Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


13. The Morning After

I walked up to Louis and he looked at me suprised

"I never want to see you again" I yelled making him jump



Today was absolutly amaizing

Me and Jai had just gone out for a cup of coffee at starbucks

And were heading home to go clean up a bit

Once we hit the curb, the boys came rushing out of the house

"You guys!!"




They yelled, and finally got towards the car

I exited, and the boys pulled the cups off of the cup carrier, leaving it empty

I shook my head, and walked up to the recycling bin, throwing it away

"Ariana" I heard a feminine voice, a very familier feminine voice

I turned to see my mom and became exstatic

"MOM!" I cheered, fast walking up to her

"I  see the boys are in town" She laughed, and engulfed me in a hug

"Well we all missed you. Not to be mean or anything, but why are you here?"

I asked and her face became full of excitement

"We have a concert tonight on the ellen show" She spoke

I was happy, but this is probrably like the 3rd time ive been on the show

I giggled and nodded, and she lit up like a christmas tree

"Oh and guess whos coming?" She spoke and i became confused

"Who? Leah? Family? Friends? Miranda Sings?"

I asked and she giggled, that motherly giggle

"Its Nona" She spoke and i froze, feeling myself tear up in joy

"Ive missed her so much, i havnt seen her in 2 years"

She nodded and sighed, "Shes missed you to"

I giggled and we finally headed inside

"Sorry for the mess, one direction and there girlfriends were here to"

I spoke, picking up some red plastic cups, and throwing them away

"So Louis was here?" My mom asked and i froze, not knowing what she was thinking

I turned, seeing Luke wiggle his eyes behind her

"Yeah" I said trying not to laugh

"How is he? Still with that Elanore girl?" My mom spoke, eyeing me carefully 

"Umm.. no actually.  They broke up just before yesterday"

I spoke and my mom nodded, then began smiling

"He's One very handsome man"

"Mom your married" I spoke, making her laugh

"I know darling, believe me, i know" We laughed together, like old times

At around 7,she had already hung out with the boys

And was now heading off to bed, but not before the midnight tea she usually has

"Ariana" Beau said walking into the kitchen, grabbing a few tissues

"Yes?" I asked cleaning dishes

"You and Louis are perfect together"

I froze, blushing furiously, and turning away so he wouldnt see

"I can tell you guys love eachother, so why arnt you together" He asked

I sighed and looked at him in the eyes

"Its complicated" I spoke and Daniel walked in, chewing down on god knows what

"He was with that girl Elanore remember" He spoke with a full mouth

"Didnt seem like it when you and Louis wer-" Luke cut himself off

My eyes widened and He looked at me scared, covering his mouth

"What did you do?" James asked looking at me concerned

"Its not a big deal" I spoke and They all gathered around me

"Tell us" Jai spoke, making me feel wierd

I began blushing and Luke blurted it out

"She kissed him last night when you guys were sleeping"

I glared at him, and all the boys began to fangirl

I shook my head, rolling my eyes at their sillyness

I washed a couple more plates, while the boys made stories of me a Louis getting married

Soon, it was almost ten, and all the boys were passed out on the couch

I walked up to my room, finding Luke and Coco (My dog)

Asleep on my blow up matress

I walked around them, and opened my droor, to fing a small box

With a heart, and forever sighn ingraved in the wood

I opened it, finding a ticket stub, a stack of pictures, and a camera

I sighed, pulling out the photos, taking off the rubber band around them

I went through them, some of the concerts, some of me nathan and the boys

Some of just me and Louis

But there was one picture that stood out, more than the others

"Me and Louis holding hands, gazing at eachother"

That gaze, the gaze i fell inlove with

The gaze that made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside

I felt my heart begin to pound

Soon I felt hot tears spring down my face, hitting my legs

I wiped the tears away, and set the photos of us in the box

I felt small paws on my lap, and looked down to see coco

I chuckled, playing with him, and kissing his small head

I got ready for bed and laid down almost asleep

And then it hit me....he broke up with her....for me?

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