Same Love <3

Nick and Jason were best friends but what happens when it might be more than a friendship? What will Nick's girlfriend Taylor think?


7. take him home

 Jason's P.O.V

After school me and Nick walked to my house. When we got there I invited him in my house. "Does your mom and dad no about you and me?" He asked. "No they don't they won't no about us" I told him. We went to my room sat on my bed. "I feel bad for Taylor" Nick said. "Well she had to no about us" I told him. "Yea but not luke that" he said. "true but at least now we're together" I said. "That's the only good part about this hole thing" Nick said. I lead in and gave him a kiss that's when my door slammed open and my dad saw me kissing by best friend. "Nick I think you should go" I told him. Nick git up and left my house and it was just me and my dad. "What the hell was that!" He yelled. "Dad dad dad I can explain" I said. "Ok explain where your mother and I went wrong with you" he said. "You guys didn't go wrong with me I just like guys" I told him. "You no what you are your a dumb stupid fag" he told me. "Why would you say that your my dad?" I said. "Why would you do this to me and your mother what do you think your mom is gonna say when she finds out huh?" He asked. "I don't no but I no she won't insult me like you!" I told him. "Oh really June cone in here please. He called my mother. "What?" She asked. "Your son was just making out with a guy" he told her. My face got hot. My mom's face was in shock. "See she is shocked she can't believe you would do this to us" he told me. "Why would you..." my mom said. "What mom?" I asked. "Why would you do this to our family" she said. "Jsut cause I luke guys your mad?" I said trying to hold back my tears. "You discuss me" my dad said. That's when my first tear ran down my face. "Why are you crying!" He yelled at me. "I can't believe you guys!" I yelled back at him. "Well how eles are we sopost to act when we figured out our only son is gay!" He yelled back. "Be happy that I'm happy with Nick! Don't call me a fag to put me down! Don't say I discus you! Don't hate me for who I am!" I yelled back at him. "We don't hate you we hate what you did! My mom yelled at me. "Your mad at me to?" I asked in shock to my mom. "I sure am" she said. I looked at me feet and started to cry so hard. "Yea look at the fagget cry" my dad said. I looked up and pushed him to the wall. "Jason!" My mom yelled. "I hate you!" I yelled at my dad. "You no what I hate you to you stupid fagget I can't believe your my son!your a disgrace to this family" he said. And him and my mom left me room. 

I herd our car leave the driveway. When they left I cry for hours I was so mad. When I stopped crying I looked in the mirror. "You a fagget your a dumb stupid fagget and I hate you!" I told my reflection. I looked at my reflection again and punched the mirror "I hate you you made my family hate me!!" I yelled at myself. I looked down at my hand and saw that my hand was all cut up and bloody. 



~author's note: I really hope this chapter is a good one lol and thanks to all of you guys that like this story I love your comments so again like always lol please like favorite and comment if you want it will mean alot thanks :) ~

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