Deep: A Survival Story

Samantha James, a normal teenager, is forced to form a survival group to stay alive when the zombie apocalypse hits her home town, Sunset valley. Will they turn on each other, wipe out the zombies or will they be wiped out? Find out as you take a glimpse into Sam's past and see if she makes it past the apocalypse.


1. Sam

I look down at my feet, and then back at the brand new mirror in my room. I stared at my reflection confidently and then turned around. I walk slowly to my dresser and open the top right drawer. Inside was a curling iron, a pile of books, and a bag about the size of a makeup pouch, labeled with my name, Samantha James. I reach inside the bag, whose edges are warn out and torn, and pull out my "spy equipment". After making sure nothing is missing, I put the bag inside my backpack and zip it up. I always carry it around with me just in case.I found it one day walking home from school, next to a building.

When I'm sure I'm ready to leave for school, I grab my backpack and close my door. I walk towards the kitchen and see that my mom is awake. She and my dad adopted me when I was 11, about three and a half years ago. I was lucky to get adopted at that age because most people are looking to adopt babies.

"Hi Mom!" I say cheerfully.

"Morning Sam!" She replies, looking up from her coffee.

I eat a banana, a piece of toast and a glass of juice before I leave.

"Bye," I say as a plant a kiss on my mom"s cheek.

"Bye sweetie." she says back

It takes me about 5 minutes to get to school from my house, so I get to school in no time. I say hi to about 7 people on my way to my locker. Of course, standing next to my locker is Tabitha, my best friend.

' Hi" I exclaim.

"Whats up Sam," she practically yells.

"Nothing much" I reply

"Hey, can I see your math homework? I need answers from Mrs. straight A student." Tabitha says quieter.

I take out my homework for Mr. Singer's 9th grade class and let Tabitha "check her answers". The bell rings and I walk to class with Tabitha. We sit in our seats and wait for class to start.

"Ew look what Sams wearing" a voice from behind me whispers. 

Just then, Ally, the school "mean girl", walks up to me.

"Oh my gosh Sam! where'd you get your outfit? the trash? my dog dresses better than you!" Ally says, holding on to her designer hand bag.

"I... um.... i...--"  The bell rings and Mr Singer comes in.

"Hi Mr. Singer! I love your tie!" Ally stated, obviously kissing up to him.

"Hello Ally! Good morning class!" he mutters.

I raise my hand and Mr. Singer walks towards me

"Yes Sam?"

"Can I go to the restroom?"

"Go ahead." he says, noticing the tears on my face and realizing what had happened.

I run all the way to the bathroom, sit down and start crying. In a little while I notice Tabitha trying to sneak up on me. I can see her red flats and the skirt of her dress under the stall door. I look down at my watch and realize I've been sitting here for 15 minute.

"Sam, come on. you have to get to cla---"

Suddenly, I hear an ear-peircing scream from down the hall.

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