making her reflection shatter into different directions. I noticed her wearing a purple jacket, and it looked big on her. But it made me smile.

She paused for a second standing up, her body shaking slightly from being so cold. Her skin was pale, it was like she had disappeared  She began walking forward  and I silently walked a great distance behind her. She pulled up her hood and began walking a little faster.

I noticed suddenly that it was snowing, and it made me think of the grace that Ela always showed towards me. But I wasn't saying the girl I was following was Ela, because I had no idea. She slowly continued on, before stopping and turning around. I froze in place before diving behind a snow drift. Luckily she didnt see me, but I continued to watch her movements. She looked at her foot, and the wind blew again. Sending a strong scent of blood. I could see a slight pain in her eyes as she looked up, and it made me quiver. She turned around continuing to walk then. I moved from the snow drift, and my body carried me forward one step at a time. Needing to know if this was really what it was.

I felt my eyes water, and I could stand the suspense no longer. I began jogging towards her, when suddenly she was thrown backwards onto the ground. I sped up then, standing next to her. She blinked multiple times, and eventually she just closed her eyes.

I looked at her, and I could finally confirm it was her. I picked her up and pulled her close to my chest. She took in a huge breath of air then, like she was breathing for the first time. I felt tears wetten my t-shirt as she began to cry. She made a low growl. "Ulrica." She said, her voice so clear. She smiled and I couldn't help but smile too.

Then suddenly I felt a laugh slip from my mouth, and I had to say something. I needed her to know I was there. "Oh baby, she's not the only person that came back for you."

"I thought you left me."

"Baby, if if I did leave you, you know I'd come back." She balled her little hands with my t-shirt.

"Niall." Her name made me shiver. It felt so good to hear her say my name. I had missed her voice, and I had been gone for so long, and I was back, and she was here. The moment couldn't be any better. "Take me home please." She paused and I said one more thing. "And never leave me again." Her release on my t-shirt loosened as she fell asleep.

I pulled her small figure close to me, not wanting to let her go. I began running then. Running through the trees, bushes, and rivers. I don't know how she got so far away from our territory. And it made me wonder if she left the territory, if everybody else did too.

But with wolf speed, it didn't take me long to take a step back into my territory. And I felt almost complete. But then I noticed how abandoned the area looked. How long had I been gone for? My mind struggled for answers  but it just gave me a headache. And the only thing I wanted to think about right now was Ela. I look at my house, as the front porch swing swung back and forth. Its old structure making a loud creaking noise as it swung back and forth in the wind. I held kicked open the door then, not having any free hands. And when I walked inside the house was cold.

I brought Ela up to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. The blankets were cold, but I put them over Ela. She began shivering, so I walked downstairs and put wood in the fireplace. I started up a fire, and heat began shooting through the house. I used wolf speed to run back upstairs and when I got up there. I caught somebody's scent. A smile spread across my face as I smashed my body into them, giving them a big friendly hug.

"Aw my buddy Niall, you have no idea how long we've waited for you to come back." Liam said with the biggest smile on his face. Louis, Zayn, and Harry joined in the hug.

As we pulled away from the hug, Louis looked at me seriously. "The pack left, but we caught the smell of the smoke from your house and we knew you were back instantly. We all split up, but everybody is going to be running back."

"The whole territory will be back up in a couple of days, guaranteed". Harry said patting my back roughly.

"It's a good thing your back, we worried about Ela a lot. When you left. She broke." Zayn said.

"And Zayn got engaged." Liam said.

"You couldn't let me tell him?!" Zayn said kind of upset.

"It's good to have you guys back." I said laughing.

"Us back? You were the one that was gone for 3 and a half years." Harry said confused.

"3 and a half years?"

"Do you remember what happened? Louis said. "We came as soon as we felt the breaking bond of the pack."

"I guess there's a lot for me to figure out, but if you guys don't mind. The first thing I need to figure out, is where Ela and I left off." I said sticking my hands in my pocket.

"Understandable, we have a pack to collect." Harry said.

"Good to have you back Niall." Liam said before disappearing with the rest of the guys. I smiled then closing the door. Knowing everything would be going back to normal. I laid next to Ela, and she instantly began stop shivering. I pulled her close to me, and I could feel how cold she really was. I grabbed onto her hand, and intertwined my fingers with her. I pulled her hair back from her neck then. Looking at the mark that I placed on her neck so long ago.

I began kissing her mark, licking it softly. She woke up then, laughing a little. "Half of you never left me." She said, her voice cracking from just waking up.

"I never left you." I put my hand around her waist and pulled her close to me. Closing any gaps in between our bodies.

"What do you mean?" She seemed confused.

"My love is all you needed to survive, and by the way your reacting now, I know my love never left you. Instead of blocking out the memories of us, you kept them with you."

"Blocking out memories would be my biggest regret."

"Oh really?" I said kissing her neck, and snuggling my nose into her ear.

"I always knew my prince charming would come back to me, and when he did, I knew I wouldn't want to forget anything." She paused then. "Memories is what makes us."


A/N: Okay short chapter I know. BUT HERE IT IS! WOOH 1ST CHAPTER TO MY 1ST SEQUEL EVER! WOOOOH!!!! Thank you everybody once again for all the support! And I still need a Co-Author. So if your willing to be a Co-Author, I would need you to only edit chapters for me before I could post them. You wouldn't have to write anything, just edit misspelled words, or fix my grammar problems. Lol. Anyways! Thank you all! And I hope you loved the chapter!!!!!!!<3333333333

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