The Nobody

Ashlee Jones is a smart, intelligent, 16 year old with a huge liking for one direction. She ran away from home, because she was being abused by her brother. Her life has gone down hill a lot ever since she has ran away from home, but when she bumps into Niall Horan, her best friend from school, things start to spark up, will she fall in love with her best friend?..... Will he hurt her?

Find Out by reading

The Nobody


4. Meeting the boys

Ashlee's P.O.V

We were in the middle of 'The Notebook' when I heard knocking on the door, I groaned and got up to get it, but Niall pulled me back down and said "I'll get it babe, you stay here and get changed, we have to go soon." I smiled and kissed his cheek, he got up and exited the door, closing it behind him. I walked into the walk in closet and grabbed my black skirt, with a frilly white tank top. I walked out and into the bathroom and got dressed, just incase someone would walk in on me changing. I placed the tank top over my head, and popped on the skirt, and tucked it into the tank top, i grabbed a small belt and placed it around my waist and then i placed on a pair of black stockings and slipped on  my silver flats with a small bow on the top. I put my hair in a nice but messy bun and let the sides of my hair hang out, I applied some lipgloss and black eye shadow, some mascara to show off my long eyelashes and a little bit of foundation. I smiled at myself in the mirror and opened the door. I walked downstairs and heard talking coming from the living room. I walked into the living room to see Niall and four other boys I haven't met before, I walked over to Niall and sat down next to him on the couch, he was wearing a shirt and dress pants, with his white Nike shoes, he looked at me and wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered "You look beautiful babe." I blushed and whispered "thankyou, your quite the attractive person yourself babe." I looked around and their were four cute attractive boys staring at us. The one with the curly hair introduced himself. "I'm Harry, and the other boys next to me are Zayn- the one with the stylish up do" he smiled and shaked my hand. I smiled back and shook his hand, Harry continued on "The one with the birth mark on his neck is Liam" I smiled and went to shake his hand, but he just gave me a hug,  which took me off guard, I hugged back and sat back down and so did Liam. "And last but not least Louis." He was pretty attractive I must say, but my Nialler is more attractive then them all. I got up to shake his hand, but he gave me a hug too. What is with these boys and hugs? I smiled and hugged back and he sat back down in his seat next to Harry. I smiled and said "I'm Ashlee, Niall's girlfriend, it's been a great pleasure to meet you all. So what brings you guys here?" I smiled and they all laughed and Liam said "Well, you know how Niall is in a band? and he hasn't had time to get you to meet the rest of the gang, well he thought that this morning will be a good opportunity to meet us before the interview." Well that is true, I've been busy with work and study that neither me or Niall have had time to hang out with the boys. "Oh ok, well that's nice of you guys to come over, well if you guys are going to stay here a bit longer would you like a cup of tea or coffee?" Louis replied straught away, "Yes please, can I have a cup of tea please?" I smiled then nodded, "Anyone else for a coffee or tea?" They all nodded and said teas please, I got up and walked into the kitchen then i felt someone was following me I turned around and noticed that Niall had followed me into the kitchen. "Omg Niall, dont do that, you scared me." I said with shock in my voice. He quickly wrapped his arms and me and said "Sorry boo, I didn't mean to do that, I keep forgetting that your still a little skeptish about what happened a while ago." I nodded at the memories, but tears were threating to spill through my eyes, but I held them back and smiled. Niall noticed and quickly wiped away some of the tears forming in my eyes with his thumb before they over spill. I kissed his nose and went to turn the kettle on.

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