Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


5. The Dream


I turned to see Louis standing there

His hand out for me to take 

In a plain white room with nothing else in it

I reached out to grab it, only to have my name called again


I turned to see nathan, looking loving, but a devious smirk played on his face

They began calling my name back and forth, 

Over and over again

the constant talking began messing with my brain

My head began to hurt as my mind raced

My ears soon became sore to the sound of my name

"STOP!" I screamed covering my ears

I squeezed my eyes shut , trying to block out the sound

As if on que, the names stopped,

Making me slowly open my eyes, and uncover my ears

I wasnt in the room, i was now laying in the grass

I turned to my left to see Louis looking at me

His blue eyes sprkled from the sunlight

His hand slipped into mine

I turned my head to my right, seeing Elanore 

Her eyes full of jealousy and anger

Soon, my hand was empty and i was left in a white room

I hear a voice say 'your a whore'

then insults began to multiply and my head pounded 






My eyes began to tear

I covered my ears, to block out the sound

the words could still be heard, even if they were muffled

My eyes stung as the tears beaded down my cheek

I opened my now clenched eyes and covered my mouth in fright

Infront of me stood Nathan 

All the boys and Elanore circled around me

They got closer, and closer, and closer...


I woke up, kicking and screaming 

"Ariana!" i turned to see niall by my side, clenching my hand

"Oh god...its just a dream" I breathed out

"Are you ok love?" Zayn asked rubbing his eyes and yawning

"Yeah" I whispered, touching my racing heart

Louis was now leaning towards me on the couch

"You alright love?" He asked interwinding my fingers

Nodding, i stood up, instantly regretting it

My vision had black spots appearing 

And my knees locked, making me fall to the floor

"LOVE!" Harry yelled catching me before i hit the floor


"Im fine guy, really" I spoke and Louis wrapped his arms around my waist

"Just making sure love" He spoke and i smiled

"Thanks" i said laying my head on his shoulder

"Were gonna go get somthing to eat, come with?"

Everyone but Louis stood up and i shook my head no

"Im good" I said patting the pillow next to me

"Me too" Louis spoke and i turned to him

"Whatever floats your boat" Harry chirpped and closed the door

I giggled, and Louis laughed along with me

"Love" He said and i looked at his goofy smile

"Lets experament with food" He exclaimed and i lilghtly giggled

He grabbed my hand, and dragged me towards the kitchen


"Good right" Louis said

shoving whip cream and some creamy substance in my mouth

I laughed and took the cream off my nose and cheek

"Totally" I said giggled and we backed up to the counter

He put his arm beside me, trying to steady himself  from his laughter

I put my hand on my stumach, catching my breath

Once i did, i noticed how close we were, and so did he

There was a slight heavy breathing pause

I looked at his lips, and they twitched slightly

When i looked at his eyes, his eyes were on my lips

He met my eyes and we quickly attacked eachothers lips

Our lips moved in motion, and my body began to lean into his

His hands touched my hips, bringing me towards him

even more, if thaat was even possible

wrapped my arms around his neck 

I jumped on the counter and our heads bobbed back and forth

This is what in needed, what ive wanted, what ive craved

for the longest time, ive daydreamed about this

and now its happening

(lol my song daydreamin' is about Louis)

I put my hand on his heart, feeling it pound unconrtolably

He felt mine, and im sure as hell it felt the same

The thoughts of the dream flooded into my head

The names, the leaving,....elanore

Once she popped in my head, I stopped kissing him and shoved him off

"Ariana?" He questioned and  i felt tears build up in my eyes

My mind began to race and my breath quickened

"Ariana are you ok?" He asked and i felt tears sting my eyes once again

Soon it all faded and iv couldnt control my mind and my body once again


"So shes ok?" My mother asked 

"Shes alright mom" Frankie stated

"They said shes suffering from depression" Louis's voice echo'd

"Shes awake" Niall seemed to be the closest to me

I felt a hand grab mine and my eyes stung from the bright light

"Get the light out of her face" My mom ordered and sure enough, it became dimmer

"Honey" My mom said running towards me

"Im fine" I giggled and sat up, feeling my side hurt

"Ow" I whispered and Louis walked towards me

"You fell on your side"

I chuckled "Clumsy me, always falling" 

Well i guess trying to ease the tension in the room didnt work

at all...


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