Same Love <3

Nick and Jason were best friends but what happens when it might be more than a friendship? What will Nick's girlfriend Taylor think?


12. worried

Nick 's P.O.V

I looked at Jason's body his eyes brown eyes were still open. "Oh oh oh oh what what nooo what  did I dooo noo!!" I yelled. "Jason! Stay alive stay alive!! Please sorry please nooo!" I cried. I put my head on his chest "I'm so sorry" I said again. 

I loved him how can I do that why did I do that why! I thought. I was gonna run away but I thought I can't leave him ever. I stayed with him for about five minutes. 

"What the fuck did you do!" I heard Taylor's voice."It's not what it looks like" I said. She ran to Jason's body she started to cry. "You killed him really!" She yelled and cried at the same time. "It was an accident" I said. "You shot him twice how is that an accident!" She yelled. "I didn't mean it" I said. "Well it happen and now he's dead" she said. "Well" I said. "Well? Wait were you planning to kill me to?!" She said. "Well no yes" I said. "You fucking crazy" she said "I'm telling someone"she said. And ran towards a path that went out the forest. I ran up behind her and covers her mouth and pulled her to the ground. When I got her to the ground I pined her to the floor "you can't tell no on got it!" I yelled at her. "Get off of me!" She yelled at me struggling bro get up. "Are you gonna tell!" I asked. "Yes your crazy" she said. "Then no" I said and made my grip harder on her shoulders. "Ow get off your hurting me!" She said. I saw a tear enough down her face. "Am I really hurting you" I asked. "Get off of me!" She yelled. I picked her up off the ground. "He was your best friend" she said "why would you do this?". "I lied to you about everything I said the last time we were here I lied through our hole relationship" I said. "So you always loved Jason" she asked. "Yea" I said.  "Why would you kill him then!" She raised her voice. "Well he wanted you" I said. "So you were jealous really so you would kill him why that makes no sence you need help you no that right" she said and rolled her eyes. "I loved him that's why and if I couldn't have him no one could" I said. "Bro it was a kiss me and him kissed he loved you to you just got all wacko don't you understand that you loose people who are trying to help you and you kill them!" She yelled.  "Shut up Taylor I'm not crazy!" I yelled at her."Yes you are and I'm going to go tell right now!" She said and got up and ran. "Don't run" I whispered "Jason did the same thing he ran" I smiled. 

Taylor's P.O.V  

I ran and ran to the were the forest ends to find a police or a phone I could use to call the police.  I heard leaves crunching behind me. I thought Nick is running after me. "Please stop!" He yelled. "No" I yelled back. "I don't want to do this" he said. I didn't respond. I felt a tug on my shirt Nick got my shirt and turned me around "don't you dare tell" he said and pind me up agents a tree and put the gun he had to my tummy. "Please" I said.  "Don't tell don't run don't do nothing!" He yelled at me. I felt my face get hot. I was so scard. I new I was going to die right here right now. "Fine do it shoot me! Do it I dare you" I said. "I will" he said. "Then do it now!" I yelled. He pulled the gun away from my tummy. I was relieved. Nick checked his bullets. He smiled. He pointed back at my tummy. BAM. He shot me. I felt my body slide down the tree. I hit the ground my blood was running on to the ground. "Ni ni ni nick" I said. I saw him lean down to my face"what" he said. "Go go go to hell!" I got all my might  thing and yelled at him. "You'll be there first" he said. My vision got blurry I died.


~author's note: well Taylor is dead as well :( I hope it's a good chapter and sorry If it was a late update but still please comment favorite and Like thank you :) ~




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