Same Love <3

Nick and Jason were best friends but what happens when it might be more than a friendship? What will Nick's girlfriend Taylor think?


9. anger

Jason's P.O.V

I thought about Taylor for the rest of the day. What should I do? Should I tell Nick? Does Taylor like me? Do I like Taylor? I kep thinking to myself. 

When I saw Nick at lunch I ran up to him "hey Nick" I said. "Get away" he said. "Oh I see your mad at me because of this morning I was mad well I'm not mad anyone ok" I said with a smile. When Taylor came out of her class she walked pass us Nick looked at me then at her that's when Nick pulled back his fist and was about to hit Taylor in the back of the head but before he did I jumped in front of his fist. My face felt bruised. I saw Taylor turn and push Nick out of the way to comfort me. "Are you ok Jason" I asked. I nodded. "What is your problem!" Taylor yelled at Nick. "You no your a slut!" He yelled back at her. I saw her step forward I grabbed her foot. "It's not worth it" I said. She bent down to comfort me some more. Then I saw Nick push Taylor off of me. Taylor fell on the ground. That's when I got up I pushed him agents a fence "what the hell is your problem!" I yelled at Nick. "Why?" He asked. "Why what?" I asked. "Why would you make out with her hurt Me I no I no now I no how Taylor felt but I was just so mad I'm sorry" he said. I let him go and he walked Ford's Taylor still on the ground. I stepped in front of her. "I wanna say sorry" he said. "I'm fine" Taylor said and got up herself and walked away. "Your going crazy I thought we were best friends" I told Nick. "I thought you loved me" he said. "Nick I don't NO who I love right now" I told him. His jaw dropped.


~author's note: I hope this is a good chapter and that you guy like it too so please like favorite and comment what you guys think I would live to no so thanks :) ~

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