Same Love <3

Nick and Jason were best friends but what happens when it might be more than a friendship? What will Nick's girlfriend Taylor think?


4. tonight

Nick 's P.O.V

Tonight I was going to Jason's house I was exsided but also nervous.

I took ashower to get clean. After my shower I brushed my damp black hair and put on my pants and my deadmoue5 shirt (Taylor got me it so yes I felt guilty again) and my black conver high tops. 

My phone vibrated I looked at it 

Tay: hey I was wondering if you want to hang out tomorrow maybe? (: 

I didn't answer her tonight I was gonna tell Jason how I feel about him I don't need distractions. 

Jason's P.O.V

It was almost seven so Nick was coming over soon. I looked in my closet and grabbed my grey loose gray tank top my black shorts my gray convers and a bennie. My door bell ringed twice I ran down the hall to open the door. "Stop running!" My mom yelled from her room. "Okay mom!" I yelled back in to her. "Who is it!" She yelled back to me. "It's Nick!" I yelled. "Goodmen?!" She asked. "Yea!" I answered. "Okay I'm taking a nap!" She told me. 

I answers the door "hey" I said with a smile. "Hey" Nick said. 


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