Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


10. Love is a win or lose

I cant seem to wrap my head around this

Isnt this what i wanted

Didnt i want him to be mine

To be loving me and kissing me 

To be holding me

But this isnt right, cheating is wrong

And now it must stop

It is gonna come to an end

And im going to end

I walked up to Louis and he looked at me sadly

"We cant see eachother anymore"

With that he walked off, not saying another word

That was easier than expected


"So he just told you it was over?" Frankie asked and i nodded

"Wow..." He spoke and i sighed, taking another sip of water

"I hate being inlove with him" I groaned "Still"

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into a cuddle

"We can be lonley together, and watch some spongebob"

I chuckled and nodded, Frankie sure knows how to cheer me up


The movie had ended, and frankie fell asleep behind me

So i decided to make myself useful

I walked out to the mailbox, checking if my new chanel came in

I opened it, to find a letter with an A on the cover

IT was quickly scribbled, in cursive, but sloppy

I took the thick white envelope out, and the papers that were always there

I headed straight for the backyard, and sat by the unused pool

I opened the letter carefully and my heart stopped


Hello Love

I know your wondering, why am i getting this?

Well, it to tell you some very important news,

And your a part of it.

Im gonna tell you straight up whats going on.

Were coming to LA to visit you.

And better yet, were gonna suprise you when you least expect it.

So watch out, keep us in the back of your mind

-Love, The Janoskians


I giggled, closing the letter, and a small piece of paper fell out

I bent down and picked it up, to see a ticket

With the words #NotABoyBand

A concet ticket? Nice one boys

I closed the letter, and pulled out my phone


I turned to see Louis standing there

"Louis! what are you doing here?"

"We need to talk" he stated

I nodded, knowing that we truley did


I sat next to him, dipping my feet in the semi-cold water


I kicked the water, and hummed as if saying 'go on'

"I wish i could just rewind time..."

His voice was soft and low

"Why is that?"

He store off into the water, and spoke again

"When my eyes first met your, you were everything.."

I bit my lip, feeling it start to quiver

"And when i told you i loved you....i ment it with everything...."

"But where is that everything now"

I felt a tear escape my eyes, and my eyes were now glossy

And filled with tears 

I wiped my tear away and he sighed

"I want to love you..." 

He whispered and i sniffled

"But i dont want to hurt anyone , and loving you will do that"

I began to lightly sob, turning away from him

"Dont cry..." He spoke, pulling me into his embrace

"If you loved me more than her..." I paused and he looked confused

"Wouldnt she understand....."

"Shed be broken" He whispered and i nodded

"Well....." I paused and went on "Im going to bed..."

I then remembered the boys coming and turned

"We can have a party sometime, jai and the boys are coming"

He nodded, and i shrugged, not knowing how to say goodbye

I walked away, and went inside, feeling tears well up

Why cant i just be normal

No papz

No drama

I hate the life in the fame..

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