Same Love <3

Nick and Jason were best friends but what happens when it might be more than a friendship? What will Nick's girlfriend Taylor think?


6. taylor finds out?

Nick 's P.O.V

I woke up think about what happen last night and how I was gonna tell Taylor. 

When I got to school Taylor was talking to Jason and I didn't want him to tell her I wanted to tell her. "Hey" I said. "Heeey" Taylor said with a smile so I new she didn't know about me and Jason yet. "Hey" Jason said with a big smile. "Hey Nick I was calling you and you didn't answer what happen last night?" Taylor said. Jason looked at Taylor with wide eyes then looked at me. "My phone died sorry" I said.  "Oh it's ok I was just a little worried" she said. "Well the bell is gonna rig soon so I better go to class" Jason said. "Bye" Taylor said. "Bye" I said and gave him a grin. 

"So what did you guys do last night" Taylor asked. "We just hung out you no" I lied. "Oh fun haha" she laughed. "Taylor I have to tell you something" I said. "Oh yea I have to tell you something to" Taylor said. "Uh ok you go first" I said. "Ok well I was talking to Mia and you no how Anthony and her are like perfect and I was all well I think me and Nick are perfect even if we are opposite you no so I just want you to no I love you for ever and always" she said and smiled. "Aw your the best" he said and kissed my cheek. "What were you gonna say?" She asked. Wow I feel like shit right now I can't just tell her I'm gay right after she told me that. "I was gonna say I love you" I said. "I love you too" she said. 

On our way to classmate phone vibrated it was a text from Jason

Jason: hey :) did u tell her

Me: no not yet 

Jason: wen r u

Me: soon 

Jason: y did u not do it wen u wer just with her

Me: bcuz she was in a really happy mood I couldn't do it

Jason: do u want me to do it

Me: no ill do it

Jason: k but u better

Me: I will 

I was wondering how I was gonna tell Taylor I was well gay so I texted Jason again

Me: Jason how can I tell tay

Jason: idk

Me: I don't want to hurt her

Jason: y would she b hurt

Me: she luvs me

Jason: well idk 

Me: should I just say it

Jason: well yea u should like I want to b with u and I cant cause your with her

Me: I want to b with u to

Jason: hey ask to go to the bathroom and we can talk about how u can tell tay

Me: k I will 

I raised my hand "yes Nick?" The teacher said. "Oh can I go to the bathroom?" I asked. "Yes you can take the pass" she said. I got up and grabbed the pass and went to the bathroom when I saw Jason waiting for me. 

Taylor's P.O.V 

Right after Nick left the teacher asked  Me to deliver something to another class so I said ok. When I was walking to the class room I saw Nick talking to Jason by the bathrooms. Right before I was gonna walk up to Nick I saw Nick lean into Jason and kiss his lips. My jaw dropped I dropped what I was delivering. Nick turned around and saw me. "Taylor I can explain" he kep saying. I walked up to both of them in looked at them with discuss "you fucking basterd!!!!" I yelled at Nick and pushed him. "Taylor I'm.." he said  then I cut him off. "Don't bother I can't believe you you cheated on me!!! You cheated on me with him" I said and looked at Jason. "Taylor I'm sorry" he said. "Shut up your such a lier you a jerk" I told Nick. "Leave him alone" Jason told me. "Shut up Jason and why would you do this I no we don't like each other but why?!???" I said so angry. "We love each other ok!!" Jason said "he does not like you he loves me!" He said. I looked at Jason then I looked at Nick I slapped Nick so hard right across the face.  "I deserve that" he said. "No no you don't Nick" Jason said. "Fuck you Jason!!" I said. "Taylor I'm sorry about this hole thing but we are in love" Jason said. I pushed Jason to the wall and punched him hard then Nick grabbed my waist and pulled me off "let me go!" I yelled and punched Nick. "You no what fuck both of you you hope you guys are happy!" I said and walked away. 

I didn't go back to class I left school I was so embarrassed that Nick would leave me for a guy. I cried a little then I got over it and thought I don't need him I don't need him at all. I got up and walked back to school. 

When I got back into class everyone stared at me I saw nicks face looking at me. I left a mark on his face were I slapped him. "Were were you Ms. Chance?"  The teacher asked. I looked at Nick and raise an eyebrow. Nick gave me the please don't tell look. "I don't know" I said and sat right in my seat and copied what the teacher wrote on the board. "Fine Ms. Chance you are one of ny good students so I will let this go" she said. I smiled at her. 

Nick texted me 

Nick: thx for not telling

Me: fuck off

Nick: I'm srry

Me: u broke my heart 

Nick: I'm srry tay 

Me: y didnt you just tell me and and y don't u want people to no about you guys like wtf 

He didn't answer my text but I new I was gonna get Nick back for what he did to me.


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