Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


9. Cory

Its been a week since i found out about his death

And today...is his funeral

"Ariana" Harry spoke softly

I turned to see him in his tux and smiled walking up to him

His bow tie was so messed up

"Your gonna have to learn to do this" i said jokingly

"Well its hard" I smirked, touching up the bow

"Are you ready" He said looking in my eyes

"well..." I looked down "We all have to go through this one way or another"

He nodded, and i felt tears well up in my eyes

"Come here" He whispered pulling me into a hug

I began to sob and he sniffled in my hair

I felt more people wrapping their arms around us

"Lets get going guys" Niall said, sniffling also

Liam put his hand on Harrys shoulder

And louis grabbed my hand

Soon we were put the door, and my phone rung

It was Leah

'Hey, are you almost here?'

'Yeah, were on our way'

'k, thank you guys so much for coming. Cory wouldve been happy'

I felt myself stiffen from the tears building

'I love you Leah'

I spoke and she sniffled 'I love you to Ari'


We entered the church, to find a flag covering Cory's casket

I began to break, as i turned and tried to run out of the room

But Zayn caught me, and i shook in his grip

"Do it for cory" He spoke in my ear and i nodded

I turned to see Leah's head sitting in the benches

I prepared myself and walked up to her

"Leah.." She turned with her mascara running down her face

I waved to the rest of the glee cast, and she stood up, wipping her tears from her eyes

"Hey beautiful" I said, bringing her into a hug

She sniffled, and smile, wipping another tear

"hey, how are you?" She asked and i smiled

"Im good, Leah.." There was a slight pause

But that pause was to long, because befor i knew it, she was bawling

I pulled her into a hug, and her tears soaked into my dress

"Its ok" i whispered rubbing her back

She pulled back and laughed, wipping more of her tears

"Lets go see Cory's family"

I nodded, and we walked up to the montieth family


After the Funeral, we walked to the wendys up the street

Me and Leah joking around so that we could distract ourselves

Louis seemed so distant tho

And that just made me think even worst than i was already

Leah went home, and so did i

But the boys apperantly came with me, because they wanted to keep my company


I threw my bag on the couch, and ignored everyone 

Once i got upstairs, i sat on my bed feeling bummed

Sighing, i laid back. Turning on the blu-ray and turned on glee

Might as well watch him sing, when he was alive

In the middle of the glee 'justin bieber' show, my door opened

"Ariana" Louis spoke and i smiled, still looking at my screen

"yes?" I sang and he chuckled, sitting next to me, looking at the tv

"So much potential gone to waste" He whispered

I nodded, and turned off the tv from the remote

"So what did you want?" I asked innocently

"We have to talk about the other night" He whispered and i sighed

"I get it" I paused and figated with my fingers while my stumach dropped

"I cant tell anyone because El will find out, and then the paperazzi will ma-"

I was cutt off by his lips slamming into mine

He leaned more into me, and put his hands on my cheek

This took me by suprise, so it took a while for me to wrap my head around it

"Kiss me back" He whispered eagerly

I snapped out of thought, and kissed him back with full passion

He pulled away and i store into his eyes, confused and dazed

"You have a girlfriend" I whispered and he sighed, standing up

"I thought i should show you that i love you,so that you dont think i was lying"

I swallowed and he walked out not saying another word

The boys came in to tell me they were leaving 

And on his way out, Louis gave me a kiss, not caring if the boys could see

This is what i was scared of, and its happening

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