Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


4. Nathan

The boys have been nothing but nice since my fight with nathan

Tonight was an amaizing night, due to the fact that me and Harry went to eat at marble slab

I had just been dropped off at home, and now i was walking up to my door

I see a car slide up to my gate and my gate opens

My heart began to race in fear, and my hands trembled as i opened my purse to find my keys

"Ariana" Nathans voice called, making me freeze

"Ari..." His voice came closer and quickly his breath was hitting my ear

His hand gently grabbed mine, making my hands stop trembling

"Can we talk?" He asked and i turned looking at his sorrowful eyes

I sighed opening the door, and he stepped infront of me

He grabbed my hand, leading me inside and i winced at his grip

"What?" I asked taking my hand away from his grip

"Im Sorry for acting like a jackass" He said leaning on one leg

I rolled my eyes,setting my purse down on the couch

"We need to talk" He stated, sitting next to me on the couch

"About?" I asked and he cleared his throught, making himself comfertable

Preparing his voice to talk

As soon as he was comfertable, he sighed looking in my eyes

"I dont like you hanging around them" He whispered grabbing my hand

I made a scoff, pulling away my hand from him, only to get my wrist grabbed

"Ow" I winced from how tight his grasp was, feeling like he would brake me

"Listen to me" He said coldly and sternly, not letting go

"Nathan" I whimpered with my bottom lip quivering "Your..-"

"Im what!?!?" He asked angrily, scaring me 

"Your hurting me.." I said with tears falling from my eyes as i shook in fear

He let go, and i quickly moved to the edge of the couch

"Love...." He whispered and i store into his now sorrowful eyes

"Im sorry" He spoke and moved closer to me

My heart raced, and so did my mind with thoughts of him hurting me

But instead, he put his lips on mine, like he had 20 million other times

I pulled away, wipping my tears, and he pulled me into a hugg

I gave in not wanting to make him anymore mad than he was

But i didnt feel happy, i felt guilty, but why would i feel guilty?

If nathans my boyfriend, why would i feel quilty hugging him?

Then the memories flooded into my head, the memories of Louis

Our first kiss, our first i love you's, and our first meeting

Even if it did end up with both of us knocked on the ground

"Love" my mind snapped back into reality and nathan sat there

With the most confused face i had ever seen in my life


"I love you" Nathan spoke and leaned in for a kiss

I turned my head, and he kissed my cheek, not wanting to feel his lips

From the guy who just left hand prints on my amrs

It would just be pityful for me

I closed the door, letting the silence fill the room, feeling comfertable that he was gone

Soon, a patter came from down the stairs, and coco ran up to me with a note

"What is it girl?" i asked in my baby voice, since i was alone

I grabbed the note from her collar and opened it simply

'The Park closest to your house. tommarow 11 pm. Love, Louis <3'

I giggled and took off my shoes, wincing at the bruise Nathan had just left

I walked into my room, seeing the pictures of me and Louis plastered on the walls

I began to feel my heart throb in pain as i rewinded my thoughts

I threw myself on the bed, not wanting to think anymore, just sleep

As soon as i felt my eyes get heavy, i let myself fall into a peaceful sleep

only to have Louis as the last thought in my head

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