Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


3. Good Morning

"Ariana" I cringed at the bright lights burning my eyes

As i turned away, I felt arms grab my waist, throwing me over their shoulders

"Put me down" I groaned bearly audible

I soon was thrown onto my familiar feeling couch and sat on

"COME ON BESTIE!! GET UP!!" Niall said and i giggled turning over to hide me face

"I dont want to" My voice was raspy and soft due to just waking up

"Come one, pweese for me!?!?!" I could tell he was begging by the sound of his voice

I laughed, causing him to start shaking and pushed him off my tummy

"Im up, im up" I said sitting up, rubbing my now hard lashes from mascara

"LOVE!!!" Zayn said running from the Kitchen, into the living room

"Yes?" He jumped to the spot next to me, where i had just pushed Niall

"Ow.." Niall groaned sitting up and sticking out his tongue at me

"Yes?"I asked Zayn turning to his direction

"We're going to a photo shoot, wanna come and model for some pictures?" 

He batted his eyelashed about a dozen times and gave me a innocent smile

I nodded, wide smiled, and rubbed my tummy

"Im hungry" I stated and right away, Louis walked in with a tray

"Orange juice, some water, and yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and granola"

I blushed at how nice the boys were being

"AND!!" Harry pitched in, running in from the front door

"A good morning hugg" He opened his arms wide open, and i gladly took it

A clear throat interupted my hug, causing me to turn around

Nathan stood there with a cold glare boring into my head

"Hey Nathan" I said softly, moving my sloppy hair behind my ear

"I think we should leave" Niall pitched in, not wanting to start anything

"Ok.." I whispered and they all waved while grabbing their stuff and leaving

"BYE GUYS!" I exclaimed as they exited the front door.

"Im sorry" I said trembling, a tear rolling down my cheek

"I dont give a fuck anymore you little twat" He said walking out slamming the door

I began to sob and the house soon felt lonley

My sobs echoed through out the empty hallways and staircase

For a while, it felt like no one would cry with me

Like no one cared how i felt

But i knew deep down i hade people who loved me

But i always seem to somehow screw things up...don't i


Soon a banging at the door interupted my crying and i stood up, wiping my eyes

"Who is it?" I ask and no answer came from the door

I walked up to the door, and opened it, scared my eyes would be puffy

"Hello?" soon a pair of arms were wrapped around me, holding me tight

"Are you ok?" Liam asked and i sighed, holding onto his grip

"Yeah.." I breathed and he held me even tighter 

"Love your shaking" He whispered , pulling away and studying my face

"WHAT DID HE DO!" Zayns voice came from behind"ILL KILL HIM"

I giggled and shook my head,  at his overprotectiveness

Niall and Harry emerged from the car, and then last came Louis

His eyes drooped low, like if he were a sad puppy

My attention turned to Niall, who had his face dug into my neck

"You look terrible" I giggled and he looked at me confused

"Thanks, cause thats what every girl wants to hear" His cheeks turned red in embarassment

"Love..." Louis carefully took niall away from me, and hugged me 

"Yes?" I asked while my knees melted in his grip

"Ill never let him hurt you.." He whispered in my hair

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