Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


12. The Party Pt.2

"Why are you looking down Ari?" James said as i twirled the vadka in my cup

"Its nothing really" I spoke and took a sip of the strong drink

"Well come dance with us downstairs" He spoke happily

I nodded and he grabbed my arm, pulling me downstairs

We began dancing to a remix of royals and i started having a fun time

We danced for a while, me and Jai mainly dancing together

I looked to see James and his girlfriend dancing together

They were so cute....and i started to feel sad


The doorbell rang and i ran to the door, laughing hard from the boys jokes

"HEY!!" The boys yelled and i chuckled 

"Come in" I saw Daniella and Perrie walk in, and hugged them tightly

"I missed you girls" I yelled over the music

"We missed you to" They said in usion

I ran to the kitchen, pouring them glasses of margeritas

We danced and danced untill we all collapsed

And i somehow collapsed on Jai

I put my head on his shoulder, turning off the music with my remote

"That was fun" I spoke, out of breath and can feel Jai laughing

I felt eyes on me, and it made me feel uncomfertable, and Jai could tell

"Whos up for some movies?" He asked sitting up and everyone cheered

I shook my head at Frankie gazing up at one direction

"Put in Insidious" I spoke and James yelled 'ARE YOU SERIOUS!'


Soon we were halfway through the movie and everyone was asleep

I groaned standing up, and walking to the kitchen for some coffee

The coffee machine turned on, and i went to the pantre to get a coffee cup

"So you still like Jai?" I heard behind me, making me jump

"No , he's my bestfriend" I groaned a'nd turned away, getting my coffee cup

"Why do you care?" I asked and he scoffed/laughed

"You know i love you" He stated and i shook my head

"Yeah, but you love El to" I spoke as if it was obvious

"You cant put this on me" He spoke a little louder, but not loud enough for them to hear

"Dont you think im broken to?" I whispered and paused

"Ive spent every waking minuet thinking about you" My voice broke

"And all i can think about is how much i love you"

He looked down, fiddling with his fingers

"You have no idea how much ive missed you, but i cant do ANYTHING"

I almost yelled and my breath became shakey

"I cant kiss you in public, i cant hold your hand, i cant tell you i love you.."

He opened his mouth to talk and i shook my head

"I cant do this anymore, if all its gonna do... is ruin me"

His face grew stiff and sad

I sighed, knowing he wouldnt stop me from walking away

"I love you" He spoke

"It doesnt fix everything"

He grabbed my hand and turned me around

"Id choose you over her any day" He spoke in my ear

Instore into his eyes, checking for any sign of regret

He pulled me into a kiss and i felt my heart explode

"We broke up last night" He spoke and i nodded

"Well you just broke up with her....you cant be with me yet"

He looked hurt but nodded

I sighed turning around to see sleepy Luke standing there

"I didnt see anything, just getting a drink" He spoke bluntly, opening the fridge

"Coffee?" I suggested and he looked at me, nodding


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