Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


17. Its Alright {Red}

I sighed looking down at the ring on my finger

Its been all over the media already the day i got it

I felt myself begin to smile, and my cheeks warmed

"Heres your waffles, and your hashbrowns, are you sure you dont want bacon?"

The lady asked raising an eyebrow

"You need to put some meat on them bones" 

Laughing, i shook my head no, as a response to her question

"Ooohhh girl, thats one big rock" 

She grabbed my hand and studied my ring carefully

"Must have been alot of money, hes a keeper"

She winked at me and i laughed a little harder

"Are you old enough to get married? You look 15"

She spoke, making me blush

"Actually, im 20" My voice suprised her and she looked taken back

"Well missy you sound like Maria Cary" 

I wanted to roll my eyes as usuall, but this lady was being nice

"I get told that alot" I spoke and she jumped from the sudden call of her name


The manager said and she rolled her eyes

"Do you want any coffee?"

She asked pulling out her notepad so it looked like she was doing somthing

"Yes, please" I said with a warm smile

"Be right back" She said walking away and i smiled


"Ariana" I heard a familier voice call and i turned my head to see nathan

"Hi" I faked a happy smile and he walked up, also faking one

"What are you doing here, alone?" He asked confused

"Just grabbing a bite to eat before heading to the studio" I spoke

He nodded, knowing where i came from

"So, Are you really engaged?" He asked, sadness written on his face

I nodded, placing my hand on the table to show him

He looked down, so i couldnt see his face

I heard sniffling and began feeling sad

He looked up, and put the window with his chin in the palm of his hand

His eyes were red, lips were quivering, and tears streamed down his face

"Nathan..." I paused and he shook his head side to side

"Im just being selfish, i wouldnt expect you to wait for me for the way i was acting"

He said, chuckling then sniffling

"Im happy for you" He said softly and smiled generously

"Thank you" I said, looking down at my skirt,dusting it off

"Your going to be a beautiful bride"

My cheeks flushed and he wiped away the tears hed just cried

I took the last bite of my waffle, and picked a small piece of hashbrown


"Ariana" He spoke once again and i looked up to see him smiling

"What?" I asked and he chuckled making me smile

"Just wanted to see you smile" I laughed and he just smiled

"Heres your check, is this your fiance?" 

My eyes widened and he spoke the words in my head

"no no,were just friend"

I sighed, happy he didnt say we were like he wouldve 5 months ago

"Oh ok, thanks for coming, come again" the nice lady spoke

"Well i should get going" I spoke, standing up , grabbing my ipod and phone

He nodded and smiled widley


I got home, finding a not posted on the door

"Come to the bedroom ;) -Louis"

I smiled, shaking my head at his sillyness and walked in

I looked down revealing a row of rose petals

I followed them up to the room, and saw Louis sitting ,on his phone

"Hey" I spoke, and he looked up, with a happy look

"Hey beautiful" He spoke, walking towards me and kissing me

I smiled into the kiss, and he pulled away, looking at me

He kept staring at me for a moment and i began to get confused

"What?" I asked and he smirked

"Your just so perfect, im one lucky man"

I blushed and he chuckled

"Your my squishy" He said walking behind me, wrapping his arms around me

"Your my bubba" I spoke and he chuckled, kissing my cheek

"Ima take a shower" He spoke, letting me go and walking to the dresser

I dont know what came over me, but i never thought id say this


Warning: Red


"Louis" I spoke and he looked at me, with a 'go on' look

"Can i take a shower with you?"

He looked taken back, but then nodded

I smiled,feeling my stumach flip, which he only has the ability to do

I walked next  to him, pulling some sweats and a sweater from the droor

I grabbed a towel and a pair of underwear with a bra

I started the shower, and laid out my washes 

Beggining undressing, i realized this is the first time ill ever see him..yeah

my cheeks flushed at the thought of it

Soon, the water was warm enough to get in

As i entered, the water it my back, making me relax

I turned to where it was hitting the front of my face

I head the curtain open and turned to see Louis

We store into eachothers eyes, and began smiling

He leaned in, and i closed the kiss

My hands tangled in his now soaked hair,

While his hands touched my waist

His tounge slipped in my mouth, causing me to slightly smile

His hands roamed my body, and eventually got to my chest

I breathed in, felling the butterflies roam my stumach

He finally touched me, causing me to moan

He began kissing my neck, and i grabbed onto him tightly

Soon, He was making love marks on my,

and my nails were digging into his back

I felt him hit my hip and he stopped and i smiled 

I gave him to look that it was ok, and he nodded

He went lower, and lower till he reached my thighs

I moaned slightly, and he kissed me hard

He slipped his fingers in, making me dig my nails deeper in his back

He moaned as i sucked on his neck, 

He lifted me, putting me against the cold tile wall

I gasped in shock, but he closed my mouth by kissing me

He looked down fixing himself at my entrance

"Ariana" He spoke stopping and i looked in his eyes

"Yeah?" I asked smiling at our current situation

"I love you" He spoke, bodly and Truley

" I love you more than anything" I breathed

He smiled, and enterd in causing me to gasp once again

He thrusted softly, and kissed my neck soothingly

He thrusted more and more, and i threw my head back, moaning

He began to go faster and i scratched his back from digging my nails to deep

"Fuck" I whispered and he still went on

This was my first time with him ever

This was the best moment of my life


We washed eachother, smiling from how tired we were

Once we were fully washed and done rinsing, Louis turned off the water

He wrapped his towel around me, and kissed my forhead

I got ready for a lazy day,  putting on my underwear and bra

I wrapped my hair in the towel and put on my sweats 

I got downstairs and began making 2 sandwiches while louis got ready

This is how being married feels

And if its with him, i dont mind this for the rest of my life

I took out the ham ,cheese, and mayo


I happily skipped to the door and called out "Ill get it"

I opened it to find the famous british model standing at my door


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