Same Love <3

Nick and Jason were best friends but what happens when it might be more than a friendship? What will Nick's girlfriend Taylor think?


2. hanging out

Nick 's P.O.V  

"Hey Jason" I said to Jason at school. "Hey bro" Jason said. "Are we still hanging out to night?" I asked. "Yea at my house" he said. I saw Taylor walking up the stairs of the school so I walked up to her. "Hey cutie" I told her. "Hey pinkie" she said to me (She called me pinkie cause I dyed my hair pink once and she won't let it go) " hey Jason" she said quick and looked away. "Yea hey" Jason said. "Why don't you guys get along" I said and put my arm over Taylor's shoulder. "We just don't no each other like that" Taylor said. Jason nodded. "You guys been around each other for three years" I told them. "Yea but still" Jason said. RING RING RING!! The bell for class ringed I had a class with Taylor in the morning I walked with Taylor to our class but I stoped. "What's wrong?" Taylor asked with a smile. "Um I have to ask Jason something" I said. "Ohh ok then I'll just keep walking"she said a did a tiny wave and grind. I walked to Jason. "At my house night ok" Jason told me and winked with a smile I smiled back at him. I looked at Taylor walking to class cause I wasn't that far from her I felt guilty alot. 


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