Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


1. Welcome


"Frankie!!" I yelled while laughing

Hes been running from me for about fifteen minuets and im starting to loose my breath

I slow down to catch air when frankie smirks and stares right at me

"Dont. You. Dare." I warned with a stern look plastered on my face

He quickly unwraps the granola bar and befor i could reach him, he shoves it in his mouth

I sighed falling to the floor "That was my last granola bar!"

He laughed and stuck his tongue out at me. So i did in return

The doorbell rung and i took off my cupcake apron, and threw it at him

I stood up, dusting off my skirt and shirt

"Thanks!" He shouted and then started putting it on

I walked to the door, hearing the grunts of Frankies frustratedness

I reached for the door knob and twisted it

"How to you put this on" I looked back as the door swung open 

"Put that on your head!" I giggled and he finally got it

I laughed and turned to see the face ive missed for the pass year

"Hello Love"


"Come in" I motioned for Louis to step in, and Frankie froze

"Oh, hey, ill be right back" he ran from the kitchen ,up the stairs

I smiled and shook my head at his sillyness

"Thats the Ariana I remember" Louis whispered 

I giggled and opened my arms, engulfing him in a hug

"Ive missed you" I whisper and he smiled

"Ive missed you to" He whispered in my ear


"So you and the boys moved to the US?" I asked confused

He nodded taking a sip of his yorkshir tea that i served him

"Yeup, but only me and Harry have moved in together" I smiled and nodded

I glanced down at the tattoos that covered his arms

I traced them with my finger, leaving a goosebump trail

I quickly spotted a tiny cursive A and could tell he knew

"I got it after you left, just to always have you as a reminder that things are still good"

I smiled and placed my head on his shoulder 

"Hows Elanore?" I asked and he froze, as if he was supprised

"Like i didnt think youd fall back inlove with her" I whispered

I cracked a smile at his adorable confused face

"Uhm...she's good" He whispered studying my face carfully for jealousy

Obviously he found some, not just some, alot

But i quickly hid it with the big dimply smile he loves

"Hows Jai?" He asked looking in my eyes, knowing that ive dated him over the year

"Moving on" I say with a half frown, and memories flooded into my head

How Jai moved back to Austraillia due to Beau getting sick

And dumped me by text, but were closer than ever now

"Great" He said sarcasticly and things became uncomfertable

"So whats it like being loved by every person in America?"

Louis asked refurring to my new album Yours Truly being the #1 album

I giggled and shook my head "Amaizing" I whispered "but hard"

He chuckled and pushed my shoulder lightly 

I blushed and moved the big mop of curls on my shoulder over to the other side

"Your hairs gotten longer" He said twirling a curl on my long locks and i smiled

"I know" I played with it and heard the door swing open

"ARIANA!" Nialls accent cheered and i quickly ran and engulfed him in a hug

"BESTIE!!!" I cheered and he swayed us back and forth

"ARI!" Zayn said, causing me to turn and hug him tightly

"No hug for me?" Harry said and i giggled while hugging him tightly

"Ive missed you so much!" I said in his ear and his laugh caused a vibration

I smiled and Turned to my baby faced liam who stood there with a goofy smile

I giggled and his arms squeezed the breath out of me

I caught it as he let go and and i turned to all the boys

"Well?" I asked and then an idea popped in my head "Disney World?"

They all cheered and i giggled "Let me go get ready"

I ran up to Frankies room, to see him STILL struggling to take off the apron

I bursted out laughing and helped him take it off

"Were going to be going to Disney World" I spoke and his eyes lit up

"Be ready in 20 minuets" I said folding the apron and walking out of his room

shutting the door behind me

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