Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


16. The Answer

I walked down the Park, with my thick winter coat and scarf keeping me from freezing

The sun shun so brightly

So beautifully

But the cold front causes it to be freezing out

Everything seemed to perfect, but my mind still distraut

My footsteps were loud, due to my wearing heels and crunchy leaves

Id have to say, this has been the most stressful 3 days in my life

I told Louis id think about it...but what if we cant seperate?

What if it gets to hard to be apart, or to be together?

What if i get pregnant? What about my career?

I breathed out, not wanting to be stressed at such a pretty sight

I looked towards the small park in the middle of the pure green grass

The swings with families having fun

I smiled and felt my stumache warm

That could be me and Louis with our baby?

Wed have big blue eyed babies with baby cheeks

I giggled at the thought of having a kid, and took a sip of my now warm coffee

Everythings happening so fast

It seems as if just last week, i was in my freshman year of highschool

Now here i am, growing up, 20, and maybe engaged


Such a sweet and scary word at the same time

My stumach flipped and i began to see the gates from my house

Im almost home, almost at the place were ill deny or accept Louis purposal

The answer hes been waiting for for 3 days

I sighed, walking slower, but still walking

My coffee was half empty and it was starting to get cold

I chugged the rest down and by the end, i realized i was next to my gates

I gazed at the house that i was scared to step in

I entered the seciruty code

I stepped inside the gates, closing it behind me 

Walking down the sidewalk never seemed so scary

To pass by the multi colored pebbles  never made me so nervous

The beggining of the pourch steps came into view

I began to feel my heart race and Opened the door

It rivealed Louis nervously staring at the floor while sitting on my couch

"Louis" I breathed out and he stood up pacing towards me

"Ariana" He said wrapping his arms around me in a hug

"Louis, i love you, and your the love of my life" I spoke, tears welling up in my eyes

"Does that mean?" He said, breathing out, creating a pause

I bit my quivering lip, smiling while tears welled up in my eyes more

I nodded furiously and he looked at me in disbelief

We began laughing and finally he engulfed me into a hug

"I love you" I whispered feeling a tear roll down my cheek

"I love you more than anything" He softly spoke, kissing my lightly

This is where i belong

This is where im ment to be

And this is where ill stay

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