Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


7. Louis

His hand fit in my perfectly

And his lips moved magically with mine

Well....when things were amazing

When i didnt spend every waking minuet wishing i could rewind time

He smiled down at me, as we slow danced to Ed

Ed sheeran ofcoarse

. "Ariana"

He whispered and i gazed up into his water blue eyes

"Yes?" I whispered

"I love you"


*5 hours before*


"We are invited to a October bash with performances by

Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, and Selena Gomez"

Zayn exclaimed and ran toward all of us

"What?" Liam asked confused

"Really?"Niall picthed in

"FUCK YEAH!" Harry cheered I giggled and Looked at Louis

To see him deep in thought It may be about Elanore

She did leave back to London 2 days ago

He could just be missing her It makes me so sad to see him like this

But its also kind of a relief If she were here, she wouldve caught me staring by now

He quickly glanced at me, and i snapped my head away

"Whats the theme?"I asked and Zayn examined the card

Good save Ari

"Masquerade" I squeeled in excitment and jumped into Nialls arms

Im able to do that now, due to the public starting a rumor

Which consist of me and Nathan breaking up

So we did, making it not a rumor

"You all have a plus one" He said and they all nodded

I turned towards louis, wondering if he'll want to go

To find him already staring at me



"Which one are you getting" Louis said making me jump

I turned to see his face, and i calmed immediately

"Oh, this one"

I picked up a white mask with cream lacing and a few pearls

"Wow" He spoke in a gasp tone

"Thats what i said" I laughed, putting it in the carry basket

"So..."He spoke and i lifted an eyebrow

He looked at his feet, and his cheeks turned red

"Uhmm...I need to ask you som-" He was cutt off by the boys

"Ariana" They callled, and niall grabbed my arm, dragging me

I was greeted by the most feminine dress ive ever seen

"It's beautiful "

i spoke and they grabbed it, pushing me towards the dressing room


We entered Louis's flat, finding a couple baskets 

Filled with small colored candies

I giggled as the boys scattered around finding their basket


"Ariana" Harry spoke and i looked up to see Harry next to me

"Yes?" I asked and he smiled nervously

"Well since were both single and have no dates, wanna go to the bash with me?"

"Sure" I answered with a small smile and he hugged me tight

I looked over his shoulder to see  Louis staring at me


Grabbing my curling iron, i walked into the restroom.

My phone buzzed, but stopped and a missed call popped up on the screen

I slid the arrow, and unlocked it, calling them back



'Harry! Why are you calling me! im gonna see you in 2 hours'

'just wanted to make sure your getting ready'

I giggled and shook my head

'goodbye harry'

I  hung up and began curling my hair


I smiled revealing myself in the mirror

I looked amaizing, and im not afraid to admit it

I put my mask on and breathed out heavily

Once i  left, i headed to Harry's flat, which he shared with Louis

But he told me Louis was at the party, so i dont have to ruin the suprise

"Ready?" I nodded and he chuckled

"Lets go"


The place was filled with halloween decor and glitter

I watched as the boys all joked, while me and Harry slow danced

I pulled away from the position and looked him in the eyes

I saw the look of dissapointment on his face

My heart quickly shattered ,making me pull away

Harry was obviously suprised by the look on his face

"Ariana, are you ok?" He asked and i couldnt speak


I took off dissapearing  into the maze called a mansion


So many emotions flooded in my head

Why cant he just be happy im being treated like a princess

Why cant he just stop caring 

So ill stop caring about him

Why do i have to feel this way

"Ariana" Louis's Familiar voice said, snapping me out of thought 

I stopped, catching a breath, turning to see his worried face

"Dont look at me like that" I spoke turning away from him

"what do you mean?" He asked, grabbing my wrist

"I mean....." My voice broke

Why am i acting like this?

Why am i being so dramatic?

For some reason i want this

I want to do this

"Why cant you just stop caring about me.."

He looked at me confused

"If you would just stop caring, maybe i wouldnt love you"

He looked hurt and broken

"You love me?"


I stood in shock

Did i really just tell him that?

"yes" I whispered....not knowing what to say

He stayed silent and i chuckled

"Ofcoarse, i shouldve known. What was i hoping for?

That you would say 'oh Ari, i love you to'"

I said nearly bawling my eyes out

But he stayed silent once again

"Thats what i thought"


A couple of martini's and a shot of vadka later


Id say that this was helping

But id be lying 

This just makes things so much worst

I wobbled out of the stool, to see Channing Tatum and his wife laughing together

Like a loving family, god this is depressing

As i got further into the crowd, i saw harry

Harry....and Taylor

I shielded my eyes, shoving myself between and past them

"Ari" But his voice was far to muffled

From the pounding in my head

I rushed towards the door, as i began to breath quickly

I felt like passing out....like when i did a while back..

I finally made it out of the door, to find a empty parking lot

i wobbled further into the parking lot, hearing the loud music thump

I soon stopped walking, and ended up on the sidewalk

I dont know what to do, what if i just ruin my friendship

I saw the doors open, and then again stood Louis

I ignored him

But laughed lightly, in disbelief that hes actually here

II store off into the stars, wondering

Do they shine out for me?

I felt him sit next to me

"Beautiful right?" 

I smiled, and looked down

The drowsiness not alowing me to talk

"You know, i do"

He said, picking at a leaf he just pulled from the floor

"You do what?" I blurted out

He chuckled, staring down at the leaf

"I do love you"

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