Same Love <3

Nick and Jason were best friends but what happens when it might be more than a friendship? What will Nick's girlfriend Taylor think?


11. forest

Jason's P.O.V

I didn't see Nick at school but i still was gonna go talk to him. I walked to the forest to the spot where Nick said to meet up. I texted him to see where he was. 

Me: hey wer r u?

Nick: o ill b there hold on

Me: k

I was waiting there for about six minutes then I saw Nick come from some bushes "half you made it" he said. "Yea so what's up?" I asked. "I guess wanted to talk" he said. "Oh ok?" I said. 

"Well I understand you now like Taylor" he said. "No I don't" I kinda lied. "Yea yea yea sure I saw you guys kiss for like a long time" he said. "I'm sorry I didn't think anyone saw us" I said. "Well I did and I didn't like it!" He yelled. "I'm sorry"  I said. "I loved both of you but I chose you!" He said. "I love you too I kissed Taylor because it was the moment how we talked how she listened to me and I'm sorry" I told him. "Bullshit" he said "you don't love me!". "Yes I do I'm sorry" I said. "You no what why would you do this we were perfect you hurt Me you you want her over me your the one who cane on to me!! And this is how you treat me after I agree to be with you real nice" he said. "Nick I'm so sorry it was just one kiss" I said. "I don't give a shit if it was one kiss you lied" he said. "About" I said.  "You never liked her !" He yelled. "Yea well you want to NO the truth I like her alot I do ok Nick I like her not you I liked you at one point by now your going crazy and you need help ok!" I yelled back at him. "Hahaha I'm crazy you haven't seen crazy yet" he said. Nick put his hand behind his back and pulled out a gun and pointed right at me. "What are you doing" I asked scared. "I love you" he said. "If you love me why do you have a gun pointed at me" I said. "Because if I can't have you no one can" he said. "Um" I said then I turned around and ran. 

I herd Nick run after me. "Stop running" he said. I kep running. BAM! I fell to the ground. I was shot in my leg. "Ahwahah!!!" I yelled. "I told you don't run" Nick said. "Why?!" I said why!!". Nick pointed the gun at my chest I saw a tear come down his face. "I love you so much" he said. "Please don't" I said. "I'm so sorry" he said. BAM! He shot me in the chest. I was dead. 


~author's Note: Jason is dead :( but will Taylor stay alive? Well I hope you guys still like the story even no Jason is dead so please like favorite and comment thanks:) ~

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