Same Love <3

Nick and Jason were best friends but what happens when it might be more than a friendship? What will Nick's girlfriend Taylor think?


5. the confessions

Nick 's P.O.V

Jason walked us to his room and when we go to his room which was just down the hall. I sat down on his bed so did he. "Sooo" I said. "So"he said. "Jason I have to tell you something" I told his. "Ok what?" He said. "Well I like you" I Said. "I like you too" Jason said. "No I ment like I like you like you" I told him. " I no I like you to" he said. I smiled and looked away. Jason grabbed my chin and looked at me. I look in his eye and he looked in mine he leans in and kisses me. Then my phone vibrated and I look at it ending the kiss. Jason looked at me funny then looked at my phone. "Oh Taylor" he said and moved a little away from me. I push ignore and put it on his desk next to his bed.  He smiled at me. I lean in this time to kiss Jason. Jason lifted up my shirt and  I took off Jason's tank top off and we just keep kissing. Jason layers me on his bed and kisses my neck. I run my fingers through his hair he kisses my lips again. My phone vibranted again I stop Jason and look at my phone "it's my Mom" I said with a wird face. Jason looks at the clock "woah it's 10:00 you better go" he said."I should" I said. I put back on my clothes and so did Jason. He walked to the door and kisses my lips again "I love you" he said. I bet I was blushing through my paile skin. "I love you to" I told him he held my hand and kissed it "what about the girl" he said. I new he ment Taylor and right now I new who I liked more it was Jason. "Give me time I'll tell her what's going on" I told him and kissed him and walkie  out his door. 



~authors note: I hope this isn't to much lol I hope it's good and that you guys like favorite and comment please thanks~




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