Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


6. Home

No ones ever looked so beautiful and lovley

The way he threw his head back when he laughed

and his eyes sparkled brightly through from the suns light

I cant help but stare at his elegancy

He looked so happy and joyful

His tight smile turned into a smirk as he laid back on a towel...with her

I snapped out of it, when Niall called my name

"Yes?"I asked and he handed me  aplate

"Here you go, beautiful" I smiled kissed his cheek 

"Thank you"

I leaned back on Nathan, and he took an pinapple slice 

"You know love" His mouth was full, so it was muffled

"You can go swimming with me, if you like" He said chewing down at his stolen slice

"Alright, you have to wait a while tho, you just ate smart one"

He stuck his tongue out at me and i laughed,turning my head back at the water

Only to see the sight of the man i love, and the women he did

My heart shattered and i remembered the night before i blacked out

Nathan began to shuffle under me, so i sat up and he smiled

"Wanna go swimming?" 

I nodded, knowing how much he loved water fights

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out towards the water

I bursted out laughing and he flung me over his shoulder

He ran untill he was thigh deep in water and threw me in

I held my breath, and once the water hit my skin, shivers went through my body

I shot up, and took in a deep breath

Nathan picked me up and hugged me, warming the water around me

He linked out hands, and we walked down till our waist were under water

I my eyes wondered to Louis and Elanore, he was no longer paying attention to her

He was carefully watching us

I felt Nathan hand grab my waist, pulling me onto his lap

He smiled and pulled me in for a kiss

Which  i couldnt refuse, because we were in public

Once our lips touched he pulled me closer, making it awkward

I pulled away and smiled slightly, hiding the fact that i felt sick

We swam around for about thirty minuets, and went ashore

once the boys called out to leave

We ran to the car, and he got in before me

Once again, becoming his jerk self once he got out of the sight of Papz

"Love" Harry said and i looked at him, while liam moved under me

"Yes?" I asked he smiled "Ice cream?" 

I squeeled and smiled brightly as i nodded


Once we got home, i threw my empty baskin robins cup away

"Ariana" I whipped my head around to see a unhappy Louis

Which is unusual..

"Can we talk?" He asked and i raised my eyebrow and nodded

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