Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


2. That Night

I was slipping on my pumps, thinking about what could go wrong

He could kiss me, and that would be cheating

Nah, he has a girlfriend, im pretty sure he wouldnt do that

I slipped on my other pump and looked in the mirror, fixing my jeans

KNOCK! KNOCK! "Can i come in?" Harry's Voice called out and i smiled

"Sure" I  said grabbing some pearl earings

"So..." He sat on my bed and watched my every move "Nathans here"

I froze and stood there, eyeing him through the mirror uncomfertably

"What is he doing here?" I asked and he smiled "Niall invited him"

I nodded, gulping and then resting my hands on the dresser

"We should get downstairs" I suggested, pulling my phone off its charger


I quickly jogged down the stairs step by step, making sure i didnt fall

"Hey babe" Nathan said, with a smile ear to ear

"Hey " I said laughing awkwardly and widening my eyes

"You look lovely "He said inspecting my outfit and i blushed

A cleared throat made me turn my head, seeing that Louis did it

"You guys ready to go?" He asked turning his eyes away from us

"Yeah!" everyone cheered and i was thrown over Frankies shoulder

"FRANKIE!" I yelled and he chuckled running with me in his arms



I began to freak out as we reached the front of the Line

"Louis..." I whispered, and began trembling

"Yeah?" his eyes scanned over the line, then landed on me

"Im scared..." I said and watched the seats ride up

"Dont worry" He whispered and grabbed my hand "I got you

He dragged me to the seat behind Harry and Liam 

They came, and buckled our seatbelts and i began to get nervous

He interwinded our fingers and rubbed his thumb over mine

"Ready?" He asked and i looked at him, in the eyes

He smiled his sweet goofy, caring smile

I blushed and he kissed our interwined hands, making me feel a little better

Then the seats began to rattle, and i tensed up, clenching the seat bars tightly

I looked at the now moving rollercoaster and he threw his free hand up



I giggled and we exited the rides gates, hand in hand

"What is this?" A voice said and i turned to see Nathan eyeing me and Louis

I quickly threw his hand off and gulped as he walked closer

"I got scared on the ride, so he comferted me" I whispered and he chuckeld

"Good" He said wrapping his arm around me, yanking me from Louis

I turned to see Louis with narrowed eyes watching us walk away


As soon as we all got back to the house, the boys rushed to my fridge

I giggled and Nathan walked into the movie room, on his phone

Like always

I rolled my eyes and turned to the full shelf, looking for a movie

"Ariana" He said, and i turned looking at his stern face

"I have to go "He said and with that , he pushed passed me, walking off to the living room

I sighed now dissapointed in what just happened

"Hey" I jumped, dropping the few movie cases i had

I turned to see Louis standing there, one hand behind his head

He leaned against the door frame and half smiled, seeing what just happened

"Thank god its just you" I whispered before, laughing and picking up the movies

A movie case moved infront of my eyes, and looked to see Louis kneeling down by me

"Thanks" I said and grabbed the cd, brushing his hand

My finger sparked and i blushed moving my hair behind my shoulders

"You dont diserve that" He whispered and looked me in the eyes

I shrugged and he smiled at the ground nervously

"Dont do that" i whispered and he looked at me confused

"Your smile, its cute, dont hide it" I said and he looked me in the eyes

It was silent, and i swore i could see him lean in untill...


 Liam an Zayn yelled from the living room,and i laughed

"WERE COMING!" I sang and grabbed Louis hand and we ran to the living room

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