Same Love <3

Nick and Jason were best friends but what happens when it might be more than a friendship? What will Nick's girlfriend Taylor think?


10. am in danger

Taylor's P.O.V 

I ran away I was so mad I ran into this forest that was next to the school. I sat on a log and put my hands on my head "wow j can't believe this" I told myself. I stayed there for a while. I heard footsteps conning to me. I got up and started to step backwards. "It's just me" I heard nicks voice. "What do you want?" I said. "I want to apologize for pushing you" he said. He looked at my arm and saw a red mark where he pushed me. "I'm so sorry I never thought I could hurt you I'm really sorry" he said. "It's fine" I said. He walked to me. "I want you back" he said and grabbed both of my hands. "Um no no no no you hurt Me to much I can't stand it no" I told him. "I don't try to hurt you" I said. "Please I'm broken can't you see, I'm blinded cause all I see is you" he said and gave me his cute puppy dog eyes. "I don't no I don't think-" he cut me off. "Please I can't live without you I love you I never had the words to say please stay with me take me back I love you Taylor" he said. I never seen Nick like this I think he was telling the truth. "Your so sweet" I said. "So will you please will you please take me back I can't love you more that this" he said. "But but like you just never get me no more like right now you think you could do this to me and Jason" I said. "I no I don't NO what happen back there I'm sorry" he said. "Well I don't think so Nick" I told him. His eyes got cold. "Well ok then we'll can you cone to this spot tomorrow please I wanna talk tomorrow please" he said. "Fine I'll come tomorrow" I said. "Ok you won't regret it" he said. 

Jason's P.O.V

When I went looking for Taylor I ran into Nick. " Oh Jason she's back there" he said and pointed to thus little area. "Um thanks" I said. "You no it's funny you never liked her ever and after one kiss you guys are a Romeo and Juliet haha that's funny" he said with a wird voice. "At  You ok Nick?" I asked. "Oh I'm fine" he said "say can you cone here please I nee  to talk to you please" he said and looked at me with puppy eyes. "Um sure we can talk tomorrow" I said. "Ok good I think I need help you no"  he told me. "Yea for sure I'll be here in this spot for you" I said with a smile and he walked away.

Nick 's P.O.V

"They want to be like Romeo and Juliet fine be like them but just keep this in mind they both die" I told myself and made a smile.


~authors note: well I no it seems like I'm making Nick the bad guy now but do you think he will really kill them? Well please leave your comments to tell me and don't for get to favorite and Like this story it will mean alot :) thanks ~

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