Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


11. The Party

I woke up, feeling my head pounding from crying all night

I lifted my now heavy body out of bed, and into the restroom

I turned to the mirror and sighed

I stood there, blood shot eyes, and a red nose

I sighed, washing my face, and getting ready for a shower

As i entered the shower, the warm water hit my body

I smiled, feeling the relaxation come to me

I began singing Honey moon ave.

Bringing back memories.... Of us... of everything we use to be

'I looked in my review mirror and

It seemed to make a lot more sense

Than what i see ahead of us

Ahead of us, yeah.

Im ready to make that turn

Before be both crash and burn

Cause that could be the death of us'

I felt myself shaking and my lips quiver

I didnt feel my tears , because my face was wet with the water

'Baby, you know how to drive in rain

And you decided not to make a change

stuck in the same old lane,

Going the wrong way home'.

My body trembled, trying not to cry

'I feel like my heart is stuck in bumper to bumper

Traffic, im under pre-...'

I felt  my body tense and the water cooled

I groaned obviously upset it was getting cold

I got dressed and by the time i was downstairs balloons were everywhere

and the boys jumped up yelling "SUPRISE!!"

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