Honeymoon Ave

Ariana is in Atlanta now..And One direction had just moved into town. Will Louis and Ariana find thier old love? Or will Nathans coming back become a problem for Louis?


19. 2 weeks later

"So you guys took a shower together?" Frankie asked and i nodded

"Must've been hot" I chuckled, nudging his side with my elbow playfully

"Well you should check before he gets home" He spoke, standing up

"Where are you going?" I asked, worry in my voice

"To go get some ice cream and chocolate" 

I smiled and he grabbed his keys, and kissed my head

"Ill be back" He turned and headed out the door

Looks like im all alone now, by myself

I sighed and store at the box in my hand

"Lets do this"I  spoke to myself, and my stumach flopped

I opened the box, pulling out a white stick with a purple tip

Sighing, i pulled the cap off the part i use

Taking a cup, i began to down 2 cups of water


I sat there scrolling through my iphone and then, the timer popped up on my screen

I breathed out, feeling my heart begin to pound

I picked up the stick and gasped, suddenly smiling

"Im pregnant" I spoke more in excitement

"Your what?" Louis asked and opened the door 

"Louis" I widened my eyes, and looked at his confused eyes

His eyes fell to the pregnancy test on the sink, with a dark posetive sign

"Im....the dad?" I nodded, fear written completely all over my face

"Im a dad" His lips spread into a wide smile, but i still felt uncertain

"Were gonna be a family" He spoke, obviously happy

I smiled, standing up, and being quickly engulfed in a hug

"Were having a baby" I whispered and he smirked 

"Lets celebrate" He spoke happily and grabbed my hand


We entered the house after dinner, to find Balloons at our feet

"SUPRISE!" The lights switched on to mine and Louis's family

With zayn, niall, liam, and Harry

I giggled, hugging all of them, happy they were happy

"Whats the name gonna be?" Harry asked and i smirked

"If its a girl, Cat Marie Tomlinson, due to my tv character" I giggled

"And if its a boy" I spoke, pausing and turning to Louis, giving him a smile

"His name will be Louis William Tomlinson"

His eyes lightened, and smiled at me,

His dads words travled through the room 

"Shes my daughter in law, and your my son, ill do anything for you guys"

He then paused and raised his wine glass at me

"And my grand-child"


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